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Prayer Chain

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Donna Poe
06:35 PM ET (US)
The family has decided to remove Bill from life support. Please be in prayer that they will have the comfort of God during this difficult time and in the days ahead.
03:56 PM ET (US)
Please continue to pray for Bill and Glenda. Bill is running a very high fever which could indicate an infection.Drs are changing his medications.
Pastor Mark
12:41 AM ET (US)
Pray for Bill Donahoe. They took him to ER in serious condition. They are also transporting Glenda for chest pains.
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
08:07 PM ET (US)
The 50/50 chance is if they operate and they dont want to.
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
08:04 PM ET (US)
Please know we are praying for you all in need right now. Praise God for Jack's surgery! Amen. Ok, we are going down to our daughters tom. We should be back home Friday night.He has to see the urology dr. To discuss more surgery.Thursday has a colonoscopy, Fri.another Urology appt. I pray they dont re admit him.The aneurism in his brain.....well that Dr. Is going to call Friday too. 50/50 chance of survival the thing is he possibly could hemmorhage out, or have a stroke. I'm praying the aneurism will dissolve in Jesus' name!
Deleted by author 02-17-2019 10:05 AM
Barbara Wood
12:47 AM ET (US)
Jack's surgery was a success. Praise God!! He will be in hospital for a few days. Keep praying.
Francine Cervantez
08:52 AM ET (US)
It is always nice to hear a praise report. Prayer for my old boss on 12/12 was answered and he is back to his sweet, crazy self. Thanks for your prayers.
Pastor Mark
01:56 PM ET (US)
Please pray for Jack and Pearl Moore. Jack has his surgery to remove cancer this Friday. It is a very extensive surgery. Pray for Pearl as she has a cancerous mass in her lung and kidney. She is waiting for a referral to City of Hope. Pray for their son who found out he has a cancerous tumor on his lung. Please uplift the entire family as they go through this season. Pray for healing, comfort and hope...
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
08:30 PM ET (US)
We are home for now. They had to leave Rick's Cathetar in, we have to go back Mon. We just got home its 5:27. They did a temporary fix in surgery. More news as we know it.😣
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
08:10 PM ET (US)
Update: Rick is out of surgery. If he can urinate he can come home tom. Evening. They did a temporary fix on the kidneys, when hes stronger he has to have the surgery they wanted to origanally wanted to do.praise God ,I'm so mentally exhausted, plz include me in prayers too. God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
Pastor Mark
07:47 PM ET (US)
Please pray for Mary Klein. She is being taken by ambulance to Victor Valley ER. She is having respiratory and other problems
Marilyn and Rick Kohler
05:08 PM ET (US)
Rick being admitted to hosp. Later today, surgery urgent for kidney stones, hope we dont have to stay very long. I'm going to my daughters with the dogs, surgery tom. Will update as I can, this was not planned, surprised us. Thank you for prayers for 🙏🙏
Pastor Mark
10:39 AM ET (US)
Dave Ferrell passed away this morning. He is now celebrating in Heaven! He will be Greatly missed! Please pray for Barbara and the family as they go through this time of sorrow and loss. "To Be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord"
02:32 PM ET (US)
Please keep former member, Bill Newman in prayer, he is very ill. If you know Bill, I am sure he would love to hear from you. Thank you prayer warriors.
Pastor Mark
01:19 PM ET (US)
Please continue to pray for Rico. He has a bad ear infection...
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