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Jon Phillips - How to Build An Online Development Community

dorkbotsfPerson was signed in when posted
03:12 AM ET (US)
haven't heard back yet from assaf who was recording it... will post if/when it's available!
Jon Phillips
09:43 PM ET (US)
Chris, there will be a podcast on the main page of everything from last night. I don't see it yet, so maybe Karen can give us an ETA on that. My outline is on my wiki: http://www.rejon.org/wiki/
Chris Butler
07:28 PM ET (US)
Anyone have a video or transcript of this talk? I wasn't able to make it... :(

Chris Butler
Jon Phillips
03:40 AM ET (US)
Did res rocket work?
Jon Phillips
03:39 AM ET (US)
Thanks for coming out tonight guys...Sorry, I didn't see these posts until after the fact.
Kevin Shrieve
12:24 AM ET (US)
Well, it is interesting googling "res rocket" and traveling back to 1998. The articles and press releases describe a tool that I would have expected to endure and develop. Go figure.

However, like most people who are compelled to configure systems of creative collaboration, I am enchanted by particular aspects of the opportunities for collaborative tools, and it so happens that making music real-time across the internet (which I believe is what res rocket was about) never did have much appeal to me. (So I did not look into it much at the time.)

Jon, what time do you expect to speak Wednesday night?
dorkbotsfPerson was signed in when posted
12:24 PM ET (US)
wonder what ever happened to res rocket - it was like a distributed, networked recording studio...have you heard of it?
Kevin Shrieve
08:54 PM ET (US)
Hey there... that presentation sounds great and I'm looking forward to being there. I encountered you through the [cc-community] email list and followed the trail here. I'm a San Francisco musician compelled toward development of systems of creative collaboration, which of course can only be fully realized through the enthusiastic engagement of a community.

Seeing what's in place at openclipart.org and inkscape.org, I expect the evening will be time well spent. Thanks for doing it.

kevin at lumiere.net
dorkbotsfPerson was signed in when posted
11:55 AM ET (US)
How does one go about utilizing the collective efforts of countless individuals spread around the world with a minimal amount of energy? This talk will show how to build an online community that is to accomplish some goal. Really, this talk should more specifically be titled, "HOWTO build an Open Source Development Community with under 20 people," however, the principles discussed may be applied to many different types of online communities. Various applications and aphorisms of common Free and Open Source software development will be laced throughout the talk with particular emphasis on non-software based uses of this evolved strategy for community-building. Examples will be taken from collaborative development on Inkscape (www.inkscape.org), an Open Source Vector drawing tool, and the Open Clip Art Library (www.openclipart.org).
Edited 09-07-2005 11:56 AM

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