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LIVE NU NOWView comments on this item Add your comment on this item1

Larry Victor 9/2/2005

            NU has many small meanings, that combine into one dynamic, changing big meaning. Add your comment on this item2


            NU is only a small sem (semiotic structure) composed of two letters "n" and "u", and pronounced the same as "new". Add your comment on this item3


            There is also a visual icon (and trademark, brand) where in script the right vertical line of the "n" merges with the left vertical line of the "u". Graphically, this should be symmetric, but should be adjustable to have varying proportions, thickness of line, and orientation. It could be made to rotate and flash and do morphing dances. It can morph into a variation of the Yin/Yang symbol, demonstrating that NU embraces "complementarity" (not "opposition"). Add your comment on this item4


            View comments on this item Add your comment on this item5







            What might people experience when viewing or hearing NU. Add your comment on this item6


            NU is the name for that envisioned future state of Planetary Humanity for which we "all" aspire (some have yet to attain that state of aspiration). {We might contrast NU with the mythical land of a golden past called MU}. Add your comment on this item7


            NU is also a "state of mind" for persons living and working in the Here&Now, that contains the primary aspects of the envisioned NU. This can be lived and experienced, NOW -- thus the slogan LIVE-NU-NOW, which has a catchy sound. Add your comment on this item8


            Both nu and LIVE-NU-NOW can be used as mantras, that can assist a person keeping focus on nu and their life/work within nu. The tasteful display of the icon can be a subtle reminder of NU, and an identifier for strangers that they are both on the path to NU. I await the creativity of those with musical instrumentation, voice, and simulation applied to the variations of sounds for NU, nu, and LIVE-NU-NOW Add your comment on this item9


            NU is the destination, the path, and the method of passage; all three, a new "trinity", a Triple Helix. Add your comment on this item10


            new/nu - "New" refers to what is novel in the present in reference to what was, the past. "New", quickly becomes "old". "Nu" refers to what is novel in the present in reference to its potential, what are the possible consequences in the future? "nu/new" form an essential complementarity. new looks backward, nu looks forward. Add your comment on this item11


            nu can also be a prefix, specifying that the older word is used in context with NU. Add your comment on this item12


            NU, nu and all it variations emerged (or were constructed) in the mind/brain of Larry Victor and exists in the "world that is he". That "NU" is adapted by others and gains popular (if not universal) use among others is one of his goals. But, if the essence of what is contained in the sem, NU, becomes manifest on Planet Earth, then whether the sem, "NU", survives is not relevant. Add your comment on this item13


            Yet, all human movements require icons, slogans, mantras, and rituals - so Larry nominates NU.  Add your comment on this item14

            We can go commercial with bumper sticker, pins, tee shirts, CDs, etc. Add your comment on this item15



            The slogan and concept, LIVE-NU-NOW can be a major attractor symbol (or sem) for those who participate in many early nu-related activities.  Add your comment on this item16


            They may be thought of as joining the NU-Movement, participating in the NU-Strategy. They may associate personal identity with NU-Communities (or nucoms - for short). It will not be the raw sound or visual appearance that will attract and sustain involvement; but the sound and visuals can serve as identifiers and possibly attention attractors to those not yet familiar with the many faces of NU. Add your comment on this item17


            SIMPLICITY/COMPLEXITY Add your comment on this item18


            There are moments when NU appears to me to rise easily from a few basic principles - a simplicity. But, at other times, that simplicity fractures multiple times into a complex fractal pattern of all that billions of humans will be doing for years through centuries thru millennia. Add your comment on this item19


            A few days ago I had about an hour of rapid insights (an old friend called them Limbic Storms) during which a great simplicity appeared. I am trying here to re-capture that simplicity. Add your comment on this item20


            This approach is strange to me. I have long resisted the claimed simplicity of reductionist reiteration: that the awesome complexity of the known universe emerges from a continued unfolding of a few basic principles. The complex beauty of fractals, arising from a repeated reiteration of a simple equation appears to demonstrate the universality of this principle - that the whole IS determined by is parts (given that we properly define the parts - as more than just the components of the system). It is a view that denies any power of an emergent whole over this process. Add your comment on this item21


            About a year ago I explored a book: Origination of Organismal Form: Beyond the Gene in Developmental and Evolutionary Biology; Ed. Gerd Muller & Stuart Newman QH491 O576 2003. This book by competent research biologists present evidence that conflicts with the established dogma that cell differentiation and morphogenetic form in org development is sufficiently explained by unfolding gene expression. The action of the emergent organism has a very real effect on gene expression that is NOT deterministic from the genome. Add your comment on this item22


            There are other examples, and in an older doc I coined the term "holistic determination" to label how the whole can contribute to the determination of the action of the parts that make up the whole. This is a version of "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" [strangely, what Bucky Fuller took as the definition of "synergy"] that is usually not accepted by the more traditional systems scientists. Add your comment on this item23


            Without claiming universality for "simplicity-determines-complexity", it undoubtedly has its domains of applicability (e.g. fractals). Add your comment on this item24


            My first recognition of its applicability to planetary change was my fascination with the quote by Aurelio Peccei in his 1979 foreword to the Club of Rome's little book: No Limits To Learning: Bridging the Human Gap, A report to the Club of Rome, by Botkin, Elmandjra, Malitza. Add your comment on this item25


            "If I may conclude with a micro-riddle within the macro-riddle, I will just add that what we all need at this point in human evolution is to learn what it takes to learn what we should learn -- and learn it." Add your comment on this item26


            I now recognize the same simplicity in the phrase LIVE-NU-NOW and my weird mantra of action "reeee seaf galdee". Add your comment on this item27


            But, looking ahead in this document, if I can ever get to composing in that area, a triple strand helix of seafing, colab-studios, and NES (representing the goal of education: reeee seaf galdee of orgs) form a mutually synergistic "simplicity" that if "started" will rapidly bloom as a "societal supernovae" with all the requisite complexity emergent. Add your comment on this item28


            I experience this with the dryness of scientific logic and the wetness of spiritual humanity. Add your comment on this item29



            LIVE-NU-NOW implies that a person doesn't have to wait for a future creation of a more manifest and robust societal system of orgs whose members call it NU.  Add your comment on this item30


            It is possible to begin living the principles and practices of NU now -- as it is also possible for other belief systems (this possibility is not unique to NU -- e.g. isolated cults); and NU may learn from those others systems even when they don't emulate many of their practices. Add your comment on this item31


            One of the successful practices for creating a viable community/culture is the relative degree of isolation (for extended times) from old or competing cultures. "nuets", a term coined for members of NU (in its variety of perspectives) devote more time with each other and in environments conducive to the kind of activity and relationships called for by NU. This may be called "indoctrination" and "enculturation" and practiced by "cults" to attract and hold onto members. But, this is nothing but a basic principle of human behavior, and because it is misused by cults should not keep us from using it more appropriately in NU. Add your comment on this item32


            A highly significant practical purpose of nu retreats is that concentrated study is often required for a person to learn nu ideas, gain nu attitudes - as well as break (or suspend, as old can sometimes be a useful tool) old habits and attitudes. Add your comment on this item33


            Each person engaged in the practice of NU will be changing, and NU has a special term coined for this: galdee -- which will be a familiar sound among those communicating about nu issues. "galdee" is derived from an acronym, but in NU becomes a lower-case "real" word - a synonym for "change" but with "semantic texture" [if the metaphor applies].  Add your comment on this item34


            For now, the letters of galdee stand for a hierarchy of types of changes: Grow, Adapt, Learn, Develop, Evolve, and Emerge. How these six terms are distinctive will be explicated later. Add your comment on this item35


            The importance here is that successful change from old/new to nu ways, to successful galdeeing of all member of NU, from novice to old hands, requires conducive environments and milieu. This is a traditional practice of humans throughout their history. There were sacred sites dedicated for worship: Churches, Tabernacles, Mosques, Kivas, Stone Circles, etc. were special sites for special activity. Deep meditators seek their special sites -- often free from interruption. Sports arenas were designed for both players and spectators. Classrooms were designed for the (misconceived) objectives of facilitating teaching. Factories were designed for manufacturing. Nu practice will occur in nu sites, designed to seaf nu activities. Add your comment on this item36


            I just slipped in another nu term, seaf, which for now simply think of a combination of services involving Supporting, Enabling, Augmenting, and Facilitating. Add your comment on this item37


            The term and metaphor, "expedition" is powerful for me (Larry) as it embodies a deep commitment (at least for the duration of the expedition) where the focus of those on expedition is almost total on the tasks involved in the expedition and there builds a strong sense of community among those on expedition. Expeditions have both explicit objectives to achieve - as an expedition, but they also seaf the galdeeing of participants. So, for me, the preferred name for the "sites" where nu activity occurs most powerfully is "expedition". It is through participation in NU-Expeditions that we LIVE-NU-NOW most powerfully. Note, that the sites need not be fixed locations. Add your comment on this item38

            I will now insert, what I was going to insert later, the metaphor/analog of the slime mold.  Add your comment on this item39


            Colab Studios is a term signifying an integrated system of technological tools, which I usually imagine as strategically arranged in a space that seafs their use by a small team or crew. This image of the Colab Studio is specifically intended to break the outmoded paradigm of one person to one computer station (Input/Output Interfaces and processing equipment). Rather, people move about (sometimes they may sit - but in ways to facilitate F2F dialog, not the side-by-side traditional arrangement of computer stations in computer labs) and dialog via speech as well as manipulate input devices. Add your comment on this item40


            This configuration is analogous to the slime mold in its multicelled organism phase, where it creates a stalk from which it distributes spores. But, the individual slime mold cells can also separate and pursue individual one-celled lives. So, both the hardware/software components of a colab studio, and the individual members of the teams or crews can, at times, separate. Add your comment on this item41


            I want my home to be a colab studio capable of hosting sessions up to 6 persons - and possibly larger for colab studio seaf teams. But, I also want to use some of its tools at night from my bed, or from my backyard. I want to use it when walking and talking with one other person. But, on need, both persons and equipment can quickly converge into a functional colab studio, as do the slime mold cells converge into their multi-celled organism form. Add your comment on this item42


            I will later discuss the advantages of these NU-Strategies and the dominant drive to LIVE-NU-NOW as we face an uncertain and turbulent future in both our societal and ecological environments - as we Strive to Survive/Thrive. Add your comment on this item43


            NU APPLICATIONS Add your comment on this item44


            Many NU activities can be viewed as a nu variation of an old/new practice. These may be avenues of entry. Add your comment on this item45


            NU CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS Add your comment on this item46


            Persons who have been interacting asynchronously (and also by distance synchronously) may periodically need to meet F2F - which would probably occur within a Colab Studio. NuBus (B1 in our old terminology) could have the components for Colab Studios produced and made available for rent (or purchase). Kinkos once provided teleconferencing rooms for rent. These would also be used by nuets, and in proso seafing sessions for novice nuets. Add your comment on this item47


            SEAFING COLAB STUDIOS Add your comment on this item48


            Some colab studios may be rented out. We don't do much public advertising (but we could be strategic). We do get the right keywords and placements for the search engines. But we depend primarily on one on one promotion; eventually though -- it can be quite rapid if the proso seaf orgs are reeee seafed. the whole process of proso seaf will galdee. Add your comment on this item49


            Range of prices - a percent of the computed income of the org determines the price. But, it can't be so low that everyone would want to be seafed. But they can, by participating in seafed seafteams learning to seaf more reeee. Add your comment on this item50


            We will offer a whole different strategy - where they will be participating in creating the future tools they will be asking for in the future, by test developing and designing the very tools they will be using in their rented time in our seafed colab studio. Add your comment on this item51


            The energy crisis, and the rise of distance conferencing technology, may make large conference gatherings obsolete. It has long been my desire to participate in what I called RT/DT Synergy Conferences. Persons would interact online (synchronously and asynchronously) and then plan to meet for a seafed F2F in a Colab Studio. All would leave the F2F with more specific plans for distance interactivity. I believe that a commercial firm could market RT/DT conferences for organizations. Add your comment on this item52


            There are already businesses that organize large events from Presidential Inaugurations to backyard BBQs. There is also strong competition by commercial firms offering collaboration facilities online to businesses who need them - and as they are proving to be cost effective. This is an accelerating business domain - and sensitive to Internet stability. But, to what extent is there an integrated RT/DT Synergy service? If NuBus could get the backing to set up and experiment with prototypes (for our initial NU activities), this service could be strategically marketed; when we highlight the special features of NU. Our online services could be designed to function even when there are basic Internet problems. Add your comment on this item53


            The quality of learning acquired when attending large professional conferences has long been criticized. RT/DT Synergy conferences, which apply what we learn in our efforts to reeee seaf galdee our own NU involvement, can make those conferences offered by NuBus very marketable. Add your comment on this item54


            It is acknowledged that I am proposing we consider (eventual or ASAP) entry into this highly competitive field with very big competitors. But, I don't view it as actually engaging in their economic ecology - but rather to exploit the existence of these categories of services to insert our own forms, whose longer range goal would be the replacement of that specific economic ecological niche with one more focused on service than maximization of profit. Add your comment on this item55


            Specialized Colab Studios can be made for the production of high quality video sequences and packages. They already exist in contemporary studios; but the cost of equipment and the invention of new techniques is rapidly making the home video camera a professional tool. Such special colab studios for rental may be a viable business venture. In 1983, near the end of our production of Forward to the Basics, we were forced to rent the services of a traditional video production studio. [All editing was done by Larry using Pima College equipment because the College was directly involved in the grant.] The potential for multi-media packages for websites is enormous. It will remain too expensive for ordinary individuals, but teams of producers could rent special Colab Studios. Indeed, we need to search If they already exist -- but NuBus would add its seafing component (and involve users in helping seaf the improvement of the system). Add your comment on this item56


            David, in addition to creating the base sem for NU (and NES), we may wish to run periodic online workshops that use RT/DT principles.  Add your comment on this item57


            We may wish to also organize F2F workshops - as are all other groups working to make the world a better place. Again competition. Is it possible that we can create a business that would organize and operate RT/DT workshops, but would outsource for each the F2F aspects for each specific event, where the outsourced org or web would get a big piece of any profit from that event; but not have any guaranteed interest in the system that manages the whole workshop system, especially the RT/DT aspects. We might want to be "featured" at some of the workshops -- as an explicit component of our proso seaf effort. What would be CRITICAL is that attendees leave the F2F with very explicit tasks to perform and others to interact with online. Add your comment on this item58


            NU DETAILS Add your comment on this item59


            NU "DIVERSITY-IN-UNITY" Add your comment on this item60


            This will be a delicate issue. NU will get much more accusations of being closed than does Wilber. There is an essential unity required for viability, especially in the early phases. Although I don't want to forbid others to take some types of actions, we can be strong in saying they are not being done in the name or spirit of NU. Concurrently we need to emphasize the need for essential diversity - again using the diversity of human cell type as analog. Add your comment on this item61


            We need to consult with the SD people on their experience in integrating persons from lower stages into communities with a healthy mix of stages. Some taking off from Wilber's simplification of SD (but not Wilber, himself) see the stages as fixed in the person. They ignore the spiral aspect, where the REAL environment is also a major determinant. Orange (the driven self-interested business mode) may function well in a NU setting, while they reeee galdee to higher stages. Indeed, one of the problems we face is that those in second tier often lack the requisite drive to get anything done, and are reluctant to playact the Orange role. Add your comment on this item62


            This basic principle - diversity-IN-unity, not diversity VS unity, must be emphasized. Add your comment on this item63


            Primary activity for novice nuets. There is an infinitely deep sink of attractive information ready to suck in all novices. Indeed, when we include links to background information and involve novice nuets in cyberspace expeditions there will be so many temptations. However, listed below are three actions that must be immediately integrated into the behavior of novice (as well as experienced) nuets. These are essential for the rapid galdee of NU and sustaining its viability. Indeed, all three action types should be started in the orientation phase of the proso seaf process. Add your comment on this item64


            Immediately recruiting others using reeee proso seaf. For this, tools and techniques will continually be improving, as explicit projects. Add your comment on this item65


            We should also attempt to strongly adhere to a two stage recruitment process (that I invented for Mission 2000). Each new recruit should be assigned a specific sponsor - often being the person who recruited them. This sponsor is the mentor for the new novice member in their initial proso seaf activity. Each new novice should be encouraged to seek out at least two others (not yet members of NU) to invite into the proso seaf process -- with the assistance of their sponsor. The new recruiter stays with those they recruit all their way through the proso seaf process, and their sponsor stays with them also. Finally, and this is important, when those recruited by the new novice begin their own recruitment activity, they will have their sponsor on hand AND that sponsor will still have their sponsor available. Two levels of sponsorship will nearly guarantee the continuation of the chain growth process and a rapid exponential rise in membership. It should be made clear that in recruiting others the new novice is participating in the best educational practice for their learning the basics of NU - where they have to share their comprehension with others - in exchanges of formative evaluation. These sponsor-sponsee links are also important for the coherence of NU. Provision must be made for situations when a sponsor cannot function and substitutes provided. Add your comment on this item66


            Participating in creating/producing sigmo sems (producing scripts for the galdee of NU and the proso seaf system itself). Add your comment on this item67


            sigmo is another new term, from the combination of Script(Score)/Instruction/Guide/Map/Outline; sems = semiotic structures Add your comment on this item68


            Some of this sem production will be done in context of task (1) - recruitment or participation in the proso seaf process. But, some other project should involve the person immediately - and that might be participation in questionnaire construction -- and taking of questionnaires contributing to the SelfStudy project of NU. Add your comment on this item69


            Engaging in personal reeee seaf galdee. Add your comment on this item70


            It might appear that a novice will be so busy with (1) and (2) that they will have little time for anything else. This third essential task is for the new novice to begin to look ahead. Whatever they will do, they should intend to their personal deep change, their reeee seaf galdee. And the seaf is critical, as it means they are not alone. It is through this task that the new novice begins to create its seafweb. And, in doing this they are seafed. Add your comment on this item71


            DAVID'S DESIGN PRINCIPLE - DON'T DESIGN ME INTO IT. -- some RAW thoughts Add your comment on this item72


            We must accept that there is very little WE can do by ourselves. Yet, working full time or more we two can accomplish a lot in a few months. Add your comment on this item73


            Where is NES in all this? NES employs colab studios and seafs galdeeing. Mutual seafing is LQE. Add your comment on this item74


            People must be attracted to WORK immediately. Everything is designed to reproduce and spread. Add your comment on this item75


            The ultimate outsourcing system. Use the tools. Add your comment on this item76


            As we learn to use tools, like project design and management software, and our colab software and hardware, we might as well be learning along with others. So we use the model of a nuet organizing its own learning expedition and attracts/selects fellow learners and a seafweb for the learning expedition. Seafing can be fun -- it will replace tv viewing and much other entertainment. Add your comment on this item77


            Our seafers will not be our Platform Partners. We may need to set up our own specifically seafed project to design the system so as to attract new partners. Add your comment on this item78

            To what are Platform Partners (is there analogy with legal, going partner) entitled. One, money if there is any. Decider in high class of issues. Add your comment on this item79


            Look to Wiki and other online communities as to how they self select their leaders and decision making processes. Add your comment on this item80


            Expeditions have Leaders -- like Shackelton. I don't know how much Martin Luther King was his own decider or whether he was highly seafed by his close aides and workers. Add your comment on this item81


            It seems to boil down to what do we want to do to determine what we want others to do to help us do what we want to do -- like the Peccie quote. Add your comment on this item82


            Can we present our process so well that observing it will attract followers and eventually seafers and participants. Add your comment on this item83


            David and I need to set up multiple stages and perform RT/DT. We start during our two weeks. We design a rough outline for an RT/DT schedule for David and I, and seek labor investors willing to help us make it happen. They get a piece of the income of those events run, not of the bigger system. But they might get some NU shares, a whole other issue. Add your comment on this item84


            The paradox is only seeming. We ask ourselves, WHY WOULD ONE PAY TO WATCH DAVID AND LARRY PLAY EXPEDITION?  Add your comment on this item85


            Our answer is because it will be worth watching - and wanting to play along - because we will openly invite those who join to watch to participate -- it is like a blog stage with different levels of permitted participation. David and I just need the confidence that we can do it. But, our personal seafing and the seafing of our colab is separate. We need some investigation. We need a Self Study project - questionnaires and data collection, etc. Our membership information is important. We only need financial information so as to charge in those categories asked to pay. Add your comment on this item86


            LOOK AT MANY VIEWS Add your comment on this item87


            THE PRODUCTION Add your comment on this item88

            THE PRODUCT Add your comment on this item89

            THE AUDIENCE Add your comment on this item90

            KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCY AND EXPERIENCE GAINED Add your comment on this item91


            Topics to explicate in greater detail (later) Add your comment on this item92


            reeee seaf galdee Add your comment on this item93




            reeee is like a modifier of both seaf and galdee -- and that is what seafing is - it is integral for the org that is seafed in its galdee, so the org's galdeeing is optimally seafed by a seafweb. The seafweb is also an org, so it also requires seafing. So the seafweb is highly textured and woven. Add your comment on this item95


            We want the seafing to be reeee. That is a different reeee than the reeee of the org galdeeing. But they are related. Add your comment on this item96

            QUERY: Is "texture" limited to surfaces, or would a net not have a surface? Add your comment on this item97


            Take Steven Hackin's advice (an old friend, long ago lost contact): promote yourself with the confidence of your vision as already manifest.  Add your comment on this item98

            Can we dare use "nuet"?  Add your comment on this item99

            We must speak with the full authority about NU because we have been nuets the longest -- but time is never the only variable.  Add your comment on this item100

            A one day old nuet can be contributing as much as an old hand nuet. Add your comment on this item101


            We need a "public image", a powerful image that is intelligent and respectful, and not overly expensive. We claim our own discipline NU, as Wilber does for "Integral". Add your comment on this item102



            AND WE CAN BE IN MORE THAN ONE EXPEDITION. Add your comment on this item104




        proso seaf Add your comment on this item106

        nuedu (nes & lqe) Add your comment on this item107

        sems, semwebs & cyberspace Add your comment on this item108

        seafweb Add your comment on this item109

        bootstrapping and uplifting Add your comment on this item110

        multiple perspectives Add your comment on this item111

        TRUTH and complementarity Add your comment on this item112


            METAPHORS FOR NU Add your comment on this item113

            METAMORPHOSIS Add your comment on this item114

            NU WORLDS - MIGRATION Add your comment on this item115

            NU LANGUAGES (AND TERMINOLOGY) Add your comment on this item116

            NU IN CYBERSPACE Add your comment on this item117

            BEGINNING TO LIVE-NU-NOW Add your comment on this item118

            DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN NU AND OTHER "SIMILAR" MOVEMENTS. Add your comment on this item119

            THE REAL CHALLENGES OF NU Add your comment on this item120