Injured Postal & Federal Workers Injured Postal & Federal Workers QuickTopic <![CDATA[Mizel | To all my friends at the IPFW forum, I have 2 questions: 1)...]]> 2017-10-16T21:48Z <![CDATA[Taylor | Rivkah, I would call his office in Tampa and speak to the...]]> 2017-10-13T11:28Z <![CDATA[bettybn | Rivkah and Snowed Thank You!]]> 2017-10-13T05:41Z <![CDATA[Rivkah | Taylor I emailed Dr Blecha weeks ago through his info on...]]> 2017-10-13T01:00Z <![CDATA[Taylor | Rivkah. After reviewing your message I also looked up the...]]> 2017-10-12T21:32Z <![CDATA[Rivkah | /m31112 Taylor I just looked up Medical Arts...]]> 2017-10-12T19:33Z <![CDATA[Robin Park... | good morning Warmest Robin Parks]]> 2017-10-12T11:17Z <![CDATA[Taylor | Amerimed offices are closed. There was a raid on them a few...]]> 2017-10-12T08:50Z <![CDATA[Snowed | Bettybn- Use the chain of command at OWCP. Write to the...]]> 2017-10-12T02:13Z <![CDATA[Rivkah | /m31109 check out the owcp classroom. Just google it.]]> 2017-10-11T19:34Z <![CDATA[bettybn | My Claims Examiner has not authorized additional...]]> 2017-10-10T21:41Z <![CDATA[Rivkah | Check out the owcp classroom and Jesse Slade. You can...]]> 2017-10-07T13:50Z <![CDATA[tbaroness | I filed another appeal on July 7th 2017 never heard a word...]]> 2017-10-07T00:45Z <![CDATA[Rivkah | Is anybody familiar with Amerimed Diagnostic Services...]]> 2017-10-06T19:58Z <![CDATA[joe | USPS Regulations state, “No mail piece may weigh...]]> 2017-09-30T13:29Z