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U. S. Postal Service PTF City Carrier Employees

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egarkPerson was signed in when posted
11:42 AM ET (US)
Yugosmoki /m9564 - so, if you get excessed to another office, and then in the future they want to excess a carrier from that office, they should skip you and excess someone with more seniority who has been in that office longer than you?
03:15 PM ET (US)
Is there a limit on how many times they can excess a carrier? There should be!
vinnyromanoPerson was signed in when posted
05:19 PM ET (US)
Anyone know if casual or t.e. Time counts towards retirement? Started in 1992 with another guy as casual and now the seniority list has his 1st day on rt bidding the day he started as a casual and my date 2 yrs later when I became a ptf
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
04:24 PM ET (US)
You should have never resigned until you were satisfied with your pay. Not sure if you have any options now that you quit
Disposable CCA
12:36 PM ET (US)
Injured and last day of work on 9/26/2016. First continuation of pay was received 11/18/2016. Second and final continuation of pay was received Dec.16,2016. Strangely the combined hours of both paychecks equal 120hrs. What they did was give me the minumum 4hrs/day, for 5 days ea. week. They are to divide my last 52 weeks to get an adjusted weekly rate of hours. As a CCA for the last 2+yrs I rarely have under 56hrs/wk, and I know that 40 is the max they will allow.. How do they come up with this amount when it is stated in Article 17, 21.4 and 31, Elm545 and EL-505 13.2. I resigned from the post office with my final day 12/2/2016. My question is, what recourse do I have? I can no longer access liteblue, ecomp claims its not used by usps to review my hours, and I really have no idea what to do next? Can anyone please point me in a direction? Thank you.
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
10:16 AM ET (US)
/m9558 The best advice you can give him is to get a LMOU when this contract gets ratified. We dis that years ago in our 2 route office and never looked back. The funny part of our LMOU is that PM refused to negotiate with the union so when it went above the PM's head the person that makes that final decision gave us everything we asked for. We never expected some of the things we asked for. we asked for the sky expecting to bargain down. (one thing is mgt has 24 hours to respond to a time off request)
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
07:19 AM ET (US)
comfortablynumb /m9556 - of course if the days are open they can't deny you. What if the days are not open? Also, I suspect that since the poster works in a 2 route office that they have no LMU and therefore no minimum allowed off.
01:32 AM ET (US)
As a last resort,would you consider donating leave to carrier who is dealing with cancer and is out of leave? He comes to work and does route then next day deals with treatment.
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
08:49 PM ET (US)
/m9554 My office that is not an issue. Except for one or two days, all of December is open. Mgt cannot deny me. Short staffed or sick calls does not affect how many people are allowed off at any given time.
the way it is
09:04 PM ET (US)
Egark, can you name either in title or numerically one resolution voted on in L.A. that you are referring to? I usually read The Postal Record cover to cover and I don't recall seeing anything.
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:37 PM ET (US)
comfortablynumb /m9550 - that doesn't always work. We have an LMU that gives a % of the carriers off every day of the year. There are always some days on which the slots are not all filled. Management will and has (successfully) argued that the use-or-lose leave carrier could have requested those days. That they may not necessarily have wanted those days is not relevant.
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:32 PM ET (US)
Mountain Mike /m9548 - do what comfortablynumb suggests, you have nothing to lose. Management has an obligation to ensure that people don't lose leave. Do you have an LMU that includes leave procedures?
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
08:30 PM ET (US)
the way it is /m9551 - NO union EVER gives updates on the details of negotiations because then they are tipping their hand. You go to union meetings. You elect delegates to represent you and express your wishes. The delegates pass resolutions defining what the union negotiates for. That's your input. And THAT's the way it is.
the way it is
06:06 PM ET (US)
Not all members go to the National. 6% is hypothetical as is most of the post. You missed the point which is we have no input and if you went to L.A. this year you should have known that attendees were told nothing about the negotiations except that "progress is being made." We do authorize the NALC to negotiate on our behalf. Not having any input and being kept in the dark should not be part of the deal.
comfortablynumbPerson was signed in when posted
01:59 PM ET (US)
/m9548 Put in leave slips right now for those hours!!! It is mgt responsibility to grant you leave so you don't lose it! I am at max also and I save leave for the end of the year, every year, so they are FORCED to give me time off. Who gives a flying F**k if they are short staffed. That is NOT your problem. I have been in this office for 15 years and every year I take from Dec 23rd to Jan 5 (or whenever the leave year ends). Get a copy of the denied leave slip right away then put another in for 27 hours. Get that back and put in a 3rd. Then file a grievance and the remedy is compensation for those 27 hours. That compensation should be 27 hours of admin leave to be used at YOUR convenience. DO IT TODAY!!!!!!!
Edited 12-09-2016 02:01 PM
10:23 AM ET (US)
Mountain Mike. Donate the 27 hrs to someone. And they at a later date in the future can donate them.
Mountain Mike
06:34 AM ET (US)
I've been there 31 years and I should have stated I am 27 hours over the 440. We were short staffed because of an accident and an illness . I guess I f'd up not putting in leave slips. Nice guys finish last !
egarkPerson was signed in when posted
10:57 PM ET (US)
the way it is /m9546 - you do have input, it is called the "National Convention." Also, I hope you do realize that much of what you wish for is not negotiable, and most of the rest is not going to happen. Why do you want 6% raises? I want 50%! And that is the actual way it is.
the way it is
10:03 PM ET (US)
I got my Postal Record today and noticed the non informative paragraph about contract negotiations. We deserve better than this. There should be a survey included the month before the contract expires in the Postal Record asking what WE THE DUES PAYING MEMBERS want. Four year contract, then let's say 6 percent plus colas. How much more do you want to pay for health benefits? Let them know. Health benefits for CCA'S? Of course. The point is that we should have input and there is no reason why we don't. This old way of being left out in the cold is not the future and we should elect reps that see this. How in the hell can someone purport to represent over 200,000 city carriers do so without even a simple survey to get our opinions? What about concessions from management? How about an across the board staffing cut at the district level of 15 percent? No more diversity specialists or real estate specialists. All we are told is that "real progress" is being made. When retirees are forced into medicare with no supplemental health benefits, which is REALLY what they want, then we all will wish we had been extended the common courtesy of an opinion. Get ready for either "this is the beat we could get" or no raises for years as the NALC got suckered and after six months of bullshit it goes to arbritration.
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