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Evanston Zoning Discussion

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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
02:44 PM CT (US)
I have lots to say but cannot because of the law suit. you are forgetting a few points ....
Tom Wilsson
09:34 AM CT (US)
Judging from the latest edition of the Roundtable, it would appear the City has no standing on this issue, but I guess the 8/21 hearing will sort it out to some degree. The most recent 'tenants' had eight people in their party, although they were unobtrusive enough, and parked their cars in the driveway of the property. Having spoken with Melissa Klotz in the city zoning office several times, we should see signs posted within 500 feet of the property regarding the upcoming hearing. It is my contention that if the property owner is able to continue operation as it stands, then we (those living within the stated 500-foot boundary) should take action with the Cook County tax board for some sort of relief in property taxes as this is surely detrimental to our home values.
Mary B. McWilliams
01:28 PM CT (US)
I am glad to hear this. Thanks, Ann, for your role in this.

On Jun 15, 2012, at 11:59 AM, QT - Ann Rainey wrote:

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Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
11:59 AM CT (US)
Zoning violation notices issued today with a cease and desist.

This is not at all a bed and breakfast under any definition. This is a daily rental on Craig's list. It is a first for me.
Mary B. McWilliams
11:02 AM CT (US)
Karen's suggestions are excellent. City officials need documentation of inappropriate activities and behavior in order to act.
On Jun 15, 2012, at 7:45 AM, QT - Karen Johnson wrote:

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Karen Johnson
07:45 AM CT (US)
I agree with Mary. It appears to be a business as the owner is providing a service -- lodging for a set period of time -- in exchange for money.

Is the business a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast (no breakfast but there is access to make your own if a kitchen is provided)? I don't know what the City ordinance says about either.

My suggestion: keep a log of what's happening there -- days/nights that the property appears to have guests present, approximate number of guests, and state of guests' license plate(s), any disturbances, such as late night partying, loud music, fireworks (including time(s) and any calls to police or fire).
Mary B. McWilliams
10:53 PM CT (US)
It sounds sort of like a bed and breakfast operation, and the City requires such places to be licensed, I believe. I think you are going to have to keep the complaints coming. You don't want to harass the guests, but you do want to keep the City informed of the goings on in order to discourage the owner from using his house as a hotel.
On Jun 14, 2012, at 9:41 PM, QT - Tom Mulhern wrote:

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Tom Mulhern
09:41 PM CT (US)
So here's one for you zoning experts: can my neighbor operate a hotel out of their home? I have a neighbor here at Florence and Dobson who is renting their house out by the night? As another neighbor says, an actual hotel might be preferable, as it would be staffed and regulated. I asked Alderman Rainey to intervene, and she said the city had talked to the landlord, but apparently to no avail since it's happening again. Is this legal and acceptable? Thanks for any experience or tips. Right now, we're just going to let every "guest" know they are being watched. General guest profile = people in town to party...not cheerful families taking bike tours of SW Evanston.
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07:56 AM CT (US)
When you have:

*closed door meetings
*imaginary pipelines
*5year permits
*non observant downtown plans
*spot zoning
*extended middle finger

You have the Evanston Way!

BTW the discussion of NPV makes most of the Council eligible for Geithner's staff
10:16 PM CT (US)

I assume you already have seen the city report on 708, including the two spreadsheets, with showing the impact of delay -- but not as much delay as they are now asking for. Seems that for the remainder of the TIF life we are losing money. Oh well....

If anyone is interested, see
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