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Injured Postal & Federal Workers

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neicePerson was signed in when posted
07:58 AM ET (US)
clarkd- I can only tell you from my own experience, when my attending physician referred me to a specialist doctor [not therapy], I went to my appt & did not need owcp approval to go to the specialist doctor. You just have to make sure you ask for a copy of the referral for your records. Even if you have to pay for your appt yourself, just send a copy of the referral & a copy of what you paid for the appt to OWCP along with an OWCP 915 form and Owcp will reimburse you.
Clark d.
10:34 PM ET (US)
Hi,Thanks.Owcp not approved my physical therapy yet..My physician referred me to neurologist and orthopedic both.Owcp not approved any of above three.now my case is on review status.Do i have to wait for treatment untill they make decision?It's been about one month.And i have to wait other more 30 days.I am only on pain medicine .What i should do? I can't go with insurance as this is work realeted injury.my physician said i can't go to work untill seen by above both doctors and with physical therapy,.
jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
12:54 PM ET (US)
I know that there are knowledgeable people that are ex examiners on this site "good people giving advise " I have question I don't know if anyone is willing to answer but does DOL train CE to trip the injured trip like in make it difficult for us the injured in the job ; just wondering
neicePerson was signed in when posted
08:43 PM ET (US)
jjmv - LOL - that was a typo, actually. But, yes - the CE's twist everything around in hopes of catching a dumb, gullible claimant off guard.
05:29 PM ET (US)
Niece your telling the very truth when you say OWCP have the sharpest tools you are so right and Owcp has no shame in using them ; they twist our words manipulate our cases by confusing us or trying to confuse us wow I could swear Owcp is out to help usps setting us up for failure .....
neicePerson was signed in when posted
08:52 PM ET (US)
clark d - It's difficult understanding your writing. But, I think I understand what you're asking. First of all, hope you appealed owcp terminating your 4 hr/day compensation. This is where your problem lies. This needs to be rectified!!

Secondly, when you were injured the 2nd time you were only working 4 hrs/day. How many months have you been working 4 hrs/day? This is important.
Also, it's important if your previous 4 hrs/day [above - the one owcp stopped paying you] job was on a temporary basis per your doctor or was it on a permanent basis per your doctor. OWCP looks at how long you've been doing the 4 hrs/day and if it was on a temporary basis or permanent basis. If it was only a temporary basis per your doctor - you may have a good fight for demanding 8 hrs/day. Definitely, get your first problem rectified.

For example, if you were still getting paid for the 4 hours day and got hurt during the 4 hours of work, then the 2nd injury would only pertain to the 2nd injury. 4 hours/pay from old payrate for 1st injury and 4 hours/pay from new payrate for 2nd injury. OWCP still always has to pay you for 8 hours/day since when you first got hurt you were a full-time employee. So, if owcp isn't paying you for the 1st injury at 4 hours/day - you need to appeal it and get this fixed since your doctor probably still says you can't go back to work full-time yet. You have a problem on your hands. The people at owcp at the sharpest tools in the shed and you may consider hiring an advocate to get some legal precedence and owcp law for your appeal.
Clark d.
07:38 PM ET (US)
Thanks for answer.I have other question please.due to my privious injury i am working 4hours/day as of ca-17.owcp wan't pay me as i refused one suitable job was according them ,not me still i lost my 4 hours/day compansation .I am getting paid which i am working 4 hours day .
now i had other injury this month.other employee taking 3 full apc's,and some how separate 2nd and 3rd apc's from power ox while running ,with force and hit back of my chair while i am working .no rail or guard that is why i injured.
now they telling me that when i was injured i am working 4 hours/ day so i will get cop only 4 hours/day and not 8 hours/day.i am full time employee and working 4 hours as it is my limitations.they are not paying me for my other claim as i refused job.This is new injury is it fair with me?for this injury on ca-17 left side they put 8 hour/day so why i am not getting 8 hours/day?if they put guard near computer ,than apc was't hit me.This is big safety issue too.
Edited 04-19-2017 07:43 PM
09:27 PM ET (US)
Hi anybody having problems with the acs portal system for bill paying been on owcp for 10 years.. went to pain management and they said my claim number no good so went on the site to see if bills are getting paid and wont let me in
neicePerson was signed in when posted
08:09 PM ET (US)
rcsurfer - Prompt pay has always been for second opinion doctors in my case. Maybe it's for a rehab specialist too. You can always call your CE to ask who it paid.
neicePerson was signed in when posted
08:08 PM ET (US)
clarkd - Ha! You would think! No, they're not doctors. They can send claimants on 2nd opinions if they don't like what our doctors say or do.
Clark d.
07:28 PM ET (US)
Hi,All owcp claims examiner are docters?
claim examiners can challenge to doctors diagnosis?
RCSurferPerson was signed in when posted
04:44 PM ET (US)
sorry for the repeat, hadn't gotten a response so I was trying again: I was checking ACS & I see that I have a prompt pay claim paid for $125 for something on 1/5/17 of this year, problem is I didn't have an OWCP appointment that day, what should I do? Previously Prompt Pays have been for 2nd Opinions/Referee Doc/Nurse visits. I haven't had any of those. I only receive OWCP for medical as I'm Disability Retired from the PO as of 5/2016. Should I contact ASC? My CE? or is it not unusual for a Prompt Pay to show up when the OWCP recipient hasn't had an appointment? Thank you.
neicePerson was signed in when posted
09:02 AM ET (US)
clarkd - You should call the claims examiner and ask when the physical therapy will be approved. The claims examiner has to approve it first. Your attending physician who ordered the therapy and the specialist did it right, but sometimes the claims examiners have to be certain. Just call claims examiner and be nice and ask what the hold up is.
Injured on Duty
06:59 PM ET (US)
Injured in 2004 and working a modified job with my restrictions. Was sent to IME (first time was 2006) reached MMI. New IME said I have reached "permanent and stable" can someone tell me what possibly I can expect? I have sent OWCP certified letter asking for copy of the medical report to see what restrictions the IME put me on if diffrent from my current one. OWCP stated in my letter they can no longer give me injections, that no improvements have been made Thank you for any advise
Clark d.
11:58 AM ET (US)
30591 clark d.Yes niece .
Also Acs approved my physical therapy but now my case worker holding approval is it right procedure?If case worker have any issue than how acs can approved?I confused .Can anyone explain me procedure after seen physician he ordered therapy and referred to other specialist what is right procedure?as far as i know if case worker approved than acs approved?Am i right ?Please explain me.Thanks.
Edited 04-15-2017 12:06 PM
mailladypostladyPerson was signed in when posted
10:13 AM ET (US)
Ok- thanks
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