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Injured Postal & Federal Workers

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10:02 AM ET (US)


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RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
06:14 PM ET (US)
Brownbomber You can also contact Jesse Slade at theowcpclassroom.blogspot.com
Patrick A
04:59 PM ET (US)
I don't know where you're located but I would say give these folks a call; Brown & Goodkin (805) 496-9777. Call and ask to speak to Erika. She's a paralegal and she's great.
01:36 PM ET (US)
Boy, just when I thought I had put all of this stuff behind me, I get a certified letter from the Department of Labor. I filed for a hearing a couple of years ago about the decision from OWCP. I figured it was all done and they just forgot about it. The judge in DC remanded the case back to OWCP for a review. When I read why they did it really set me off. The OWCP doctor literally lied in his statement to them. I had two peroneal tendons that tore in my right foot, one was removed and the other repaired. This doctor told them I had tendonitis not torn when my surgeons report clearly stated what he did. I also filed an appeal on my right shoulder because they left a tear in it and said they did not want to go back in for a 5th surgery. I have no idea what he said in his report. I never saw the report from him that stated tendonitis. I have no idea how long this will take and I had finally gotten used to the idea I just got screw by them. Now it seems it is never going to end. I wish there were legal repercussions against that doctor, but there are no attorneys willing to take this for me so he just goes about his merry way cheating more postal workers or anyone covered by OWCP.
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
07:51 PM ET (US)
Camryn. Yes. Go to theowcpclassroom.blogspot.com for more info.
03:10 AM ET (US)
Can you get a schedule award after you retire?
Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
08:03 AM ET (US)
If you are a FERS employee you had one year from the date that they accepted your OWCP Claim to apply for your SS Disability. Other wise I think your out of luck if you didn't do that.
Edited 03-02-2018 03:47 AM
Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
08:00 AM ET (US)
Snowed My DR went to Reg.Retirement the year I reached 65 my full retirement age. Not to rock the boat but I think your mistaken on the age offset. When I reached 65 the quit offsetting my SS and started offsetting my OWCP monies.
Edited 03-01-2018 08:03 AM
laura clanton
01:05 AM ET (US)
i suffered a stress fracture in which my Dr says is caused from the type of work i do, mail carrier. he gave me a boot and said i was able to go back to work with no restrictions as long as i wore the boot however my postmaster wouldn't let me come back to work because it was a safety issue to wear the boot on the work room floor and said there wasn't any work i could do as long as i had to wear the boot so i have used all my leave in Jan and now I'm not getting a check although he let a clerk work in flip flops for 6 weeks is there anything i can do to get my leave back and get a paycheck
10:28 AM ET (US)
 Snowed, Glad to see you still here, wish the best for all in this new year.1] My question is two parts,on being on owcp is all years accounted for in retirement while out up to the 42 years max or as long as your out all years are counted if you retire or when ever after that are counted .2]If on OWCP ,and never applied for disability retirement yet,bein g short 4 quarter for social security benifits having only 36 ,no ss monies .Should i apply for Disability Retirement Benifits now incase owcp benifits are discontinued .Thank You in advance.
11:17 AM ET (US)
I have had one meeting with the VC. He said it will be difficult finding me a job since I had been in the postal service since my twenties. Before that I was a stay at home Mom. What will happen if they cannot find me a job. Also, if it gets to be too much of a pain, can I now switch back to DR even though I am in the middle of this process.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
03:43 AM ET (US)
Contact your union. It’s now 2018 you need a professional to review your file. You can also write to the Secretary of Labor for help or your congressman.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
03:37 AM ET (US)
At age 62 DR converts to regular annuity and gets recalculated. You get full Social Securify. Before age 62 you get full social security too.... it is the DR that gets offset.
BouchePerson was signed in when posted
02:21 AM ET (US)
Dweaver. Every 28 days. Last one was on Feb3. March3. If you have direct deposit- it will be in on the Friday Mar2.
DweaverPerson was signed in when posted
04:12 PM ET (US)
So after almost a year I have finally gotten my claims approved and one approved for monetary compensation. My question is how often they mail your check? Is it a monthly thing or bi-weekly?
carol dutton
02:34 AM ET (US)

Carol Dutton
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