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"Troop 84 has a paper drive" every third Saturday of the month, weather permitting.
They will be picking up next to the water tower at Bartís Centenary Methodist Church on E. King St.

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Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
10:11 AM ET (US)

Thanks. I tend to think while only taking 2% is a good thing, pulling money from reserve funds because you are spending more than your revenue is wrong. They need to reduce spending. They are living off "credit cards" and using money they apparently don't have to fund this stadium project. Long term they are hurting the district financially.
S LaughmanPerson was signed in when posted
09:05 AM ET (US)
Harry- Actually the three you mentioned voted no on the tax increase not because they didn't want a 2% tax increase, but rather they wanted a 3.2% tax increase in this year's budget. The article failed to mention that part. I do commend Mr. Mosebrook and the finance committee for only recommending a 2% increase. Randy was absolutely correct that this year's minimal increase was only a short term thing and that it would have to be raised again next year. After last year's school tax increase along with the switch AND increase in the EIT I took quite a hit personally. While I don't necessarily agree with everything the school board does, I do agree with them on this. It's very interesting to see the inner workings of the school board if one has the time to attend (I've been to the last two meetings).
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
09:56 AM ET (US)
Check this article from the G-burg Times. LOL, the three board members running for re-election voted against the tax increase and my guess knowing full well it was going to be approved. Are they playing us all for fools? At least be upfront!

For the first time since 2006, Littlestown Area School District may be hiking taxes below the state-allowed maximum increase.
The school board approved the proposed final budget Monday with a recommended 2 percent real estate tax hike. After the public has an opportunity to view the proposed budget during the next month, the board can approve the final budget June 19.
If the final 2017-2018 budget is approved at the next meeting, this will be the first time since Act 1, the Taxpayer Relief Act, was enacted in 2006 that the district will not be taxing to the maximum allowed, according to LASD Business Manager Michael Statler. This year's maximum tax increase allowed for school districts is 3.2 percent, Statler said,
Board Vice President Randy Mosebrook said the finance and budget committee felt it was time to give the community a "little bit of a break."
"We felt we could at least cover our costs by doing a two percent increase and at the same time give the community somewhat of a break," Mosebrook said.
Statler estimates the district will save between $130,000 and $150,000 next year in maintenance by closing Rolling Acres Elementary. This includes maintenance costs, 2.5 custodian positions, and maintenance agreements, according to Statler. The maintenance savings will contribute to the 2017-2018 budget. Looking to the future, it can be considered a cost that is not recurring, Statler said.
With expenditures coming in higher than revenues, Statler recommended the board pull about $335,000 from the unassigned fund balance to fund the budget. Some board members questioned why the district should not tax to the maximum to assist with the deficit, as in years past.
"I'd like to think if I was representing myself, no I don't want to increase taxes," board member Melinda Jones said. "We have to function as a district, too. I mean, we have kids that we have to educate."
Mosebrook reiterated the desire to give the community a break, noting many Littlestown students receive some type of assistance from the district.
"We can raise it to the index and you're still not going to be able to cover all the costs," Mosebrook said.
"There's people out there living on a fixed income," board member Larry Behrendt said.
The proposed 2 percent tax increase would add $43.13 to yearly taxes on a home valued at $190,000, according to Statler.
The board voted 6-3 to approve the proposed final budget for 2017-2018. President Dolores Nester, board member Carl Thompson and Jones voted against the budget.
The school board will hold a public work session June 12 at 6 p.m., and its regular meeting June 19 at 7 p.m., both at Maple Avenue Middle School.
Snow BirdPerson was signed in when posted
04:55 PM ET (US)
no maas no maas, I quit I quit. Is this what you said when the supposed high cost of living forced you to give up and relocate. This is liked the puppie that was licked, he put his tail between his leg's and retreated to den. Where will you go after you are forced from where you are. I know of one place that is expecting you.

You never heard of me complaining. I can afford to pay the tax that the teacher's union and public employee's union are forcing on us, you may or may not have been a part of that. I nam going to be here for a long time. I quit doe's not ring with me.

My lack of grammar has not effected me what so ever. In early 1980's I started to make make over 6 figure's, and very shortly I was paying more in tax than 60 % of people make. I still enjoy this. I do not quit and retreat!!!
ravensfanPerson was signed in when posted
05:49 PM ET (US)
Notification from: Littlestown Area School District-ADMIN
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am communicating to you as a father and the Superintendent of Schools about a difficult issue. Today, you may have heard about charges being filed against a Littlestown employee, Mr. Oaster. The Littlestown Area School District is saddened by the allegations and charges pending. My heart goes out to any person indirectly or directly affected by the conduct.
The Littlestown Area School District’s number one priority is to maintain a safe school environment for students and employees to learn and grow. We received a complaint on April 7th, 2017 about an employee. The school district turned the matter over to local law enforcement and child protective services within hours of the complaint. On the next work day, the employee was placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. We continue to work with local agencies to ensure a full and thorough investigation will be completed in a timely manner.
I want to be very clear in my objectives moving forward.
1.Ensure a full investigation is completed.
2.Work diligently to protect all who shared their complaints and potential victims.
3.Act swiftly upon receiving the final results of the investigation.
4.Enhance safety precautions to prevent future offenses.
Please be patient as we work through all of the items above over the coming weeks. It is not uncommon for matters similar to this to take some time to resolve. Rest assured that we will do everything we can within the laws of the Commonwealth to keep our children free from harm.

Christopher E. Bigger

Littlestown cynicPerson was signed in when posted
09:11 PM ET (US)
Not personal, Snow Bird, but you seem to have new ideas, so share them and let the town progress.

I get no pleasure in taking personal hits at people. If I did, I'd slam your lack of grammar skills.

That's it for me, I'm not going to answer your complaints or allow you to drag me down to your level. Don't look for any responses from me again.
Edited 05-15-2017 09:14 PM
mar39Person was signed in when posted
05:37 PM ET (US)
"Reminder" Littlestown Ward 2 will be voting at the http://littlestownareaseniorcenter.com/
Snow BirdPerson was signed in when posted
08:29 AM ET (US)
As some one, much more famous than I once said, there you go again. You seem to delight in getting personal. I how ever will not stoop to that level.

I am not throwing my hat in ring, I would not be a good choice as I only spend a few month's in Littlestown.

And I am not complaining. The cost of living here is far more reasonable than a lot of area's. This include's tax's.

It is my opinion that all area's that have union rep's have a strangle hold on school board's and yes public service union's. I believe that all should get paid on their ability to perform rather than scale. Of course one who is working for, or has worked with union's will disagree.

In future post's try not to get personal. I know it will be hard for you to do. I have never saw another post on here that get's personal.
Littlestown cynicPerson was signed in when posted
02:21 PM ET (US)
Does that mean you're throwing your hat in the ring, Snow Bird?

Out of curiosity, when was the last time you attended either a council meeting or a school board meeting?
Snow BirdPerson was signed in when posted
07:48 AM ET (US)
Same old tune, many people will bitch and very few will step up to the plate and serve. New faces and new idea's would all be welcome in most case's. The union's have a strangle hold on all school board's. That is the sad case.
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
08:00 AM ET (US)
The people who complain far outnumber those who step up and run.
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
04:17 PM ET (US)
I was hoping we had a choice for school board but it looks like we don't! Sad state of affairs.
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
07:40 AM ET (US)
Thanks cynic, I consider that a great compliment which is also very humbling. I'll start posting more.
Littlestown cynicPerson was signed in when posted
03:30 PM ET (US)
Cap - re: /m16425 I wasn't an everyday reader but I would read your political comments with great pleasure.

If you have the time, and only if you have the time, write a few comments from time to time. Shaking one's head from side to side is proven to be a beneficial exercise for the neck muscles and builds resistance to sudden bouts of nausea from motion sickness.

Seriously, I did read your posts with great pleasure and miss your opinions, which I might add, were backed by the opinions of greater minds than mine.
Edited 05-03-2017 03:30 PM
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
03:23 PM ET (US)
In the old days, the Kingsdale Carnival was one of the best around.
ravensfanPerson was signed in when posted
09:33 PM ET (US)
Thanks. :)
S LaughmanPerson was signed in when posted
05:20 PM ET (US)
The old firehouse was turned into a machine shop. The associated land was subdivided (5-6 lots I think). Guess they are making the entrance into the subdivision.
ravensfanPerson was signed in when posted
06:30 PM ET (US)
What are they doing at Kingsdale Firehall?
Edited 04-28-2017 04:00 AM
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
06:35 AM ET (US)
cynic, I haven't posted anything for quite some time. Wasn't sure if anyone was even going there. I come across some interesting articles which I'll start posting again.
Littlestown cynicPerson was signed in when posted
01:07 PM ET (US)
CAP - Did you stop posting on the politics page?
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
08:23 AM ET (US)
Interesting and remember a year or so ago taxes were raised the same way in Littlestown

For the second time in less than a year, local judges have sided with a group of suburban Philadelphia residents who said their school district illegally raised taxes.

It's the latest twist in a lawsuit that could have implications for taxpayers across Pennsylvania.

The case revolves around whether the Lower Merion School District — one of Pennsylvania's wealthiest — misrepresented its finances in order to skirt a state law that prevents school districts from hiking taxes more than 2.4 percent without going to a referendum.

Lower Merion's school board has passed — and collected — a 4.4 percent tax increase for the 2016-17 fiscal year, thanks to a waiver it received from the state's Department of Education. The plaintiffs, led by aviation attorney Arthur Wolk, claim Lower Merion leaders cried poor in order to get the waiver when, in fact, they had millions in reserve.

In August, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Joseph Smyth sided with the plaintiffs. On Thursday, a three-member panel of Commonwealth Court justices upheld that decision — but did so in a way that leaves much undecided.

The Commonwealth Court justices dismissed the Lower Merion School District's appeal because they felt it wasn't filed in the proper manner. They determined that the lower court had issued a "permanent injunction" and that the school district should have filed a series of post-trial motions during the appeals process.

Because the school district didn't file those motions in the prescribed 10-day window, the appeal was dismissed.

The school district has a few options now before it. Lawyers could ask a larger panel of Commonwealth Court justices to review the decision, ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review the decision, or both, said Alicia Hickok, an attorney representing the school district.

"The decision is contrary to the case law that was there coming into this case," said Hickok. "It's actually a very radical change in the way the rules of civil procedure would function."

School district officials have not said yet whether they will ask for a review.

"The district will thoroughly review the decision and carefully consider the next steps in our challenge of this case," district spokesman Douglas Young said in a statement. "We look forward to the opportunity to present our arguments in full."

If Lower Merion officials give up the fight, the case would go back to Smyth in the Common Pleas Court who would determine how taxpayers should be refunded.

According to district budget presentations, the 2016-17 tax hike was expected to bring in an additional $13 million. If more than half of that tax hike is deemed illegal, it could result in refunds adding up to millions.

Larger question unanswered

Crucially, the Commonwealth Court did not comment on whether Smyth correctly interpreted the law when determining that Lower Merion had bilked taxpayers. That creates a murky prospect for other school districts who may worry about similar lawsuits coming down the pike.

Lower Merion is one of hundreds of Pennsylvania school districts that have received permission from state authorities to exceed the 2.4 percent tax increase limit because of budget woes. Over a decade, in fact, 384 of Pennsylvania's 500 school districts have received a state exemption according to an AP analysis. That same analysis found Lower Merion had requested more in tax increases than any other district.

If the courts continue to rule against Lower Merion, it could expose other school districts that have used the exemption to lawsuits.

Wolk, who has spearheaded the Lower Merion lawsuit, believes the decision should give those districts pause. He notes that the Commonwealth Court judge who issued the opinion, Judge Julia Hearthway, restated many of the facts and conclusions established by the lower court. Wolk said that indicates that the Commonwealth Court was sympathetic to his side's arguments.

"This opinion cites, with approval, the decision by Judge Smyth," he said. "That's a message being sent."

Hickok disputed Wolk's interpretation, saying the Commonwealth Court opinion was simply restating what had already happened in the case and not rendering judgment on those facts.

All of this stems from an injunction filed by Wolk and his co-plaintiffs to stop the 2016-17 tax hike. Other parts of the same lawsuit ask for the Lower Merion district to refund 10 years of similarly styled tax hikes.

That part of the case is still sitting before a lower court judge, and it could have even bigger financial ramifications.
Snow BirdPerson was signed in when posted
11:22 AM ET (US)
Harry, it is like that where ever you go. All caused by the dam union's.

Any thing they are involved in, you will find out that they rob you.
major momPerson was signed in when posted
12:35 PM ET (US)
Thanks Mar!
mar39Person was signed in when posted
06:29 PM ET (US)

Littlestown Ward 2 Polling Place will be the Littlestown Senior Center for the May 16th election. All who live on the North side of Rt 194 or King St. East & West will vote here.
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
11:33 AM ET (US)
Our school taxes are out of control. Yet, they are tearing down a school to build a new soccer field. Oh yeah, "it will not affect our taxes". What a joke. Any money you spend effects our taxes. Also I wonder how many people like the switch away from the old (and dumb) occupation tax now? The benefit packages GIVEN to public employees, local, school and state levels are killing us. It needs to stop.
Snow BirdPerson was signed in when posted
06:12 AM ET (US)
Maybe we all should head to W V.
major momPerson was signed in when posted
08:04 PM ET (US)
Me too Harry!

I am DESTROYED! I JUST filed my taxes and crud! The new Yatb rate is killing us. I can see putting a sign on the house in the not too distant future and high tailing it out of here unless I get substantially more services for my taxes than I get. Don't you all launch on me. I'm really really discouraged here. I'm getting nickel and dimed to death. Well, not even nickels and dimes anymore.
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
07:50 PM ET (US)
Thanks, but too old and too tired. Would like some young people to take a turn. :)
Littlestown cynicPerson was signed in when posted
07:30 PM ET (US)
Harry - Why not run for council next time around and let Major Mom rest for a while.
Harry C,Person was signed in when posted
11:33 AM ET (US)

In most systems in PA there is a list of arbitrators. Yes state approved but each side can black ball ones. Unless it has changed recently.
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