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Supercube Ice Softball

MANAGER: Scot Wieland
Phone: 819-9598
Park District Game Cancellation info: Call 398-2589, then
push 1 - 6 - 1.

Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
01:54 PM CDT (US)
I just received a brand new 28-oz. Worth prototype bat that is supposed to equal the Ultra II. My job is to give it a good run-through and report my results to the company.

Here's the problem - I have to send them our evaluations by Friday night, which means I have to try to get several hundred hits on this thing in two days.

SO....I will have the bat at Dexter field (behind Centennial High School) tomorrow (Thursday) from 10 to noon, and again from 2 to 4, if people can be there during those hours to give it a good workout.

If I don't get the job done tomorrow, I'll do another round Friday afternoon from 5:30 to 7:00 (or whenever it gets too dark to hit).

PLEASE help me out and come by and test this new bat. If we do a good job for them, we can probably get more bats to test.

So, reply right here or drop me a note (dan@danhughes.net) to let me know when you can come.

And if you know other softballers who might enjoy this, please pass the word around!

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