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01:00 AM ET (US)
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diana al deek
01:02 PM ET (US)
If it was happened that I found my self alone in the jungle after a plane crash , I would make my self first of all save . I would search
 For things can help me like fire and some thing to eat from the plane . I would try to connect with some body to help me through
The plane phone or I would stay beside the crash waiting for help .

الاسم: ديانا الديك .
الصف : الثاني الثانوي (الأدبي) .
المدرسة : عبد الحميد الحراكي .
با شراف : رائدة الهزاز.
taghareed Jawabra
02:59 PM ET (US)
الطالبات العزيزات في حمص كل الشكر لهذه المشاركات وأتمنى لكن الت فيق مع مدرستكم الغالية جدا رائدة هزاز
.زينب الحمصي
05:17 PM ET (US)
الانسة رائدة و زميلاتي طالبات حمص
نوجه لكم تحياتنا من محافظة در ا ونشكركم على هذه الجهود
05:21 AM ET (US)
If I was lost in asnow storm in the mountains,I would look for ashelter to hide in .
If I got hungry there,I would hunt a rabbit and eat it .
الطالبة:قمر حلبوني
الصف:الحادي عشر الأدبي
باشراف المدرسة ائدة الهزاز
المدرسة :عبد الحميد الحراكي
Farah hijazy
05:20 AM ET (US)
     If Iwere alone in the jungle after my plane crashed,Iwould try to go out of the plane to survive of broken pieces,Iwould try to snatch other people and save them.
Name:Farah Hijazy
Second secondary literary
Teacher:Raeda Hazzaz
School:Abdul_Hameed Alhraki
05:18 AM ET (US)
If I were alone in the jungle ofter my plane had crashed,I would search for food and water.
If I found food and water.I would
search for a place to rest in.
طالبة :ولاء عبد الرحمن
الثاني ثانوي أدبي
باشراف المدرسة ر ئدة الهزاز
Zahra and shatha
05:17 AM ET (US)
If I were lost in a snow storm in the mountains ,I would build my tent because I would be ready for the problemes.
If I got hungry I would look for some thing to eat .
If it became dark, I would make fire.
شذى الأبرش و زهرة جاجان
بإشراف المدرسة: رائدة الهزاز
الثان الثانوي الأدبي
ثانوية: عبد الحميد الحراكي
khawla bireeni
05:08 AM ET (US)
If I were in the middle of desert with out any petrol ,Iwouldn`t look for it or sit under the sun.
If I were thirsty I would look for water ,then I would search for some people who live in the desert and I would ask them to help me to come back to my home.

خولة البيريني
الصف : الثاني الثانوي الأدبي
بإشراف المدرسة رائدة الهزاز
ثانوية: عبد الحميد الحراكي
laila al sebaii
05:08 AM ET (US)
If I suddenly had 20 million dollars,I would use them to buy a collection
of books about animals .If I still have alot of money,I would buy some dictionaries to help me to understand these books.I would help other poor people and build many schools.

Name:Laila al_Sebaii
second secondary literary
Teacher: Raeda Hazzaz
School:Abdul_Hameed Alheraki
Helal Hawari
05:08 AM ET (US)
_ If I were alone in aforest and fierce beasts attacked me, I would
   set fire to make them afraid.
_ If I felt hungry, I would get some food and look for place to hide in .
_ If I was afraid, I would ask the help from God .

الطالبة :هلال الحواري
الصف :الثاني الثانوي الأدبي
ثانو ة:عبد الحميد الحراكي
المدرسةالمحترمة :رائدة الهزاز
05:08 AM ET (US)
If I was lost in the snowstorm ,Iwould search for a place to keep myself warm .
If I felt cold ,Iwould make fire .
If I could not make fire ,Iwould keep moving and playing to stay warm.
الطالبة : هلا عبد المولى
الثاني الثانوي الأدبي
باشراف المد سة رائدة الهزاز
05:08 AM ET (US)
If I were alone in adesert,Iwould look for aplace to protect me from the
sun,If my car went out of petrol.
Iwould call my family with my mobile phone to come and driveme home .
If Icould get out of the desert,Iwould thank God for helping me.
الطالبة:هلا منيا
الصف :الحادي عشر
باشراف المدرسة رائدة هز ز
المدرسة:عبد الحميد الحراكي
Mohammed alzowa
04:21 PM ET (US)
in this type of sentences we can use some subtitution words for "if" as:
unless + affirmative = if + negative .
unless you went = if you didn't go
but for : example :
But for the storm ,we should have arrived earlier .
danial and ali mahmad
04:05 PM ET (US)
thank you for your efforts.We would like to send my participation.

If Iwere lost in a snowstorm in the mountains , I would not leave my place because that would be very dangerous for me .If I tried to leave I might die and bury under snow,so it would be better to stay in my place in order not to fall into vallies of snow because it would be difficult to look where to go or to put your foot. If I were alone in that place,first I would try to economize on my food and water to keep alive for a longer time
,and I would not forget to use my mobile phone if it were with me to call my family to come and save me .
HANAN_ iSRA'A / المتفوقين
04:14 AM ET (US)
EXCEPTION If I were ...
In the Present Unreal Conditional, the form "was" is not considered grammatically correct. In written English or in testing situations, you should always use "were." However, in everyday conversation, "was" is often used.


If he were French, he would live in Paris.

EXCEPTION Conditional with Modal Verbs
There are some special Conditional forms for modal verbs in English:

would + can = could
would + shall = should
would + may = might

The words "can," "shall" and "may" must be used in these special forms; they cannot be used with "would."


If I went to Egypt, I would can learn Arabic. NOT CORRECT
If I went to Egypt, I could learn Arabic. CORRECT
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