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Injured Postal & Federal Workers

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05:53 PM ET (US)
Snowed… Thank you...
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03:21 PM ET (US)
Camryn211: Just found this:https://www.dol.gov/owcp/dfec/acscqsaccess.htm
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02:59 PM ET (US)
Camryn211- I don't know what happened to the CQS link on ACS. I have not seen it for quite awhile. You should be able to get info thru the automated phone system.

SSDI offsets with OWCP. You are able to collect up to 80% of your pre disability earnings between SSDI and OWCP. This offset ends at full retirement age but then OWCP will offset after that. SSA has 3 different ways they calculate. They use the earnings figure which helps you out the most.
Edited 08-29-2016 03:15 PM
02:28 PM ET (US)
Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in awhile. I have been waiting 16 months for an ECAB appeal. In the meantime, on Friday, I just got sent home again NWA. I just tried to ecomp the letter but couldn't get onto the site. It is just stuck on the screen that says loading. Does anyone know if it is down. I spoke to my steward this morning. She tried to tell me USPS doesn't have to offer makeshift work. According to the ELM they must make EVERY effort to provide work. I've been doing makeshift work for over 20 years. I also just won a grievance from 2010 for the NRP for being sent home NWA. I am a FTR and was in a permanent rehab job until they took it away in 2012. This was my second limited duty job since then. Does anyone have experience with the IFWAA? Any advice would be appreciated. I want to continue working.
02:46 PM ET (US)
Snowed, another question… If I elect to stay on SD will WC pay me anything??? Say I would get $1400 from SD.. but on WC I would get $3000..Would they give me the $1600 To Equal The $3000 I would get if I collect just the WC...
02:36 PM ET (US)
OK…. Thanks Snowed…Do you know the website where I can go check on my case.. To see when a check is issued?
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09:10 AM ET (US)
Camryn211- I am happy you finally won your battle! Make sure you let OWCP know you wish to receive your benefit there. You will have to inform SS and OPM as soon as you get your first check. The calculations for the offsets may take quite awhile so if you get a check for back pay, I wouldn't spend it all.
04:36 PM ET (US)
Hello,please anyone have answer for post 30414 please?Thanks.
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03:07 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know of a timeframe when I submit a petition for review to Washington ; I have already gone back and forth with the agency they responded to my petition for review then I responded to their response they agency tried to respond to my response but that was not accepted by the board so the case closed after my response to the agencies response so I'm wonder more less a time frame if someone has been through this process
08:08 PM ET (US)
jjmv My appeal to ECAB took one year.
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07:48 PM ET (US)
Camryn211 how long did your appeal take I'm just wondering I submitted a appeal to Washington and I'm wondering the time frame I appealed a merit board decision
12:11 PM ET (US)
Hello, Hey Snowed, I finally won my appeal. But I have a question..While I was waiting for a decision on the appeal I was approved for SD. And HR said I could retire,
and if I won my WC appeal I had the option of going back on WC..The ECAB Decison was reversed now Im waiting to hear from WC..So how does that work ?
10:06 AM ET (US)
Post office need any permission from any office before give removal notice or 14 days Suspention to any employee for any reason?
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10:56 PM ET (US)
So, I tried to make appointment with my Dr since I received the 30 day to cease my benefits. Surprise, she moved out of state. They've insisted on giving me Dr I saw once in an emergency. Not surprisingly; he can't help. I am officially without a Dr, within 2 weeks of losing benefits and attorney don't return my call. Things are seemingly depressingly low. Why does DOL/OWCP have months to get all their records together and we get a stinking 30 days. And that starts the day they write the letter. Feeling like Murphys Law; truly, can it get any worse?
10:46 PM ET (US)
 I think its too late to get the refer I just got treated by him last week and he said the new doctor that might buy his practice might send out letters to the patients there to introduce himself to us. I must of gone to this doctor at least 4-6 times a year for the past 10 years if would of known that last week I would of asked. So I have to find out what doctors take owcp then write a letter to them for a approval. Thanks Snowed for the input
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10:51 PM ET (US)
Get your doctor to refer you to the new doctor and you will not have to get the new doctor approved. Ask around your union for suggestions for new Dr.
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