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Prayer Chain

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Marilyn and Rick Kohler
09:58 AM ET (US)
I'm coming to church but Rick is taking Brian Moody to Barstow hospital. He began suffering bad dizziness last night. So Rick or Brian won't be there today.please pray for Brian, so they diagnose this vertigo. Thank you.
Mike McGrew
10:09 PM ET (US)
We will be praying. Mike and Cindy
On Thursday, November 15, 2018 QT - Donna Poe <qtopic-35-TugGwGyVVxU2T@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Donna Poe
09:50 PM ET (US)
Bart is home. Thank you for your prayers. He is dealing with congestive heart failure through diet,medication and exercise. We have had the peace of God through this whole experience. He is faithful.
Pastor Mark
03:15 PM ET (US)
Please pray for Ron Moore. He has been hospitalized. We don't have any other details at this time.
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
01:01 PM ET (US)
This is Marilyn, Kaiser just called me and my mammogram on left breast needs to be re done in Fontana with an ultra sound to follow, then he will talk to me they said.please pray for good results, had procedures in the past on both sides.thank you all!!!
Donna Poe
09:39 AM ET (US)
Bart has been in ER all night because of difficulty in breathing. He is being admitted for fluid in the lungs and high blood pressure. Please agree with us that God will give the hospital staff wisdom and skill in diagnosing and treating the problem. Our faith and hope is in God!!
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
07:31 PM ET (US)
Well, our Grandaughter Savannah called, her friend from church was one of the victims in Thousand Oaks who was killed! Shes devastated. And the fire is 15 min. From her home in Calabassas. She asked for prayer for the family and for her, shes really taking it hard. Thank You
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
09:51 PM ET (US)
Our Son asked for your prayers for his good friend Jeff. Jeff's 15 year old daughter committed suicide this morning.He is a single Father for his kids. Wife is alcoholic, druggie. Jeff is crushed.Our Son is ministering to him as best he can.
Ed Sinclair
12:50 AM ET (US)
Please keep Rita's lifetime friend Dona Pitstick who has been diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer. She will undergo PET Scan next week. Cancer has spread to one of her ribs. Pray for complete healing. Thank you.
Edited 10-30-2018 12:50 AM
Pastor Mark
12:21 PM ET (US)
John Gray passed away this morning. He is now worshipping in Heaven, healed of cancer and all disease. Please continue to pray for Sue and the family as they go through this time.
Diana Howe
01:56 PM ET (US)
I ask for prayers for my Brother-in-law (Steve) and Sister-in-law (Linda) and their whole family as my nephew passed away this week. I ask for Comfort and Peace for all of them dealing with their unexpected loss. Thank you.

Marilyn and Rick Kohler
10:27 PM ET (US)
I need prayer for Rick. He is having occasional pain in his face again 😪Trigeminal Neuralgia. Lord please no more of this, I need prayer this will disappear and never return. 5 surgeries, we hoped it was for good? Thank you my family for your prayers.🙏🙏
Donna Poe
10:24 PM ET (US)
Liam is 10 days old and in the hospital with menengitis.Pray also for his parent's emotional and spiritual well being and that God would draw them to Himself.
Barbara Wood
05:32 PM ET (US)
Lindsay Beth is on the way home. She has new anti seizure medicine to take . Cant drive or be left alone for 1 month then comes back for a follow up. They showed normal MRI and CT scan and EEG. Nothing showing up but they think it might be hormone related. Continue to pray for her.
Mike McGrew
11:00 AM ET (US)
On Monday, September 17, 2018 QT - Barbara Wood <qtopic-35-TugGwGyVVxU2T@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Barbara Wood
12:05 AM ET (US)
Update Dana's mom today and she was able to get more fuel for her generator today. Only mixed rain shower with sunshine today. Says it is very hot outside. Lots of utility workers around and a couple of streets over have power back on now. Her power should be back up soon.
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