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Postal Clerks

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Kerwin Stevenson
02:30 PM ET (US)
Excuse me I have a flatulence problem.
real PMG
11:07 PM ET (US)
It's "you're". You illiterate moron!
Kerwin Stevenson
06:04 PM ET (US)
Your starting to sound like a RacistšŸ˜•

Kerwin Stevenson
real PMG
08:47 PM ET (US)
Yo, boss! I'm gona have AA meeting next Tues and drug rehab the following week. Here are my appointment cards, paper clips or staples?
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
01:28 PM ET (US)
Level 22 office is no backwater. Search Boston, 02184 back-filling in the '90s. 23 rocking chair OT each for 41 grievants over a period of 3 years. Mgt was so out of control that local got MOU changed to read that if 3971 was submitted in triplicate, boss HAD to sign under'received' and you could take back 3rd copy. Used that myself later.

And this is not the '70s or '80s where mgt would try to play chicken and push every issue towards arbs. It was 'settle nothing' back then.

Till about PMG Tisch, who put in some real world reforms into PO. Bosses started settling the small stuff and would actually listen if you had a point. Sorry it hasn't got to your swamp but maybe someday.
real PMG
12:36 PM ET (US)
stewed, I'm feeling generous today because I see you've been kicked badly in the teeth by PEA.
So you scored a hail Mary win by making a ridiculous claim, and in a small office there may be some dumb bosses that sign off on your claim.
But you have an inflated ego, you come here and started to babbling about your win,telling members to follow your BS, thinking that all members are stupid like yourself. USPS will pay if it's a mistake by an overzealous boss, or a procedural oversight etc. They will never allow your BS with the twisted logic that the holes meant a doctor's note attached.

So you got a lucky win, does it get to enter into the APWU's database? Talk to your fellow steward at other facilities and brag about your win you will get laughed at like a dumb biotch.

btw you paraphased what I said as :"...As 'real PMG' you said PO has the money to never lose..." .

 Even a 4th grade level has better reading comprehensive than you.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
10:24 AM ET (US)
Thank you for confirming that you post at least under one other moniker---'real PMG'.

You claimed to be able to post here and elsewhere under the first amendment which is 100% wrong since that only applies to government actions. It was yet another dumb post of yours where you show you can't tell the 5th from Weingarten. Or don't care.

Then you conflate 2 different facts and shout AHA! As 'real PMG' you said PO has the money to never lose--a very false idea since they do lose all the time. Then you compare my take on your own shortcomings; you don't have the resources to always go to the end and drop people due to that. And it is you who don't charge what actual lawyers do because you're not one, not in their league. Clients who pick you are settling for less for less money and thus get what they pay for.
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
10:02 AM ET (US)
10-04-2017. “And forgetting your 1st amendment contentions about posting here is understandable.”
My article that you’re referring to was about 5th Amendment rights, not 1st Amendment. Learning the amendments to the Constitution is basic Junior High curriculum. You must have missed that class.
10-09-2017. “You get what you pay for. If you pay sub-standard rates, you’ll get sub-standard service like a guy who hasn’t got the resources to stay with you to the end.”
10-10-2017. “And according to your logic P.O. would never loss (sic) a case because they’re always better funded? Pure rubbish.”
So, which is it? Are superior resources a necessary component to winning litigation or not?
Cognitive dissonance – holding two opposing positions at the same time. In this case, in order to try to convince others that you’re right.
You remind me of something that author Neale Donald Walsh said in his book, ‘Conversations with God’. Walsh noted that there is one thing for which human beings seem willing to give up everything. They will give up love, they will give up peace, they will give up health, harmony, and happiness, they will give up safety, security, and even their sanity, for this one thing. What is it? Being right!
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
08:04 AM ET (US)
The union won, mgt lost. Get used to it and move on. BTW, that was a very minor scrimmage in my winning career. Mgt loses all the time.

And according to your 'logic' PO would never loss a case because they're always better funded? Pure rubbish. Should I recount the disciplines mgt lost to me? Or the hundreds of rocking-chair OT my cases got for members due to mgt violating the contract?

And you know absolutely nothing about precedents. Even my biggest win of about $41k didn't set a precedent; that's not how arbitration works. Mgt is perfectly free to do the same thing in other places without fear; each violation would still have to be grieved individually.
real PMG
09:04 PM ET (US)
stewed, I want to believed that you're not a retard and you've just proven me wrong again and again. The company will fight you tooth and nail and money is no object, when a claim that two holes meant a document attached (in your stupid dream anyway), USPS is never going to allow that to be a precedent setting. You're probably assigned the nickle and dime cases so perhaps you don't know about any of that in the APWU or USPS data base.

btw, your advise to attached doc. appointment cards with 3971 ignored the facts that they may have appointments with a shrink, marriage counselors, or drug rehab etc...Nice works exposed your member privacy, stewed.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:54 PM ET (US)
Who the hell goes to arb over a lying boss trying to defend scheduled/unscheduled? Arbs cost many hundreds of dollars to begin with.

Adult bosses looked at stupid boss and settled for him. Even if ripped holes were not evident, mgt collectively decided it was not worth anyone's time and energy to go further for such a minor issue.
real PMG
12:52 PM ET (US)
stewed, you know damn well that the holes story will get laughed at by the arbitrator. Even a dumb boss is well aware of this. So don't make yourself sound like a dumb biotch.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
12:25 PM ET (US)
/m6644 You get what you pay for. If you pay sub-standard rates, you'll get sub-standard service like a guy who hasn't got the resources to stay with you to the end.

/m6643 You can't handle the truth so you pretend it doesn't exist. 3971 with holes was evidence where the subject was if grievant had provided evidence or not. Dumb boss shut up when challenged by union in front of his bosses so I prevailed. And LCA have a place and value in some cases, not all.

BTW. You sound totally like that fraud pseudo lawyer who haunts these boards and has been banned from some. He sounds like an ex-boss too.
12:12 PM ET (US)
Xstew. You are way out of line. For all those reading here please also see my post at 20223 at Postalmag.com in the clerk forum.The union,as you know, gives no help with the eeo process. Lawyers are extremely expensive and most won't take federal eeo cases. Out of the ones that will many more only do class actions.

J.R. provides a badly needed service. He has helped me get through several difficult years of dealing with harassment and discrimination. I will state again that he is knowledgeable, reputable, and compassionate. His fees are a small fraction of what a lawyer would charge. He is definitely not looking to rip anyone off.
real PMG
11:21 AM ET (US)
stewed: you're the fraud when you advised member to bend over. You're the ignoramus when you insisted that two holes in a document are the get out of jail tokens.

What a disgrace for APWU.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
08:11 AM ET (US)
Anyone who thinks they should send money to this fraud must see posts 20208 20229 and 20230 here:

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