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Postal EEO Forum

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06:32 AM ET (US)
Good day! I don't mean to sound like a downer, but could this drag out in the court system for years??? Thank you!
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
09:04 AM ET (US)
PEA Can you shed some light on the "Special Masters" that T&S has requested? My assumption is they will be biased toward the agency and are similar to the EASE Envoys.
Been a while...
08:30 AM ET (US)
Postal Employee Advocate,
Have you been able to get any further NRP related correspondence or more information from the USPS that you could share? We have not had a NRP attorney update for a month. The last posting by them was not even really a update? Im hoping you have a updated opinion on timelines from anything you have possibly recieved from the PO attorneys.
Thank you
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
08:24 AM ET (US)
Monek Johnson

If your employment record hasn’t already been retired, you could try the finance center.

Payroll Services Branch
Accounting Services
United States Postal Service
2825 Lone Oak Parkway
Eagan, MN 55121-9634
09:24 AM ET (US)
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Monek JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
01:09 AM ET (US)
Can someone tell me where I can get copies of my old pay stubs please thank you for your help
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
09:51 AM ET (US)
R.O. on 11-04-18 “I am really getting tired of reading (elsewhere) “I read this on PEN’s NRP forum” – just STOP reading PEN’s NRP forum if you do not agree with the forum and especially if you have been previously banned from posting here.”

Have you ever read such hubris and arrogance? Who the f**k do you think you are? Because you have your own website you think you can tell people what they can and cannot say. And when you don’t like it, you act like an adolescent and ban people from participating. When those of us who don’t want to put up with controlled information exercise our freedom of thought and expression on another forum where our voices are not censored, he unbelievably tells others they are not allowed to speak.

I will continue to read comments on PEN (if I can get past all of the advertisements) until the NRP is merely a memory. I was directly involved in the Latham litigation with the MSPB and have clients whose complaints were subsumed into McConnell. My interest / involvement has always been motivated by justice for employees victimized by the Postal Service. [Those that know my personal story know how I was treated by the Postal Service and the union.] I’ve been trying to stop the Postal Service from treating others like I was treated. Since I’ve paid my dues, I will say whatever I want, about whomever I want so long as it’s in the pursuit of that goal. Just the arrogance of some self-appointed censor who gets to decide what is objectionable is mind-blowing.

I’m sure that Lu would not mind if you came here to her site and debated some of your decisions. She won’t ban or block you, nor chastise you for ‘advertising’ on her site. There are many similarities between your site and hers, except I note she has class and integrity. Otherwise, I guess you’ll have to continue to get tired of reading comments on another site that you can’t control.
01:46 PM ET (US)
Rivkah, 👍
07:18 AM ET (US)
Monek Johnson, may God bless you. I hope we get good news soon!
Monek JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
02:03 PM ET (US)
@12726 I was wondering the same thing does anyone have an answer
09:08 AM ET (US)
FUSPSi, and Pea; once again... thank you so much for all the information you provide!
Edited 10-29-2018 09:11 AM
07:45 AM ET (US)
There was someone from another forum that posted that the AJ, informed them, that they worked for the PO! I read an article that gave me the same impression. I stated that I ask my Federal employment attorney, rather the AJ was employed by the PO? He stated Yes, I then ask, isn't this bias? He then stated Yes, and No!
At no time did I say the EEOC!!! I know that the EEOC, is not employed by the PO, and the example where the NRP Order was violated is a good example, that the PO, does not employ the EEOC! It makes one wonder, how a class action went on so long! /m13730, we won't talk about the incorrect information that you have provided. 1.) You convinced class members on another forum to only send in the claim form and they would receive a form 8038. 2.) When that never happened you then told them the forum 8038 would come with their FAD. 3.) You told them to make their statement brief, and 4.) You advised them not to use class council!
Next FUSI, I bet you, that I have won more from my claims from the PO, than you have!!
I am not here to argue, with you are anyone else! Last FUSI, a lot of what you have posted are only speculations!
Former USPS InspectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:43 PM ET (US)
Some people struggle to understand the difference with "Figuratively" and "Literally" speaking while engaging in dialog with others. Figuratively speaking a person saying the PO pays the AJs salary is correct to the extent that the PO supplies the EEOC with the workload to justify employing the AJ. Literally speaking the PO does NOT cut checks either directly to the EEOC to pay the AJ or to the AJ. The PO does not pay Federal or State operating taxes from revenue that is deposited into general funds that pays the EEOCs budget.
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
12:38 PM ET (US)
Once again Jazzie spreading misinformation.
Former USPS InspectorPerson was signed in when posted
11:17 AM ET (US)
@Postal Employee Advocate, this is true that the PO does not directly pay the EEOC. The EEOCs biggest supplier of work to enable the EEOC to justify asking for increasing it's manpower and budget is the PO. The PO represents a huge portion of the EEOC Federal Sector workload. Even though the PO employs between 500k and 600k employees out of the 1.5 million total employees the EEOC has jurisdiction over the PO represents 50%+ of the EEOCs Federal Sector caseload. With the NRP that caseload if spread out/averaged over the years is far greater than 50%. The EEOC OFO executives both love and hate the PO since the PO justifies them demanding more taxpayer money to adjudicate the POs EEOC cases. The PO is the hand that feeds the EEOCs increased budget/manpower/existence justification.
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
09:31 AM ET (US)
There’s some misinformation on PEN’s NRP discussion forum. EEOC administrative judges are NOT paid by the Postal Service. They are government employees that work for a separate federal agency called the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The same goes for MSPB administrative judges. They are employees of the Merit Systems Protection Board. They do not work for, nor are they paid by the Postal Service.
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