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Violet Blue | Teledildonics Now (with Live Demonstration)

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01:35 PM ET (US)
Teledildonics" refers to sexual encounters via a web interface; the term has become a catchall for anything from virtual reality suits to remote-controlled vibrators. Despite numerous attempts including wetsuits and suction cups, mysterious black boxes and hundreds of thousands of dollars, even the most notorious gold diggers in the sex/tech field can't get the masses to jack in and jack off -- until recently. Author Violet Blue has been following the ebb and flow of interest and innovation in the field of teledildonics for several years, and tonight she'll present an updated history filled with irony, fascination, humor, terror and dismay. There will be an interactive lecture with visuals, hands-on demonstrations, and audience members will be able to "drive" The Thrillhammer machine currently housed in New York's Museum of Sex, and watch the results via live webcam. This presentation is adults only. Visit The Thrillhammer at

Who wants to talk about teledildonic UI? Joysticks and point and click seem such legacy systems compared to robot skin covered Men's SOM
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