Postal Clerks Postal Clerks QuickTopic <![CDATA[charlotte | I understand that national day of mourning is to be used as...]]> 2018-12-04T17:22Z <![CDATA[Miriam | Thanks, this website is really helpful. Feel free to visit...]]> 2018-11-05T02:58Z <![CDATA[Richelle | Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up. my weblog...]]> 2018-10-22T08:31Z <![CDATA[Arlen | Some dates will delight in a game of 10 pin bowling whilst...]]> 2018-10-11T03:51Z <![CDATA[X-stew | If mgt tells them to do so, they do it. Unless you can point to...]]> 2018-10-05T22:58Z <![CDATA[kim2 | just asking was told pse's can sign off on passports?...]]> 2018-10-05T22:27Z <![CDATA[X-stew | Anyone can do them. I did passports back in the '90s. You're...]]> 2018-10-04T22:45Z <![CDATA[kim2 | do anyone know if the clerks doing passports have to be...]]> 2018-10-04T20:17Z <![CDATA[X–stew | /m7268; /m7272]]> 2018-10-02T21:05Z <![CDATA[charlotte | /m7290 One break in AM and 1 break in PM usually at 10:30 am...]]> 2018-09-22T16:43Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m7290 depends on past practice, usually two. do you have...]]> 2018-09-22T16:27Z <![CDATA[charlotte | I have an 8 hour shift. If I leave work to go to a doctor's...]]> 2018-09-22T02:34Z <![CDATA[Liliana | Thanks really practical. Will share website with my...]]> 2018-09-20T12:50Z <![CDATA[X–stew | /m7270.]]> 2018-09-12T02:00Z <![CDATA[X–stew | /m7270]]> 2018-09-12T00:38Z