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Injured Postal & Federal Workers

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RCSurferPerson was signed in when posted
05:32 PM ET (US)
sorry for the cross post if you've seen the one on PEN

My OWCP doc of the last 3.5 years is retiring :( she suggested I see another Doctor in their practice (they're both family docs; I on pain management meds that she prescribes for me as the back doc and surgeon said nothing else could be done for me and the family doc could prescribe and monitor me). Do I need to have a letter from my current doc transferring my care over to another doc in the same practice? I am hoping the new doc and I mesh well as their billing office has finally got the hang of billing for my OWCP appointments.

part 2: If I have to get a letter and am transferred over to her and we don't mesh, am I able to transfer again? Or do I have to wait a certain amount of time before transferring Docs?
Clark d.
01:32 PM ET (US)
No problem .kc bmc.
kc bmcPerson was signed in when posted
01:58 PM ET (US)
Clark.... I know nothing about your case or type of disability. I just commented that your case may cost more than mine IF it was different or more complicated.
Clark d.
10:17 AM ET (US)
I would like to complain about injury office which is best place NlRB,MspB ,eeo or somewhere else ?and also what is time limits to complain.
I have question to kc bmc that how u know my case is complicated.I thought you are like me employee.
Mike Everhardus
09:02 AM ET (US)
This is exactly what I wanted! http://positive.veterwiki.com/Mike_Everhardus <http://positive.veterwiki.com/Mike_Everhardus>; Just the thing!

Mike Everhardus
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
09:00 PM ET (US)
Snowed. Thank you. I filed another eeo for being sent home nwa. I have been advised that because of the eeo they have a right to diagnosis & prognosis. I believe they are trying to ignore the fact that I am entitled to a modified job for the work injury & treating my request for restoration as a light duty request.I must now prove that Im a qualified person with a disability.

I believe they will try to offer a job outside my travel restrictions & likely against all my medical restrictions.This has been the pattern.

Where are the regs that say if a job is against travel restrictions it is not medically suitable. Is there a difference in regs for perodic rolls & those who have reached mmi?

I know alot of the rules have changed and I need to do some research.
Clark d.
10:15 AM ET (US)
Thank you kc bmc for quick and helpful replay.
kc bmc
03:31 AM ET (US)
Took longer than it should due to payment to attorney. They will take payments but I waited 6 mos until I turned 59 1/2 and used TSP withdrawal w/ no penalty. Not smartest way to pay but didn't want any more debt. Stephanie will take as long as necessary to build her case. In fact she went down to the deadline ( 1 year to appeal deadline) in order to gat another opinion from Dr. She won't start until payment arrangements are made. I rechecked website and also Facebook. They have a tremendous support staff that you can call w/ no charge. Only charge if you talk w/ attorney. Remember that DOL must approve any attorney's fees but keep in mind that you will not get reimbursed if you win case. Sucks but those are the rules.
Clark d.
07:03 PM ET (US)
Thanks.kc bmc.Howlong it will take to give your case to attorney and you won case.
SnowedPerson was signed in when posted
06:49 PM ET (US)
I am not exactly clear on what is required. I do know a diagnosis is private and specifics need not be given. Generalize the condition. i.e. Gastric problem, podiatry problem, neurological problem, etc.
Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
03:41 AM ET (US)

Nicole, I know where you are coming from. They jacked me around for a long time. They are still F&%$#@# me over or trying to. My wife applied for Medicare and part of my SS they are taking all of her benefit after they pay her Medicare. She is supposed to get 98% of what 55% of my SS benefit. We had Sen,Boxer and Sen.Finkstein look into it. Then we went to our even more worthless Congressman. Filner and then Vargus. All four of then claimed that they were too busy to look into it.
kc bmc
06:58 PM ET (US)
Clark d......Stephanie Leet McCready, Garcia, Leet out of Chicago. Talked over phone for initial consultation. My case was an appeal to a OWCP decision and she quoted me 15 hrs (maybe 12). I had 2 appeals by myself so maybe most of work was already done. She wrote a brief and had Dr submit a letter of explanation. Handles these cases all of the time so she knows how many hrs to charge. She assured me I would prevail but of course couldn't guarantee anything. Worked w/ Dr to get better written explanation of back injury. OWCP insisting it was an existing condition. Had to explain that injury occurred on job. Won case but no COP paid. Filed all wage losses as lost of income due to condition. Still waiting on payment so hopefully they won't play games. Been about 60 days and seems OWCP works on 90 days claims. Just Google firms name and email correspondence.
Your case may be a little more complicated than mine so may take more hrs.
02:32 PM ET (US)
Patrick I fully understand what you are saying I and I agree with you I can say I did take it to heart just a little cause I watched a family member go through some messed up stuff with his job and workers comp
Patrick APerson was signed in when posted
01:30 PM ET (US)
There are people that are not happy at all, and they only get satisfaction when they make everybody's lives miserable. So instead of taking what is being said to heart, instead take it with a teaspoon of "salt" take it with a shovel of "Kosher Salt".
He will dry up and go away.
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01:06 PM ET (US)
I See Somebody Is Upset That They Didn't Make It Past 90 Days! How Do You Know What Any Of These People Are Going Threw Big T? You Don't....Your Right Some People Have Played Injured Or Sick Just To Get A Check But How Dare You Put Everyone Else Who Really Are Injured And Sick In A Category With Everyone Else!!! That's Not Fair or Right At All But The Bigger Picture Is You Must Of Been That Bored Or Have No Life To Go Online Searching For Sites Like This To Comment On Because You Can't Speak Up In Real Life And Let Your Voice Be Heard. Your Nothing But A S*hit Talker Online And A Church Mouse In The Real World Now Please Leave These People Alone And Go Have Several Seats Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day Or Evening Go Take Care Of Your Family If You Have One And May God Bless You.
Edited 10-07-2016 01:09 PM
Clark d.
08:57 AM ET (US)
Hi,kc bmc i found all attorney will charge 6000 or more.You paid $4500.can you give me information of your attorney please.Thanks.
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