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Laurence J. Victor Add your comment on this item2



            Humans retain the musculature for motion, the desire to move and dance, to converse and sing, for exercise and enjoyment. Yet our stations to cyberspace often have us sitting for long hours in chairs in front of I/O interfaces, input and output, monitor and keyboard/mouse. We need liberation. Consider the analogy of a workshop for people collaborating in making an intricate construction, such as a miniature village for Christmas, with moving trains and cars, etc. - an analogy for Colab Studios, physical gateways to cyberspace collaboration. They are working together to create a complex structure of beauty and technological elegance. Add your comment on this item3


            The workshop is large, with many different stations for working on different pieces of the whole display. People can be sitting or standing while at some stations.  Other times two or more persons may be helping each other, one holding two pieces together while another attaches them with tiny screws.  There are others who work to tune and maintain the tools and workstations; others providing training on the use of the tools.  Others are at work installing the components on the whole structure, and linking those components requiring electricity, water, or air pressure to that supportive infrastructure.  Every once in a while there is a test of the miniature village. Add your comment on this item4


            People come an go to the workshop, over days, weeks - even months. Some cut forms, some attach forms to make larger forms, some paint and decorate, some create intricate mechanical systems for motion. Some may compose special sound effects that can be caused to emit from special locations in the village.  There was long discussion about whether the village was to be traditional with train and automobiles, or a new village with a modern mono-rail, with people on bicycles or Its. Some persons sketch, diagram and do calculations. Add your comment on this item5


            There is much communication among the workers.  They talk about what they are doing, about meaning and life - sometimes they sing or speak poetry.  There is even a team that periodically go outside and dance in the garden. They have their lunch breaks and occassional party/dinners at choice sites.  And, among them are the video recording teams, as a video will be made of the activity of the entire project.  One set of edits of the recordings would be for entertainment and enlightenment.  Other edits would be for instructional packages being created to assist other groups at other places to construct their own collaborative workspaces and create their own variation of the miniature village (or other complex physical structure). Add your comment on this item6


            There are many variations of this scene in the industrial work-a-day world.  Teams of mechanics may custom create an automobile in their garage workshop.  We can think on how the assembly line deconstructed and then linearlized the project, extracting the life from the activity.  The famous story of barn or church raising in the creation of new homesteads is an exemplar of collaborative constructive activity. Add your comment on this item7


            The Colab Studio is a variation on this theme - the primary difference is that the structure being created, and all its parts, are to exist in cyberspace.  In strict analogy, they may be creating a Sim Village, where the designers may even assume simulated roles in the village. But, the structure created, called here a semweb  is a network/system of linked sems (semiotic structures).  Colab Studios could be either general purpose or specialized. Some could be designed to seaf the production of computer software - such as to make more reeee  online, asynchronous collaboration. Add your comment on this item8


            We should not be tempted to slide back to the old paradigm of one cyberspace worker to one workstation, even though they can be linked by synchronous communication and seafed in asynchronous coordination.  Even individual workstations could involve the person standing and moving, and it could be set up to also be video recorded, as the worker talks while working. But, there remains something very important and vital in the face to face, person to person, physical activity.  Our goal is a viable mix of both Real Time (RT) and Delayed Time (DT) collaboration, with RT being a mix of distance seafed synchronous activity with F2F work in Colab Studios. A system to coordinate different types of activity will be called RT/DT Synergy. Add your comment on this item9


            When we stop to think about the nature of our social reality, semwebs are as important (maybe even more important) than the physical structures we work in. The specific encounters we have in life with individual others F2F is a third important domain relevant to our worldweaving activity. Our constructed worlds are highly dependent on the sems we experience in living. Democratic participation in social life requires both the processing and the creating of sems, by collaboration.  Some Colab Studios may be viewed as sites for the people to compose legislation and to DDD (Dialog, Deliberate, Decide) on issues. Add your comment on this item10


            From a business perspective, the design and production of tools for colab studios, and the creation of integrated colab studios with training for users could become a very big business domain.  In 2005 I (Larry) don't know the full extent of work on collaboration technology, which I do know is becoming more and more important. From what I do know, the development is limited by conceptual and imaginative constraints - primarily within the "business paradigm".  We need also to look at the pre-history of colab studios and early action research in creating virtual communities and systems to seaf distance collaboration - many which "failed" in being premature.  A viable Colab Studio system is vital for the rapid reeee seaf galdee of NU. Add your comment on this item11


            Technology and Colab Studios Add your comment on this item12


            Many humans have innate potentials to actualize the technological potentials of their environment and available knowledge base. The technological skills of hunter-gatherers in Amazon tribes, the architects and engineers of ancient Rome, to the teenagers who create computers and software today. Given the opportunity and resources, human technological competencies develop and create literal miracles.  In spite of the glitter and hype of modern technology, our societal systems actually suppresses technological development in many areas essential for human survival/thrival in our turbulent future. Add your comment on this item13


            Viable Technology involves healthy synergy between six factors of technology: tools, techniques, tasks, training, teams, time. Contemporary technology gives excessive emphasis on tools development to the neglect of the other five factors. Add your comment on this item14


            Computer Technology is grossly inadequate for seafing humans systems galdee; it is locked into narrow business paradigms and locked into the paradigm of one person to each workstation (Input/Output Interface).  Colab Studios is a radical proposal to re-configure Computer/Cyberspace systems to reeee_seaf_galdee a collaborative movement of people to create a NU Strategy and a NU World. Add your comment on this item15