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Relevant Ramblings - PART 4 Add your comment on this item1

Larry Victor 8/11/2005


            MISCELLANEOUS Add your comment on this item2
Comments for item 2
05:26 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 2
Put it all down, then for a while we will need to focus on next steps. It all depends on attracting talented people to participate and develop the system to where Content Providers and Evaluators can make a living. At that point, all manner of ideas can be explored.


            AUTONOMOUS SUBDIVISIONS -- where they must negotiate their interfaces -- in the NASA model myth. The separation of the interface with the web is important. Your computer is the intelligence of your interface. Each of these things will be needed in making NES viable, so we should attend to each explicitly. Add your comment on this item3
Comments for item 3
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:17 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 3
NASA model myths: I have long used an example of how NASA accomplished it moon project. Whether fully factual, it is useful. That this model has been abandoned by NASA due to political interference may explain so many of NASA failures.

First myth: NASA, in the moon race against the Russians, there was maximum financing and limited political interference.

Second myth: They set out to LEARN to do what was needed; the objective was so far off that there were no experts.

Third myth: The complexity of the project forced them to divide it into sub-projects. Each sub-project had to attend only to its internal activity AND to its interface with other sub-projects. A sub-project did not have to attend to the internal activity of other sub-projects. There probably was a meta-project to see that the whole was functioning.

Some useful synergy may have been lost, but overall it was an excellent strategy.
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:26 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 3
I propose that the technology at the local site, at the Input/Output interface, at the works station or colab studio be as autonomous as possible from the technology of cyberspace as a whole (including the technology of the servers as base of cyberspace).

This is but speculation - to keep the needs of the two aspects from biasing each other. On the other hand, the growing use of networked PCs in eSCIENCE projects implies an involvement of PCs in whole cyberspace activity - but this specific type of application could be re-framed.

Another is the movement back to using programs online and no longer in your PC -- or you temporarily download just what you need to your PC from cyberspace. This would imply a greater integration between PC (work station) technology and web technology.

There also are the many local networks, that call for greater integration.

To reverse this suggestion, can a network perspective be applied to the workstation?
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:31 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 3
What I am actually speculating about here, is if the four ventures listed may not have different sets of stakeholders and different time-frames for development at different stages. Each may generate their own distinct profits. They all overlap, but there may also be large regions of non-overlap.

The meta system we would design for NES may be applicable for the other three as well, without at quadrupling of effort.

This is a META strategy issue.


            NES NU Educational System Add your comment on this item4


            COLAB STUDIO -- THE HUMAN INTERFACE WITH CYBERSPACE Add your comment on this item6

            SEAFWEB -- is there a dot web assdfasf.web ? Add your comment on this item7


            GENERALISTS UNITE!  Add your comment on this item8

            [[building a production mechanism - scaffolding for bootstrapping and uplifting -- rising up right out of the mire -- I can imagine the art --- SEE -- The Cultural Supernovae -- metamorphic emergence.]] Add your comment on this item9

            We must continue to build the meta scaffolding, a core group of generalists - nuets -- who will try to keep the full vision in view.  Add your comment on this item10

            We need to stop accepting stoppage or blockage as something we can't do anything about -- we must get beyond barriers.  Add your comment on this item11

            Good ideas never get near to practice -- there is an enormous "theory-practice" gap -- but both poles are equally inadequate.  Add your comment on this item12

            The middle is missing, and that will be the SEAFWEB. SEAFWEB links "mind" and "body".  Add your comment on this item13

            SEAFWEB is also a matchmaker, for projects and friendships. Add your comment on this item14


            Unpack deep features of L2L2UIT Add your comment on this item15

            from novice to fluent user to master Add your comment on this item16

            attack false myths and misconceptions - defuse hype Add your comment on this item17

            learning to navigate complexity Add your comment on this item18

            finding out about special features of apps and SEAFing in learning to use them Add your comment on this item19

            your personal IT SEAFing team and network Add your comment on this item20

            SWAT teams, 911 service for Computer Emergencies Add your comment on this item21

            training for asynchronous interaction by first sitting side by side, then separating Add your comment on this item22

            practice and coaching, making if fun and enjoyable Add your comment on this item23

            patience Add your comment on this item24

            secure BU Add your comment on this item25


            Generate a list of relevant people and orgs to contact and possibly invite involvement. Add your comment on this item26


            Explore online project design and management software. I started to play with http://iTeamwork.com . Add your comment on this item27


            If we develop our own specialized NU media and language, it will be difficult for outsiders to detect and comprehend our activity. Add your comment on this item28


            Door-to-Door Demo/Sales Add your comment on this item29

            Many have computers but don't really use them. Add your comment on this item30

            Cyberspace for the Eldering is a fantastic opportunity -- but too often viewed as too difficult and not of interest. Add your comment on this item31

            Training in-home setup and coaching Add your comment on this item32


            SPIN-OFF PROJECTS Add your comment on this item33
Comments for item 33
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:34 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 33
There are mere hints (less than rough drafts) of some ideas I have had over the years related to my use of intelligent tools. I believe that with appropriate design and second order marketing, each could be a profitable and valued product. Some would be components of Colab Studios. Others have the potential of becoming ventures to rival NES for market share.
Edited 08-14-2005 12:35 PM


        Easy Text-2-Speech and MP3 for listening -- recording comments to feed back -- SPEECH component Add your comment on this item34

        Mapping Cyberspace for NES Add your comment on this item35

        Identifying and SEAFing key players -- NES for advanced players. Add your comment on this item36

        Searching for Relevant Others Add your comment on this item37

        NU SelfStudy -- eSCIENCE -- a NU Census Add your comment on this item38

        Complementary College functions to SEAF those in traditional online educational programs. Add your comment on this item39

        Video Production -- compete with conventional cable (via cyberspace) -- Real Reality Shows of those working within NU Strategy Add your comment on this item40

        Synergy Matching and Weaving -- a form of SEAFing Add your comment on this item41


        Colab Studios & Tools Add your comment on this item42

            Multiple Windows control -- see both ends of your link. Add your comment on this item43

            Easy speech commentary "post-it" when typing -- LEARNING TO USE WITH EASE !!!!! a component of L2L2UIT Add your comment on this item44

            dual input for side-by-side collaboration Add your comment on this item45

            easy multiple monitors instead of bigger monitor Add your comment on this item46

            stand up and walk around I/O systems Add your comment on this item47

            portable mini interview studios, linked to laptops Add your comment on this item48

            easy computing from bed or recliner, or when walking, or driving your car (filter to drown out noise for speech input) Add your comment on this item49


        RT/DT Synergy Conferencing Add your comment on this item50

        Creating Micro Economies Add your comment on this item51

        Competency Transcripts Add your comment on this item52

        Educational Gaming and Simulation Add your comment on this item53

        Video Conferencing and Recording/Editing and using as components of Scripts. Add your comment on this item54

        "Published" tours of Cyberspace Add your comment on this item55

        Multiple Annotated Hyper-texted versions of relevant print books. Develop same to use with older, relevant videos. Add your comment on this item56

        Easy to use hypertext-hypermedia composition applications. Add your comment on this item57

        Online Outliners Add your comment on this item58


            SINGLE PRODUCTS - INVENTION EXAMPLES FROM OVER THE YEARS Add your comment on this item59
Comments for item 59
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:47 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 59
These are various spin-off ideas generated over the years that are not related to information systems.

They gain greater relevance today as the network model of NanoCorps and outsources might enable a few people to creat a rather substantial enterprize.

In my view, although each invention had the potential for making profit, my concern (beyond slightly raising my standard of living) would be to invest in more significant change projects.


            THE ETERNAL HOT SHOWER - HEAT AND WATER RECYCLING Add your comment on this item60
Comments for item 60
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:54 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 60
I had devoted a fair amount of time researhing this concept. I did find recycle shower systems for outback vehicles in Australia - but they recycled the heat through coils of old hot water in tanks of new incoming water.

More research for existing patents would be needed.

Consideral technological investment in design particulars, and experimentation with actual prototypes, is needed.

The market would be varied and slow in growth -- but become quite large when the cost of water and energy reach higher levels. Versions could be made and promoted for new homes. Replacement inserts could be made for some existing shower systems. Actual savings over time need to be calculated and clearly presented.

Versions could vary from manual to highly computerized.

            Many people love their long hot showers, long after cleaning has been completed. This will become more and more expensive. Systems can be designed that after cleaning, the hot shower water recycles. Engineering design needed - with patents. Slow and targeted marketing. Add your comment on this item61
Comments for item 61
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 61
I don't want to involved to any great extent in this project; but if the idea could be developed to a stage and then sold with a small percent of future profits, it would be a contribution.

Here in Tucson, I see this as eventually a major market item. Growth policies are open to doubling the population, as the water table drops and becomes in greater need of "treatment". I don't believe Tucson will continue to get the CRP Colorado River water - being at the end of the line and low in political clout.


            PERSONAL HOME RAINWATER COLLECTION, FILTERING, SYSTEMS Add your comment on this item62

            MAJOR BUSINESS VENTURE ROOF COLLECTION OF WATER FOR POOLS AND GARDENING 6/24/01 10:23a Add your comment on this item63

            EASY ASSEMBLY AND SECURE FOR USE DURING STORMS Add your comment on this item64

            ONLY GOOD FOR SOME ROOFS Add your comment on this item65

            SPECIAL LARGE WATER COLLECTION TANKS Add your comment on this item66

            EXAMPLE: BLADDERS IN FRAMED BOX Add your comment on this item67

            WATER FILTERS FOR USE Add your comment on this item68

            PREP FOR HIGHER WATER BILLS Add your comment on this item69

            INTEGRATE WITH SOLAR HOT WATER HEATERS Add your comment on this item70


            NU SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR DISABLED/ELDERLY PARTICIPANTS 7/24/01 Add your comment on this item71

            The business world demands fast paced, 60 hour work weeks, with much stress. Many competent people cannot function in this environment and are driven from the work force. We need an alternative work environment - task oriented with differential staffing - ergonomic plus consideration of personal requirements, including caring training. Such a work organization could compete with the old one, as well as become self sustaining in creating a better world. Inspired reading Rushkoff. Ch3,p1 . Add your comment on this item72


Comments for item 73
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:43 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 73
This was motivated by the PBS special on Social Entrepreneurs, the Brazilian Gauco, who rented solar electrical systems to people off grid at the same cost as their purchase of kerosene.

This could also be a special loan system, for example, to refit a house for energy efficiency - new lighting, better insulation, etc. Home improvement loans from banks seem more interested in squeezing dollars that assisting the environment. These would be loans were there was minimum profit to the loaning institution. Maybe a financial cooperative of those businesses that would supply the parts and labor for the retrofit.
Edited 08-14-2005 01:02 PM


        INTEGRATED AUTO MAINTENANCE SERVICE -- EDUCATION OF OWNER WITH ...... Add your comment on this item75

        STORAGE FENCES - 2 FOOT WIDE SHEDS, SIDE BY SIDE, AS FENCES -- DESIGN SPECIAL Add your comment on this item76


            BUILD A DECK ABOVE THE POOL - A 2nd STORY 6/17/01 Add your comment on this item77

            MAJOR BUSINESS VENTURE DECK ABOVE POOL - A SECOND STORY 6/24/01 Add your comment on this item78

            CHECK LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Add your comment on this item79

            ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS Add your comment on this item80

            NEW MATERIALS Add your comment on this item81

            SAFETY RAILINGS Add your comment on this item82

            DECK ITSELF CAN HAVE ROOF - REMOVEABLE Add your comment on this item83

            SITES FOR FOOD PLANT GROWING Add your comment on this item84

            MISTER, FANS, LIGHTS Add your comment on this item85

            SCREEN ENCLOSURE OPTION FOR BUGS Add your comment on this item86

            SPACE HEATER Add your comment on this item87

            FOOD & SUPPLIES ELEVATOR Add your comment on this item88

            PERSON ELEVATOR Add your comment on this item89

            VARIETY OF STAIRCASES Add your comment on this item90

            A SAFETY ENCLOSURE - NEPTUNE'S TREASURES EXPANDED Add your comment on this item91

            SHADE HANGING PLANTS Add your comment on this item92


            VERTICAL GARDENS - FLOWER WALLS Add your comment on this item93



Comments for item 95
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
01:09 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 95
I have lost count on the number of times I have moved and had to pack my books in boxes. I try to keep them together, but the efficiency of box storage overrides. The books are then reshelved, mixed.

I dream of a box for book storage that is also a ready shelf component for a bookcase. A special front could be attached for moving and storage. Pegs or other means could be used to lock the separate boxes securely when assembled in a house.

Inexpensive versions could be made of strong plastic. Intelligent second order marketing may lead to a large and growing market.

A side variation, re books, is to produce and market the small radio transmiter labels being planned for items in stores, to be used on your books -- put them anywhere and find them through their radiating label. But, I do like my books that are similar to cluster.
01:31 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 95
This is kind of fun, not quite f2f but still, real time interaction. I think I will go off and do something else for a while though. It might be more productive. Do you still move books when you have glonet?

        MARKETING BOOKMARKS BY SELECTED PERSONS Add your comment on this item96

        MULTIPLE READER-ANNOTATOR Add your comment on this item97

        L2L2UIT EDUCATIONAL/SUPPORT BUSINESSES Add your comment on this item98

        CYBERSPACE TOURS AND EXPEDITIONS Add your comment on this item99

Comments for item 100
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
01:18 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 100
There are MANY loving pet owners, who must often leave their pets home, unattended. I can imagine a large variety of items designed to attract and keep your pet's attention, even be involved in training.

I have previewed the few video tapes claimed to attract the attention of dogs and cats. Some do, for awhile. But, this is a research area that could lead to some large profits. Robot chickens for my animals to chase. Food containers that hide themselves and force the animal to hunt.

Pet Entertainment Centers.
Edited 08-14-2005 01:19 PM

            EHHANCED KONG AND KONG FILLER PROMOTION Add your comment on this item101
Comments for item 101
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
01:14 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 101
Kong is (was) a family firm that initially put out very hard rubber "tubes" that would be filled with food for dogs, keeping them busy. As far as I know, Kong still doesn't market directly to customers, only to stores like PetsMart.

However, in the stores, the fantastic utility of Kongs is never adequately promoted. Kong has an intereting website, including interesting Kong recipes; but who goes there. Years ago I had the idea of creating a business to market easy to use Kong fillers. Stuffing with peanut butter mixes was messy and lead to the avoidance of use. Kong supplies to people and agencies that use many dogs, like the police and the military. Recently, some Kong fillers have emerged on the market; as have Kong competitors.

But, there still is a market for someone to properly market Kongs and Kong fillers.



            Relate back to my dual model of organization in Mission2000 - systems management and personnel management. Add your comment on this item103

            Differential Staffing -- a fine grained mapping of tasks/requirements to personnel/competencies. Add your comment on this item104

            With most workers today "full-time" but working much more than 40 hours/week - this is STEALING from the worker to increase the bottom line. Add your comment on this item105

            What would such a system look like? Add your comment on this item106

            Are there any exploratory examples? Add your comment on this item107

            Temp Agencies Add your comment on this item108

            Early self sufficient communities Add your comment on this item109

            My M2 organizations Add your comment on this item110

            Alternative money systems LETS Tucson Traders Add your comment on this item111

            This would become more and more important for the aging population, who want to continue working but can't put in the time and stress required. Add your comment on this item112

            System would require a major effort in the Personnel System - counselors, trainers, designers, coaches Add your comment on this item113

            Join together Add your comment on this item114

            people & org helping groups and consultants Add your comment on this item115

            alt money and exchange experts Add your comment on this item116

            computer networking people Add your comment on this item117

            business heads Add your comment on this item118

            task and skills experts Add your comment on this item119

            SEEK PERSONNEL FOR ALL THESE FROM THE POPULATION TO BE SERVED Add your comment on this item120

            PRODUCTION THAT IS USED WITHIN THE NEW POPULATION Add your comment on this item121


            need to design so it can compete with the rapid changing system - using intelligence and coordination Add your comment on this item123

            Seymour Sarason ?? Add your comment on this item124