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01:33 AM ET (US)
On July 16, 1945 at 05:29:45 local time (Mountain War Time), a team of scientists reached the culmination of the Manhattan Project, the first test of a nuclear weapon. The event was code-named "Trinity".

On July 16, 2005, at 05:29:45 local time, we - a team of artists and engineers - will commemorate the 60-year anniversary of Trinity by simulating the look and feel of the detonation of a nuclear device. To do this, we are building what is possibly the world's largest flame creating machine.

A gallery show July 28 - August 9 in San Francisco will accompany this event. Artists working in a variety of mediums will delve into the implications of the atomic weapons that have pervaded our lives for the last 60 years. Additionally, we will plant 60 trees in Los Alamos, New Mexico as a lasting and healing memorial grove.
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