Postal Clerks Postal Clerks QuickTopic <![CDATA[RIKSNY | All clerks have some form of local agreement now. Either...]]> 2017-02-14T16:01Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m6530 I doubt it very much. Every place has their own local...]]> 2017-02-14T15:19Z <![CDATA[jinkeys | I am a clerk working in a small office with one other FT and a...]]> 2017-02-14T14:55Z <![CDATA[NTFT in ME | Thank you for your help and information. The process has...]]> 2017-02-08T16:07Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m6525 You must have gotten a letter when you were assigned...]]> 2017-02-03T22:45Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m6525 read article 8 section one, it is either 8 hours...]]> 2017-02-03T22:16Z <![CDATA[NTFT in ME | I have a question about the 1hour lunch and how they change...]]> 2017-02-03T19:40Z <![CDATA[TOP TTO | m6522: The PMG said in an interview in the little...]]> 2017-01-11T04:22Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m6522 April fools....]]> 2017-01-05T00:46Z <![CDATA[mike | Anyone hear of a buyout coming very soon?]]> 2017-01-04T23:38Z <![CDATA[egark | MITZIELLIE1 /m6517 - it all sounds a little bogus to me....]]> 2017-01-03T15:54Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m6517 And you know all that because.....Mgt told you?...]]> 2017-01-03T15:07Z <![CDATA[Trying to ... | If you feel like getting the Postal Inspectors office...]]> 2017-01-03T03:49Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m6517 freedom of information and the labor department...]]> 2017-01-01T15:22Z