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Equal Employment Issues for Postal Employees

Equal Employment Opportunity Discussions
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jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
04:13 PM ET (US)
Hello friends : well getting ready for my "Initial Conference " EEO any advice in front of a judge I hope
07:18 PM ET (US)

Seeing your Weingarten rights were definitely violated, your better off calling Nlrb after you initiate a step 1. That shows you acted in good faith efforts to try and resolve your case. Assert your rights because they will keep getting violated if not. Godspeed
08:31 AM ET (US)
 My supervisor said that I pushed her . I did not even touch her or have any contact with her at all . I spent $500 on a lie detector test that I passed .
 The Postal Service is a very hostile work environment l.
 The joint statement isn't worth the paper it's written on .
07:53 PM ET (US)
DK 1393. I missed your post during the hustle and bustle of the holiday thank you for your words . I might be doing a go fund me page because I was walked out a week ago , for asking for representation in a meeting I was going into .
04:18 PM ET (US)
Working on another case where misconduct happened. Citing the arb docket where the manager was fired would be useful. It always get played as an ace card. Should wrap this up by end of service week. Hope xmas and new years go great for you guys. Keep one eye out for your rights and the other on the door when it's violated.

08:01 AM ET (US)
I was wondering if anyone may know how cases go with sex discrimination against USPS. I am past my investigation and since received at letter with the AJ information, no date set yet. I was needing to get copies of my clock rings, employee file, etc. There is an area that states fax a copy of a request to the EEOC and will do this today. I will need to come up with the attorney fee though, still working hard to save this at the moment, either way I will stand up to management without an attorney if need be. Since I was still in my probation, union wouldn't help, only advise. Now union wants me to drop, seeing how this may come out in a bad way about the union and USPS. Any advice will help.
jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
07:38 PM ET (US)
awhile back I saw a headline that said ; Hispanic woman files EEO against USPS I think she was in management from Houston ; I can't find it if anyone knows where I can find this particular EEO I would like to read it again so I can save it ; thanks
06:35 PM ET (US)
PtF'd email me and we can discuss details .....
04:15 PM ET (US)
VW, and VET: i had my first interaction with the EEO personnel yesterday. My lawyer was also part of the phone call. The EEO had tried to rebuff some of my claims. the eeo was dismissive of issues I brought up. I have proof of things that prove they singled me out. they are clock rings and leave slips . i had filed a grievance for some of the things they did. can i use information we have from other grievances or are they gonna say i obtained them illegally and suspend me for it? do i need to file grievance for each issue I want to provide proof ? I really dont want to tip my had to them as to what im using. they took the information I gave to file eeo and changed it around to make it look like i was wrong
11:44 AM ET (US)
Has anyone heard anything on the RJ Pittman class action? It was formerly called Edmond Walker class. It was related to the NRP and the discrimination from the Postal Service. The Pittman class-action website occasionally goes in and changes the date at the top but never really offers anything new as far as information or status or where to go to check on the one complaints case that has held it up for approximately two years in court. This case was supposedly going to be paid out about two years ago and is still being held up by the Postal Service.
Does anyone have any information other than what is posted on the class website? Thanks
08:14 AM ET (US)
Jeanne start a gofund me page to raise your lawyer fees. I can guarantee you will receive the money for a lawyer by end of week. GL. I will gladly donate.
08:40 AM ET (US)
 191 days I asked for a reason mom accommodation to bring my cardiac alert dog to work. In August I filed an EEOC saying that they were not meeting and that they have not accommodated me .
 They agreed verbally that they would wrap this up in three weeks .
 That was September 6 .
 I didn't have a dog before I got sick and I was awarded FMLA after I bought my dog for an early schedule off for 10 weeks of training .

 But now I'm having to work eight hours a day and leave my train dog home in a crate and I'm also he can't alert if he's at home and I'm at work .

 It's as my agreement that I would notify the president of the Eeo if they did not meet the agreements .

 I'm just not sure what to do now do I file any all saying I don't have an answer or should I just assume the answer is no and filing the email that they're not letting me bring my medical dog to work ?
VWPerson was signed in when posted
02:02 PM ET (US)
PTF'd- if you would like additional help I am willing to help as well. Contact info is vicwalker1@gmail.com. Just want to offer because I can't stand when management think they can do whatever they want without any repercussions.
12:24 PM ET (US)
PtF'd my contact is dmscoutdog@yahoo.com
09:46 PM ET (US)
VET I think i may need your help any way i can give you contact info? thanks .
04:55 PM ET (US)
thank you VET will do .
06:54 AM ET (US)
PtF'd proceed with your EEO. Tell your union your getting out of dues and they will be scurried to get you back. As far as your desk....ask in writing with a copy for yourself of the managers initials and date asking why the desk was taken. At the footer of the page asked them for a response in a week. If no answer keep following up week after week . You are asking what is going on with your accomodation and setting them up. Each week keep doing this. As far as your clock rings ask them for a copy if your rings weekly also. Keep an eye out for your rings. What they are doing is what is called "Piling on". They are trying to progressively dicipline you and then get rid of you. Keep up with that EEO. The more you stress, they win. If you need anymore help lemme know.

07:58 PM ET (US)
thank you VW.
VWPerson was signed in when posted
08:35 AM ET (US)
Definitely file a grievance for the LOW. As far as your EEO goes I can give the following advice. It is true that once you file your EEO the attacks could become worse but it might also make them back off as they will see you are not afraid to stand up for yourself. Nobody can tell you for sure that you won't win your EEO just like nobody can tell you for sure that you would win. EEO is not management and will be decided by an Administrative Judge from the EEOC. When you file your initial complaint you will receive documents from the postal EEO office asking if you want to participate in REDRESS. This is voluntary but it doesn't hurt to do REDRESS. At the very least you are costing the PO money to hold the REDRESS. If things are not settled at REDRESS you will then file a formal complaint and your case will be assigned to an independent investigator. It is their job to just gather information and facts surrounding your complaint. They do not make decisions and aren't even allowed to give an opinion regarding the claim. Once that phase is completed you will be given the option to move forward with your complaint and it will get assigned to a judge and that is where everything really gets started and ramped up.
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