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Relevant Ramblings - PART 2View comments on this item Add your comment on this item1

Larry Victor 8/11/2005


            RAMBLINGS ON PROJECT & SCRIPTS Add your comment on this item2


            MAY BE VERY SIGNIFICANT:  To require new members of an org to immediately participate on organized project tasks MAY be a powerful recruitment attractor, and a rapid means for integrating the new recruit into the functioning of the org.  Indeed, the promotion may be more directed towards project participation than organization membership.  The use of "scripts" as the unit of production points in this direction. Add your comment on this item3


            This technique is even being used by Donald Trump for his new advanced online learning service (not that we should emulate Trump):

            TRUMP UNIVERSITY -- and 10 hours/week project assignment commitment  - http://www.prospermedia.net/campaigns/trumpU/index.html?link=13059&tl=1&oeid= Add your comment on this item4

            Here’s the first qualifying question-the easy one. Add your comment on this item5

            Will you give me at least 10 hours a week to work on the assignments you will get from me to learn how to build massive personal wealth? Add your comment on this item6


            I propose that the primary PRSOS for a nu org be to elicit explicit project task performance.  The new member of NU is immediately at work, producing and learning. Indeed, doing work for NU should be part of the application process.  Work is evaluated formatively. Those not suited will mostly drop away. There can be no lurkers because there is no room for lurkers. Add your comment on this item7


            Other terms:  scripts may be called "Learning Modules", and complex scripts called "Learning Expeditions".  However, I would like to reserve the term "expedition" to those enterprises where the participants are temporarily fully engaged in various activities related to the expedition, and where an explicit effort is made to SEAF the members into a viable community/org.  Many "incidental" learning objectives can be woven into the script for "Learning Expeditions". Add your comment on this item8


            Although scripts can be available for individuals to perform without interacting with others (many which may be subscripts within scripts that do involve others), the system should be designed to promote collaboration. Add your comment on this item9


            SEEKING A NEW TERM FOR "SEMIOTIC STRUCTURE":   sem  and sems Add your comment on this item10

            Like the use of "org" to refer to different size systems (organs, organisms, organizations, etc.) we need a term to label the whole category of semiotic structures, from characters and words to large collections of documents.  We also need a term for those specific "semiotic structures" that are small enough to be scanned in a single experiential episode.   Add your comment on this item11

            The term "frame" has been employed in too many ways to be useful.  We should avoid a term for the category that has strong association with any term for one of the members of the category. such as "txt" of "pic" or "obj".  Add your comment on this item12


            Note, that the term/category should also include art, music, architecture and patterned movements as "semiotic structures".  What is important for "semiotic structures" is that they are replicable STRUCTURES, that are usually not destroyed or altered by use.  The term should have easy pronunciation that won't be confused for other terms. Add your comment on this item13

            Scripts will be semiotic structures.  Physical entities. Add your comment on this item14


            I  propose:   SEM   ???    sem  and sems   SEMWEB Add your comment on this item15


            See elsewhere my arguments and rationales for creating a nu vocabulary. Add your comment on this item16

            We need a project to brainstorm the different types of sems. Specifically, the types of sems involved in NES (and NUEDU). Add your comment on this item17


            ON SCRIPTS AND SCRIPTING Add your comment on this item18

            One product of all script-performance will be sems.  These might be new scripts. These might be data and data analysis reports. These might be reports on an organizing-process guided by the script, that doesn't produce other scripts, but leaves some people better organized. Scaffolding for the new org may also be sems. Add your comment on this item19


            Some scripts may call for the material construction of a tool or instrument.  Information about these, their availability and use would be sems. Add your comment on this item20


            Some scripts may call for the material production and distribution of "goods", such as buildings, food, clothing, etc.  Information about these, their availability and use would also be sems. Add your comment on this item21


            All scripts should contain a link to a human SEAFing team specific to that script.  We can never assume that everything explicit in a script is sufficient to guide task performance. Scripters often omit what they assume obvious. The script may contain the requisite information but the unique cognitive style of the person planning to perform the script may render that information literally invisible. Add your comment on this item22


            Requests for SEAFing by script performers should be valuable feedback for scripters. Add your comment on this item23


            Many scripts could include formative evaluation subscripts.  Performance on these could be reported automatically back to the person preparing to perform the script, that they have adequately comprehended the script - or suggest where more study is needed. Significant "error" in performance to the formative evaluation subscript might automatically alert the SEAFing team. Add your comment on this item24


            Scripts may be as simple as a short set of instructions to a complex web of nested subscripts. Add your comment on this item25


            Scripts may be performed by individuals, or by teams.  Scripts initiated by an individual may contain subscripts for the PRSOS of others to assist in performing a team script. Add your comment on this item26


            Complex scripts may contain direct access to Project Design and Management Applications to be used during the extended time required to perform the complex script.   Add your comment on this item27

            Some complex scripts may recommend and suggest the outsourcing of project management and the performance of some subscripts. Add your comment on this item28


            Decades ago I developed a Project model involving Scripting/Performing cycles.  There I coined two acronyms: PPP and PPA. Add your comment on this item29


            PPP = Prescriptive Project Proposal -- a detailed introduction to the project, but short of an explicit script. Add your comment on this item30

            PPA = Prescriptive Project Abstract  -- a brief introduction to the objectives of a project, as an invitation for someone to compose a PPP. Add your comment on this item31


            I created a metaphor where the PPPs were analogous to genes for social activity.  As with biological genes, PPPs would be processed into workable scripts, which would then translate into realtime collaborative activities -- analogous to a protein forming and folding.  The "proteins" -- the semiotic structures  (sems) that were product of the performance of the scripted PPP, would become a component of "glonet" or "cyberweb". PPPs and PPAs would be made available as a Want Ad page in cyberspace. Add your comment on this item32


            Some PPPs could list the essential competencies of persons needed for successful performance.  This could eventually be matched with competency transcripts of persons learning in NUEDU. Add your comment on this item33

            Tools are now emerging to enable a primitive, prototype of this process. Add your comment on this item34

            This system would also be related to the SEAFWEB. Add your comment on this item35


            Some scripts can explicitly call for scripting -- some as incidental reporting of needs (PPAs) to improve the scripts for later use.  Add your comment on this item36

            Other scripts can be explicit for scripting - such as for expanding a PPA into a PPP, and composing a scripted PPP. Add your comment on this item37

            This whole process will require elaborate data handling systems - for processing, storage, backup, security, authenticity, differential access, etc. Add your comment on this item38


            APPROACHING AUTOPOISIS Add your comment on this item39


            An autopoietic system (according to its inventors Maturana and Varela) produces its own components. Viable biological cells are autopoietic in that they create all the larger molecular components from atoms and smaller ingested smaller molecular fragments. Add your comment on this item40


            Let us call the whole of emergent Humanity, NU.  Sems (semiotic structures) are fundamental components of NU. In the Scripting/Performing processes being explicated here, sems are created within the system - and thus NU is autopoietic in respect to sems.  Note, sems are not just text and art forms, but also buildings and city layouts, farms and roadways.  The network of sems used in communication will be called the SEMWEB. Add your comment on this item41


            The other essential components of NU are individual persons (biological organisms with brains capable of languaging). Although some sem creation could be automated and not directly involve humans, humans are critical in the creating of sems and SEMWEB. Indeed, sems are sems (and not just physical structures) because they generate "meaning" when perceived by human persons (pers). Add your comment on this item42


            NU is autopoietic re the reproduction of pers.  Nu, composed of pers and sems is approaching autopoiesis. Add your comment on this item43


            Because of languaging and sems, NU is unique on Earth.  It is both part of GAIA, and yet emergent and autonomous re GAIA. Whether NU is "natural" depends on how we wish to define "natural".  NU is also "young" with enormous unrealized (and currently unknowable) potential. Its future interaction with GAIA and the Cosmos is an open mystery -- more to be created than discovered. Add your comment on this item44


            NU exists online in sems and some pers.   Add your comment on this item45

            The contemporary situation on Earth, with Humankind Raping GAIA and itself, is far from being NU.   Add your comment on this item46

            But, NU is nonetheless REAL, in its realizable potential. Add your comment on this item47


            WHAT ABOUT WIKI? Add your comment on this item48


            David, do we want to begin using Wiki as a tool for our dialog and production? Add your comment on this item49

            Do we want to use WIKI in the NES platform?   Add your comment on this item50

            NES will involve WIKI systems in its scripts, such as Wikipedia searches. Add your comment on this item51

            What IS HAPPENING on the Wiki front? Add your comment on this item52