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EXERCISES FOR DETERMINING FACTORS FOR DESIGNING THE SCAFFOLDING FOR NES.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item1

Larry Victor 8/20/2005


            This page lists some types of events or happenings in the ordinary functioning of a viable NES. One objective of exploring "Scenarios of Functionality" is to uncover factors that might be overlooked in the design of NES. Unfortunately, this page in QuickDoc is not a workspace, to be edited - to add more scenario types. But, this is only an exploratory beginning. We can dialog in the comments on details revealed by each scenario type. All are presented in the "abstract", but each will involve REAL physical systems, data systems (sems), and live persons -- some emotionally distressed, others positively energized. Add your comment on this item2




            It is not necessary to fleshout each scenario down to specific key presses; but it is often useful to develop a scenario in some detail to get a feel of the relationship of patterns of objects, presented sems, and interacting and thinking live persons. These scenarios are for NES as viable and launched -- distinct scenarios will be needed for the creation of NES to launch -- which may go through Alpha and Beta testing phases. I DO see this as employing a Spherical Dynamics -- maybe more Spiral and it deeply employs the ideas of Second Order Cybernetics. Add your comment on this item4



            FIRST VISIT TO NES WEB SITE -- BRANCHING STORIES AS TO WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item5


            You receive an email inviting you to visit the NES homepage. What do you do when the homepage fills your screen? View comments on this item Add your comment on this item6

            Consider what you would hope to find if you were: Add your comment on this item7


        A total novice to NES -- what is it and how might it be important to me? Add your comment on this item8

        A potential user, prepared to learn about scripts and how to access them. Add your comment on this item9

        A potential content provider, looking for more information and how to apply. Add your comment on this item10

        An experienced user or content provider, coming in to use the system with specific intention. Add your comment on this item11


            The intent of this exercise is to explore what the NES homepage might look like, to meet the needs of different people with different intentions. This includes thinking about the structure of the whole NES website. View comments on this item Add your comment on this item12


            How is the website created, modified, and maintained? By whom and according to what procedures?View comments on this item Add your comment on this item13


            IDEA: Normally frequent users of the NES website would want to enter directly to their workpage and bypass the homepage. BUT, suppose there was an ongoing competition for creative variations of the NES homepage, to which each person entering NES can vote/evaluate the current page, and then quickly click to their workpage. Current homepages would rotate. Templates of homepages could also be used with different data as "top pages" for different subsystems of the NES website. Add your comment on this item14


            WE RECEIVE REQUESTS FROM PROSPECTIVE PERSONS -- WHAT DO WE DO, DEPENDING ON WHAT THEY WANT.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item15


            Persons click within the NES website, enter data, complete applications and questionnaires. View comments on this item Add your comment on this item16

            Where does this information go and how is it processed? View comments on this item Add your comment on this item17

            Can a person view their information, and edit it? Add your comment on this item18

            What systems and what personnel are needed?  Add your comment on this item19

            What email messages are sent to the person after they complete a process? View comments on this item Add your comment on this item20

            Will there be a live soul on hand for chat questions, even realtime voice?View comments on this item Add your comment on this item21


            PROCESSING THROUGH PRSOSView comments on this item Add your comment on this item22


            There will be different scripts for different categories of members: Users, Content Providers (Scripters), Evaluators and SEAFers, NES "staff", nuets, etc.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item23

            We should collect as much information as a person will tolerate; information potentially useful for NES. Add your comment on this item24

            We need security systems for this information, and messages to prospective members about our security policies BOTH brief & clear AND in detail. Add your comment on this item25


            One project of NES may be a NU Census -- a SelfStudy of Humankind, starting with those of us working within NES.  Add your comment on this item26

            A beginning of this process, its rationale, and an invitation to everyone to be an active participant probably should be part of the PRSOS process for everyone. Add your comment on this item27

            We may ask all applicants to perform a short script -- as part of SelfStudy assessing process competency.  Add your comment on this item28


            Many people are field dependent when it comes to even linear listed steps -- they have difficulty comprehending and following instructions.  Add your comment on this item29

            Can we detect this and account for it? View comments on this item Add your comment on this item30


            If this test script is also a real task being performed for a real NES project, there may be an immediate bonding. View comments on this item Add your comment on this item31

            This script may be the same as involved with questionnaires. Add your comment on this item32


            We may experiment with questionnaires disguised as interviews -- real persons on video or animations asking questions in audio.  Add your comment on this item33

            Later versions could have speech response for those who prefer it. Add your comment on this item34


            Users will need to select their level of subscription, and set up a pay process -- which we will need to link with NES Accounting.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item35

            System will need to direct the person, according to information gained, towards their selection review and targeted orientation. Add your comment on this item36

            We need to set up criteria for non-selection and means of informing persons who have not been selected. Options to re-apply? Add your comment on this item37


            Passwords must be given by secure means. Do we want to provide password reminders? Do we want to suggest frequent password rotation? Add your comment on this item38


            Each person selected should be matched with a specific SEAFing team, who facilitates the WELCOME process (that should be integrated from the beginning, and the whole PRSOS process needs to be designed as not to fatigue or turn off applicants.  Add your comment on this item39

            However, any person not willing, once informed as to NES's rationale, to provide the time for a REEEE PRSOS, we probably don't want in NES. Add your comment on this item40


            THE SYSTEM CRASHES, WHAT PROCESSES GO ON WITHIN NES Add your comment on this item41


            Who is alerted, what BUs are available and who knows what to do?  Add your comment on this item42

            What messages are sent to members if there is data loss.  Add your comment on this item43

            Do we need mirror sites?  Add your comment on this item44

            What level of virus protection do we need? Add your comment on this item45

            MOMENT BY MOMENT DUTIES OF THE SYSOP TEAM, which may apply to multiple applications such as websites, O.net, Wiki, Project Management Apps., etc. Add your comment on this item46


            ACCOUNTING TIME & PAYDAY -- AND ANY INTERNAL "SHARES" OR "CURRENCIES". Add your comment on this item47




            A User has subscribed and has processed through PRSOS. What will they encounter as they search for and select scripts?  Add your comment on this item49

            Can they select a number of short scripts to "play" in sequence -- as when scripts may simulate tv viewing or radio listening.  Add your comment on this item50

            What kinds of information do we provide about scripts - and can the field of scripts be searched as to various characteristics?  Add your comment on this item51


            For example: time expected to complete script (some may require multiple visits - and thus their position in the script needs to be recorded), special competencies required, various ratings from prior script users, parameters that may tailor the presentation of the script.  Add your comment on this item52

            Also, to list those scripts to be performed by teams - and where there are openings or waiting lists. Add your comment on this item53


            Various levels of instruction, help, FAQs about selecting, performing, and evaluating scripts. And recommending scripts to others. Add your comment on this item54




            What kinds of processing issues may a user encounter?  Add your comment on this item56

            Multiple windows to display multiple pages in NES, external websites, and pages where they can compose comments and reactions.  Add your comment on this item57

            Feedback channels for the user to the Content Provider, Evaluator, or SEAF team. Add your comment on this item58

            In time, ways to input comments by audio and video. Add your comment on this item59


            Many users may wish to use text-to-speech systems; some for almost everything, others for only long documents. NES needs to provide the information assistance and SEAFing to help users set up their systems for text-to-speech. I think Microsoft XP has a primitive version built in; I use a commercial app TextAloud. Add your comment on this item60


            Will there be facility for offline script performance -- meaning with NES disconnected. Can they export and import. Can some scripts be performed on an isolated laptop or desktop and then uploaded to NES? Add your comment on this item61


            We must attend to the full REEEE of the experience, including COMFORT. Add your comment on this item62

            FRUSTRATION ALERT -- 911 FOR IMMEDIATE COMPUTER SERVICE.  Add your comment on this item63


            If we track activity -- a separate issue -- it could detect patterns indicating frustration and activate SEAFing intervention. Add your comment on this item64


            We may seek user evaluation of a script at different stages in the use of longer scripts, which could trigger formative evaluation.  Add your comment on this item65

            There also needs to be a final evaluation - as comprehensive as possible but also easy and not time consuming.  Add your comment on this item66

            YET, the importance of feedback for the viability of NES needs to be communicated and reinforced. Add your comment on this item67

            All evaluation data must be collected, stored and processed.  Add your comment on this item68

            Some going to the profile of the user and private, others statistically to other destinations. Add your comment on this item69




            If we monitor, we will need the system for it, and those to maintain it.  Add your comment on this item71

            If this is used to alert for formative evaluation, this process needs to be developed and operative.  Add your comment on this item72

            If scripts have built in places for formative evaluation, how is it applied? Add your comment on this item73


            We need to be careful in our many different uses of the term "evaluation". Add your comment on this item74


            ACTIVITY OF THE SYSTEMS TESTER Add your comment on this item75


            We need people who will experiment with new scripts and provide Beta testing evaluations of scripts and other systems improvements.  Add your comment on this item76

            Do we want a few dummy accounts to follow through to test the accounting and other data systems -- especially when they get complex with personal data of members. Add your comment on this item77


            PROCESS OF SCRIPT CREATION, SUBMISSION, TESTING, PUBLISHING Add your comment on this item78


            Once a person has completed the PRSOS for Content Provider, including orientation, what are the processes involved in creating and presenting scripts?  Add your comment on this item79

            Will there be a review process for submitted scripts, how handled?  Add your comment on this item80

            Do we want Alpha and Beta levels for scripts?  Add your comment on this item81


            What will be the SEAFing system for CPs?  Add your comment on this item82

            Will there be script templates -- and what form of compensation for the designer of frequently used script templates?  Add your comment on this item83

            How will revisions and upgrades of scripts be handled -- given that some people may be using older versions.  Add your comment on this item84

            Will there be compensation for significant upgrades? Add your comment on this item85


            VARIOUS SCENARIOS INVOLVING SEAFING TEAMS Add your comment on this item86


            How will the SEAFing team be made aware of SEAFing needs.  Add your comment on this item87

            How might they network to bring focus the best to meet each need?  Add your comment on this item88

            How should they set up their external network, the whole of Cyberspace?  Add your comment on this item89

            How will the SEAFing teams be monitored, as well as evaluated by those SEAFed? How compensated? Add your comment on this item90


            SEAFing teams may be involved in SEAFing the setup and maintenance of f2f groups and orgs that emerge from NES activity.  Add your comment on this item91


            For example, in organizing in communities of the retired.  Add your comment on this item92


            There is a whole REAL TIME aspect of NES that needs attending to, where possible.  Add your comment on this item93


            The early WELL got a boost from having most of its members from the Bay area and they had frequent picnics in parks. Add your comment on this item94


            A MEMBER HAS BEEN INACTIVE FOR AWHILE - WHAT TO DO? Add your comment on this item95


            What frequency of use was normal for that person?  Add your comment on this item96

            Should there first be an email query -- or immediately a more personal contact?  Add your comment on this item97

            This should hold for both users and content providers. Add your comment on this item98


            TYPES OF ACTIVITIES ON NES COLAB WEB Add your comment on this item99


            Beyond the formal processes listed above, members of NES, from Platform Owners to Users may be involved in discussions and workspaces, in polls and decision-making sessions -- online and in synchronous virtual meetings and in real F2F meetings (which may be recorded and put online). Add your comment on this item100


            What types of meetings and NES-community processes should be established and promoted.  Add your comment on this item101

            How might some be limited in participation? Add your comment on this item102




            Real Time F2F MEETINGS: SCHEDULING, FACILITATING, RECORDING, ETC. Add your comment on this item104


            DECISION MAKING PROCESSES Add your comment on this item105


            What criteria and methodology should we apply for decision-making at different levels and among different populations? Add your comment on this item106