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StopChocolateSlavery Slavery-Free Chocolate Reviews

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02:20 PM ET (US)
We found Tony's chocolate bars at a downtown department store in Den Haag (also at Schiphol) and were offered a sample. The price was good and then on sale so we bought one of each flavor for Christmas gifts. After lots of sharing we found all have great taste. Now of all places, we found it offered in Portland Oregon, USA. What a great surprise.
Edited 01-19-2018 02:27 PM
da bean
09:02 AM ET (US)
Tony's Chocolonely is great, and sold at an amazing price.
Altereco is phenomenal, I mean, really. They're tops.
Endangered species chocolate has a great flavor, I especially love the mint!
Theo has good chocolate also.
05:16 PM ET (US)
I have been buying Guittard chocolate chips by the 12-bag case for years now. They taste better than anything you can purchase in stores, and the bulk purchasing keeps the purchase price comparable to grocery store brands.
04:38 AM ET (US)
Yes, we make our own chocolate and source our own beans without any type of slavery. Stop by our retail store and factory and check it out when in town.
Since 2003 Marsatta Chocolate
Website: http://www.marsatta.com
06:57 AM ET (US)
Jason Vishnefske
06:24 AM ET (US)
Slave Free Chocolates

This is all of our responsibility to choose wisely.

Hopefully we can be added to your list. Santa Barbara Chocolate has a priority in ensuring all of our chocolates are slave free and environmentally responsibly sourced. http://www.santabarbarachocolate.com

Our chocolates are made from cocoa beans that are certified by one of the following agencies: UTZ, RFA, Fair Trade, Cocoa Trace and Responsible Cocoa. Each agency has a different audit program to ensure slave free chocolate and environmental concerns. We have found Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance to be the two we buy the most organic ingredients from as their audit programs align with our goals and hopes for the future of chocolate. Our organic and Kosher audits are performed by: Apple K Kosher and Natural Food Certifiers. GMO Guard and Gluten Guard are further audits we have passed and are very proud to share.

Thanks so much for letting me introduce Santa Barbara Chocolate as one of your chocolatiers to be included in your awesome list.

Jason :)
09:31 AM ET (US)
I've tried Newman's Own. I like to buy this alternative brand of sweets in major supermarkets. Newman's Own donates their profits to charity. I like their chocolate bars because they are available at major supermarkets. But, I find the bars to thin -- nothing I can really chaw down on.

I love Alter Eco bars. I also like their chocolate truffles. I buy them from Thrive Market online. The truffles melted when they were shipped in hot weather. The bars were fine in shipment.

I think my favorites are Endangered Species chocolate bars. I don't know why this brand is not listed in the table here.

Dagoba and Scharffenberger chocolates should be removed from this list. They have both been bought by Hershey's.


Whole Foods has dropped Scharffenberger: "Whole Foods’ decision to remove Scharffen Berger comes in response to more than 15,000 customers demanding that the natural foods grocer hold Hershey accountable for exploiting children for profit. Whole Foods’ decision follows more than 40 natural food retailers and coops publicly expressing concern about carrying Scharffen Berger and Dagoba products as a consequence of the giant chocolate maker’s refusal to address child labor in its supply chain."

"However, the Raise the Bar Hershey campaign is disappointed that Whole Foods will continue to offer Dagoba products."

Also from this globalexchange article: “Socially conscious consumers shouldn’t be surprised that Whole Foods is willing to sell products from suppliers that are tainted by child labor,” said Judy Gearhart, Executive Director of the International Labor Rights Forum. “More than once, Whole Foods has turned a blind eye to the rogue conduct of its suppliers. For example, right now Whole Foods is refusing to hold its primary supplier UNFI, accountable for workers’ rights violations at its distribution center in Seattle.”

09:14 AM ET (US)
I was happy to see that my personal favourite chocolate supplier is slave-free - Valhrona. They have a whole range of different dark chocolates (give me guanaja every time!) and their milk chocolate is to die for!
02:20 AM ET (US)
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Kar Fraser
12:11 PM ET (US)
Some of my favorite fair trade chocolate bars are
Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee and
Alter Eco Dark Twist (with orange peel).

For chocolate chips and cocoa, I like Equal Exchange.

Best bars to cut up and add to chocolate chip cookies are
Equal Exchange organic Mint Chocolate with a delicate crunch and
Equal Exchange Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt.
10:13 AM ET (US)
I started making my own homemade coffee creamers (to avoid all the toxic chemicals in the store bought brands). In the process of researching recipes it was brought to my attention that most (if not all) of my beloved chocolate brands were from the Ivory Coast and it suddenly became bitter to me with the blood and sweat of slaves. I am embarrassed that I was ignorant to their plight before now....but when you know better, you do better. Which lead me to you.
Sooooo......I pitched the Hershey’s cocoa and began my search for a new, sweet, slave-free cocoa.
Thanks to this article I found it! I don't want to say anything negative about the brands I didn't particularly like, because I believe that to be a personal preference.... but my absolute, hands down favorite is "Equal Exchange Organic Baking Cocoa"! It is creamy and smooth and the taste is rich and clean. Thank you for your help. My coffee, my body and my conscious are much happier! Have a blessed day!
03:07 AM ET (US)
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02:54 PM ET (US)
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05:38 AM ET (US)
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