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Injured Postal & Federal Workers

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SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
07:11 PM ET (US)
Paragraph 3, Evidence Needed, has been amended to include a reference that a report of a physician assistant or a certified nurse practitioner will be considered medical evidence if countersigned by a qualified physician."

06:46 PM ET (US)
Will Work Comp consider a Physician Assistant as your treating Physician?
11:13 AM ET (US)
Have been reading thru past Q&A's here and have learned a lot. Don't see my rookie question tho, so hope you can help. My accident was 6.10.17. I am going on COP and projected to be off work until 10.1.17. What I am concerned about is after that 45 days. I hate losing my TSP matching funds and not earning SL and AL. Am I foolish for considering using my SL until I return? Can I use a combination of SL and OWCP paid days each week to qualify to get the TSP deducted and matched and accrue my SL & ALleave? Ty
Deleted by author 06-17-2017 01:56 PM
01:51 PM ET (US)
I am wondering, is it acceptable with owcp for a claimant to take in a foster child to care for?
kc bmcPerson was signed in when posted
08:32 AM ET (US)
30641 Under what statute are you going to sue? We have deadlines to submit new information (1 yr). My lawyer informs me that OWCP has no set deadline to determine claim is legit. And there is no time table as to when they shall pay out an award. Yes, sometimes one may have to go to civil court to obtain a collection, but good luck with that.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
12:10 AM ET (US)
I see Neice answered you about clarifying to OWCP how work duties contributed to your injury. You must have your doctor state that he believes that your injury was caused by your work duties. Give your doctor a copy of your denial letter.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
12:03 AM ET (US)
You are hard to help because you don't explain your situation very well. Let me answer as best I can. If your compensation was denied and you have 30 days to respond you have to respond with the information OWCP needs to decide your claim. You do t say why you were denied so I can't help there. You should be paid COP if you filed a new injury claim(CA-1) and elected COP on the form. You don't say what kind of claim you filed. OWCP will pay lost wages for an accepted claim IF you claim wage loss with the appropriate form and submitt medical to prove your periods of disability.
11:43 AM ET (US)
I have to say the receipt of approval/payment for a Schedule Award is definitely slow.......
05:20 PM ET (US)
I need a good lawyer that will actually do something and not run me in circles and suck me dry of more money. Any suggestions? I need to sue because they keep delaying decisions past appeal dates and blaming me or the dr.

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Clark d.
04:45 PM ET (US)
Hi,I had work related injury due to safety issue still owcp denied my case and gave me 30 days to response.I had no treatment only pain medicine .owcp want gave me authorition for even physical therapy untill case denied up to 60 days .I was in bed with pain and discomfort .What are my options?I am out of work untill i get reply after 30 days right?it will cover my absence right?now i am taking treatment with my insurance .Before insurance denied for treatment ,as it is work related injury.please help me .Thanks.
Edited 05-30-2017 04:49 PM
Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
07:33 AM ET (US)
you might look back at



Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
07:14 AM ET (US)
concerned.....I received a letter from Soc.Sec. 2 months ago. I had 30 days to reply. I turned 65 a year ago in June. I had to fill out a couple of forms, I will reach full retirement age in June (66yrs. old) the way I under stand this form my Soc. Sec. will no longer be off set, but my OWCP pmt will be after I turn 66. I filled out all the paper work sent all the forms back and also signed paperwork for Soc.Sec. to contact OWCP and my Lawyer. I guess because I have been paying a Lawyer they will refund or get us money back. Also my wife is supposed to receive part of my Soc.Sec. benefit and OWCP has been taking all of her money and I guess the Soc.Sec. will stop offsetting her money also, It's still a three ring circus, and I thought the Barnum & Bailey Circus closed their shoe down. LOL
I think the Trump Administration is going to open up a bigger can or worms than it has been before,
Edited 05-27-2017 07:17 AM
neicePerson was signed in when posted
06:06 AM ET (US)
concerned - The Trump Administration wants to trim the fat. He wants to make it easier for govt workers to be fired. In the private sector, employees don't stay on work comp for a very long time. The govt can't sustain itself at the rate it's going.
05:22 AM ET (US)
neice....what do you mean changes? thanks
neicePerson was signed in when posted
01:21 PM ET (US)
concerned - I don't know if owcp will force you to retire, but I do foresee changes on the horizon for all federal workers.

injuredneedhelp - You will have to use your own health insurance if owcp won't accept your claim. If you have an open claim, then ask your attending physician to refer you to the pain doctor and pay the bill yourself, but then send a form owcp-915 to owcp directly and attach your attending physician's referral and proof you paid for the visit. Owcp should reimburse you if you already have an approved owcp claim and your attending physician refers you to a pain doctor. Either way, you need the pain management - either pay it yourself thru your insurance or suffer with the pain.
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