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16-721 Paper Presentation Assignments

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10:32 AM ET (US)
In addition, if he's into acting, he could do summer stock this year, and community theater in the college term time, to keep his hand in that. It's even possible for him to audition for the theater at the local community college - a lot of those theaters allow in community members, and this would be a way for him to get some exposure to a college environment, without his actually having to do the college thing quite yet.

Volunteer work overseas India
06:17 AM ET (US)
When you apply to a company, employers want to see that you have steadily been employed and have work experience, BUT it could depend if you have a good reason of why there's a gap. had to quit your job to move in and nurse your old sick grandparent! Some applications will ask you to explain any gaps. Gap year Programs in India
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Wedding Photographer in J
06:28 AM ET (US)
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