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Postal Clerks

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real PMG
11:52 PM ET (US)
It's OK when you need to change your colostomy bags in your breaks, twice a day.
Edited 07-30-2017 12:10 AM
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
08:49 AM ET (US)
Personal needs don't support a fit-for-duty if union knows. Operational needs take second to mine.

And if I had to shut the PO down for 15-20 minutes twice a day when I was alone, that's what I did.
real PMG
11:42 PM ET (US)
There is a reason for that you dumb stew.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:16 AM ET (US)
/m6556 Too bad for you that you don't determine what's excessive. Go piss in your hat you fraud.
real PMG
01:13 AM ET (US)
Excessive use of bathroom could be considered an adverse medical condition, thus a fitness for duty can be requested. Failure for passing the fitness exam is subject to dismissal.

Don't listen to unwise advise.
kc bmcPerson was signed in when posted
12:45 PM ET (US)
6550: The SDO wants at least 7 days for scheduling purposes only. If the schedule is changed after posting, someone may have to work on another day and SDO may have to pay OT. Unless it is emergency or follow-up why wait until last minute anyways. Let's all try to get along.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
09:29 PM ET (US)
/m6552 sometimes postal employees are their own worse enemy.


put up a sign that states you went to the restroom. holding it is not good for your body. the public will understand and if not TUFF!!

lots of postal employees work by themselves and find time to go to the rest room.

management could give a crap if you piss or crap yourself, USE THE REST ROOM!

and do what 6553 says, file that 1767!!!
Kerwin Stevenson
08:16 PM ET (US)
You may need to submit a PS 1767 and file an Article 14 Grievance if the conditions warrant so.
07:55 PM ET (US)
work in an office that is so stressful because we are short staffed. management in my office says they are not allowed any more clerk hours. do i believe this or is this due to "their budget" bonus and more so their choice?? I work 8 hours a day with a two hour lunch break. no breaks before or after. never have a chance to use restroom. one clerk at window at all times. so stressful with all the other things we are to get done each day. Can anyone give me advice or anything to go with?????
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:44 AM ET (US)
/m6550 If you're covered by APWU contract, then no way. 24 hours is all that's required. You can even call in for sick and if boss says 'ok, we don't need ya today' or words to that effect, it's scheduled.

If not covered by contract, I believe it's one year in advance.
10:36 PM ET (US)
How soon do you have to put in a s/l request for a doctor visit? My supervisor says it will be unscheduled leave if you ask for it less than 7 days in advance.
Target of ManagementPerson was signed in when posted
01:29 PM ET (US)
#6548 Postal Products Unltd is a licensed uniform vendor and I used my postal uniform allowance CC.
Edited 06-19-2017 01:29 PM
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
01:08 PM ET (US)
Is Postal Products a licensed uniform vendor? Did you use your postal uniform allowance or the postal credit card?

I remember that site as where to order postal equipment for official uses, and not personal clothes.
Target of Management
12:49 PM ET (US)
According to postal regulations and specifications, is it mandated that our clerk uniforms be manufactured in the USA? Has NAFTA changed this? I just received my order from Postal Products Unlimited and I got cardigans made in Mexico. Thank you!
Um no
08:54 PM ET (US)
This is still in effect. 'G Fund and the debt limit — (March 16, 2017) As of today, March 16, 2017, the U.S. Treasury was unable to fully invest the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund due to the statutory ceiling on the federal debt. However, G Fund investors remain fully protected and G Fund earnings are fully guaranteed by the federal government. This statutory guarantee has effectively protected G Fund investors many times over the past 25 years. G Fund account balances will continue to accrue earnings and will be updated each business day, and loans and withdrawals will be unaffected.'
One Time Poster
03:26 PM ET (US)
 We should all move our money in the thrift Plan to the G fund. By doing this all at once, the stock market will tumble, and then.....buy shares cheaper....and then we make lots of money.
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