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Postal Clerks

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X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
07:31 AM ET (US)
Your way costs PO 8 hours V-time, and mgt will say their way costs 8 OT so that's what they'll do. I'd probably file and argue that they are violating the contract to save money.

It's not a clear cut case. Much depends on what work this is, window, automation, or distribution? And your steward might know that the union has lost my position and decline to file.
03:40 AM ET (US)
First, Thank you X-Stew for replying. It is not my or the other employee day off and we are both FTR. I say they have to bring us in 4 hrs. early before using an employee not on the ODL in on their day off. Please respond.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
03:27 PM ET (US)
Depends on whom we're talking about. Are they all PTF with the same skills? Are any FTR or NTFT? If the last, it'd matter what their schedules were for that week. Can't all be FTR since the other 2 would have be paid 8 hours for coming in.

Worth a call to the union because union can figure out who was due in and who was not.
02:50 PM ET (US)
Management is working an employee on their day off,(not on the ODL),instead of using 2 employees (4) each on the ODL. They said they needed an employee for 8 hrs.,not 2 for 4. Is this a grievance?
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
11:45 PM ET (US)
/m6442 ELM 417 covers higher level; Article 25 APWU contract; ASM 123 (probably what you are looking for)
ASM used to state 50 miles or more, when PM is on pay duty status, but they dropped this. This was used to define what is considered in the area or not.

Basically. Someone MUST be in charge at all times. Either PM is in office or in the vicinity. If not, then someone else must be in charge. Don't let them tell you they will only pay for time spent on reports. If the window is open and you are fielding customer issues and/or handling carrier issues you get higher level.
If you do close out every afternoon. That is HL pay.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:05 PM ET (US)
LMOU's are local, but there are national MOU's also.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
07:21 PM ET (US)
Not possible because MOU are local and all vary.

But no need. Fair Labor Standards Act says if they tell you to do something, or let you do something outside your bid or craft, they gotta pay you for it. The only question would be what higher level work did you do, if any.

This is a very common situation that I'm sure's been totally settled so call union and find it all out. And if the union says do A, B, C, but not X and Y, don't do them and then complain.
07:04 PM ET (US)
is there anything in the MOU (can you cite it) about paying a level 6 clerk in level 18 office a higher level pay when the postmaster is off due to non schedule day or annual/sick leave?

thank you
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postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:01 AM ET (US)
/m6438 yes it is a grievance. one for working the pse over 360 days and one for the overtime list to be paid all hours the pse worked over 360 days.
11:51 PM ET (US)
Our PSE's are working past 360 days without a 5 day break in service. Is this a grievance and if so, what is the violation and should the remedy be??? Thanks!
Edited 07-14-2016 11:52 PM
kim2Person was signed in when posted
11:23 AM ET (US)
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
07:26 PM ET (US)
/m6435 Good info, great reference.

/m6434 PTF have no bidding seniority till they make regular. They are entitled to use the time in their office to determine who picks when for prime-time vacations.

Inside the bldg, even regulars don't have seniority to be able to pick assignments like unloading trucks or working the window.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
06:28 PM ET (US)
/m6434 This might help:
kim2Person was signed in when posted
04:25 PM ET (US)
do ptf's have seniority? do ptf's have to travel if there is a floater assigned to the office.
08:52 AM ET (US)
Sometimes?! LMAO!!!
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