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Prayer Chain

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01:57 PM ET (US)
Update on Jack Moore’s son, Paul. He will be on antibiotics for 3 weeks and will have an angiogram, and then. Heart valve replacement and hopefully after that, they can do something about the bulging disc. Please continue to keep Paul and Jack in your prayers. We serve a God of miracles.
12:51 AM ET (US)
Please pray for Paul Moore, Jack’s son. He is hospitalized with an infection in the heart and a bulging disc in his back. He will be on the hospital in Idaho for approximately 3 weeks.
Ed Sinclair
01:10 AM ET (US)
Our Christian brother and friend Max Wagner passed into eternity last night. Please pray for his wife Sheila and family at tis time.
04:49 PM ET (US)
Please keep Lily in prayer. She has RSV, she needs to be watched closely if she has any problems breathing she needs to be taken to ER. She already has enlarged tonsils which gives her a size of pencil hole. She is scheduled to have them removed on Jan. 30th, so she needs to get healthy.
I have another wonderful sinus infection. Just got antibiotics.
Elaine Powell
11:02 AM ET (US)
Please pray for my cousin Anita in CT. History of afib and now fluid around heart and lungs. Taken to hospital last night. She knows the Lord. I pray for healing and peace and was able to tell her that there is NOTHING impossible for our Lord. Praise His Holy Name. Thank you.
Barbara for Nan
05:53 PM ET (US)
Nik is going home today. She needs to watch her diet. Something got stuck in her intestines which caused them to twist.
Francine Cervantez
05:11 PM ET (US)
Please pray for my friend Kathleen Mumaw. She is housebound with C OPD and has been diagnosed today with bronchitis. She asked me for prayer that it won't turn into pneumonia or she "will be done for". She's already very weak and thin, so her immune system is very low.
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
12:03 AM ET (US)
I am asking for prayer for my daughter Tamee.She is very depressed, as her kidneys are failing, she is tired and sleepy all the time. She has always been a positive happy girl and people love her. But due to her health, she is having trouble being happy. She knows Jesus as her Savior and Lord, but I feel that she is "lost" in her problems.I have a rock in my chest thinking of what could be, please pray. Thank you, God is able!!
Barbara for Nan
05:25 PM ET (US)
Pray for Nikki, she's is back in hospital with a bowel obstruction and twisted intistines. They are giving her antibiotics and pain meds. Not sure the course of action at this time. They had hit her hard with chemo since she gave birth.
Julie Shaw
04:10 PM ET (US)
Please pray for my mom as she fell AGAIN! She’s had x-rays and needs to call the dr tomorrow for results. Possible broken clavicle. She says she can’t raise her arm. Thank you prayer warriors!
Kelli lucero
04:53 PM ET (US)
Update on baby Charlotte, through the grace of God and all your prayers tests were done this morning and baby Charlotte has been diagnosed cancer free. She's doing very well has been taken out of pediatric ICU is in a regular room being monitored but in good spirits. Thank you all so much for your prayers and your support for baby Charlotte. She will now undergo two more chemo sessions just in case and vigorous physical therapy due to the chemo that damaged her nerves in her legs. She also did lose some hearing that is permanent because of the chemo but she can still hear pretty much normally except for some high pitch sounds and some low whispers. She will have to wear hearing aids. Again I can't tell you all how much I appreciate all your prayers and Rachel is forever thankful for all your prayers and support as well.
Kelli lucero
09:52 PM ET (US)
Baby Charlotte is out of surgery, in pediatric intensive Care just for the night everything went very well she is resting comfortably thank you all for your prayers I will keep you updated.
Kelli lucero
07:57 PM ET (US)
Update on baby Charlotte, we just got word from the surgical suite that the tumor was completely removed. So far so good she's not out of surgery yet I will keep you posted thank you so much for all your prayers God is good.
Kelli lucero
04:45 PM ET (US)
update on baby Charlotte Thank you for all your prayers this morning . I just heard from Rachel that the surgery was delayed and she is actually in surgery right now please continue to pray I will keep you updated.
Kelli lucero
11:18 AM ET (US)
update on baby Charlotte. Baby Charlotte will be undergoing surgery this morning at 8:10. Please pray that the surgeons will be guided by God, and that the best possible outcome will follow. She will be having half of her liver and I believe her gallbladder also will be taken out. the good thing about this is that she is young and apparently her liver can grow back. . Her tumors have shrunk a considerable amount, So her outcome looks very good. please pray for Rachel and her husband that they will have peace and understanding as their child is in the hands of God. I just spoke to Rachel her spirits are good she is functioning on pure faith, IAM so proud of her. I will keep you updated throughout the day again thank you so much for all your prayers.
Kelli lucero
04:44 PM ET (US)
Update on baby Charlotte, she was admitted to children's hospital as of last Friday a week ago her kidneys have been affected by the chemo they are not failing they have just been hit really hard there for her electrolytes are not doing what they should be doing. Her blood count has also dropped to 0 which is not surprising considering that she's on chemo that's what it does. She is having surgery on Monday not sure what time she has the best surgeon apparently he is one of the best at children's hospital. This time they decided they're going to keep her in the hospital until she is fully recovered. Please pray that God is within the surgeon to guide his hands and that Charlotte might have a quick and easy recovery compared to what she's gone through. please pray for Rachel and her husband that they might be able to find the peace in God that they need to get through this hard time especially during the holidays. I have not been able to see her, her immune system has just been so weak she can't tolerate any germs but according to Rachel she is in great spirits very bossy and with a smile on her face. I will keep you informed when I get more information thank you all for your prayers.
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