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CONCERNS  ABOUT NESView comments on this item Add your comment on this item1

Larry Victor  8/17/2005


INTRODUCTION Add your comment on this item2


            David, this is very difficult for me to write.  I deeply believe that we truly share significant perspectives in many domains, and that as we continue our REEEE GALDEE we will experience greater convergence, as well as balancing complementarities of differences. My view of our saga, is that after an exciting dialog on generalists and associated topics we chose to become specific.  You quickly proposed a business model, which has matured and we call NES. In my view, you focused on two features of my more general ideas: L2L2UIT and formative evaluation - and applied them in an imaginative way to my initially proposed population of those living in retirement communities. Add your comment on this item3


            As we explored details of this model I became more and more aware of the importance of specific attention to personal needs of NES stakeholders - which although explicit was vague. The concept of SEAFing, which came to me later than my LQE practice for education, made it more concrete -- but I seemed unable to communicate to you its importance in NES.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item4


            I have not attempted to create an organizational model/scenario for my view of NES.  I expected that my compositions and comments on these concerns would attract your attention and we might jointly modify NES.  It is my impression that you either trivialized or ignored my concerns.  It appears that you have locked into your initial business model for NES and are not open to consider modifications.  Possibly my willingness to continue contributing suggestions for improvements and clarifications within the model -- as I also sought to modify/expand the model, not propose a totally new model -- gave you the impression that my reservations were secondary.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item5


            I don't know if the modifications I suggest we consider will lead to a viable business model. Yet, I have reservations about the business viability of the present model. After consideration of alternatives, I may agree that we go with the present model. Add your comment on this item6


            Some of my comments below in reference to business do not apply to you; you have been very clear as to your own concerns.  My description of the present NES model reads harshly -- and I know that this characterization is not what you intend - but I report what impression it leaves with me. Add your comment on this item7


            This should not effect your efforts to consult with Art. Although I believe that discussions about computer services should include consideration of what modifications of NES might imply as well as what might be needed by us in creating NES and other ventures. Add your comment on this item8


OBJECTIVES and GOALS Add your comment on this item9


            I have concerns that the objectives for the current model of NES, even if achieved, may not be sufficient to lead to our intended goals. Add your comment on this item10

            I also have concerns that the objectives for the current model of NES may not be successfully achieved. Add your comment on this item11


            In my terminology, objectives are concrete measurable outcomes of activities performed as to specification. Goals are intended consequences of successful achievement of objectives. Attaining goals is dependent on many factors, including the sufficiency of the objectives achieved to catalyze intended change in the environment effected by the achievement of objectives.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item12


            It is possible to follow a strategy of launching NES as currently conceived (we do need to add more details) and then augment it towards success and greater sufficiency towards catalyzing goals.  However, it is possible that a viable business strategy could be designed that would greater insure success of (expanded) objectives and increase the potential of objective achievement catalyzing progress towards goal attainment. Add your comment on this item13


            I have concerns that (from my perspective) my suggestions that we consider alternative strategies have been trivialized and pushed aside or ignored. Add your comment on this item14


            Repeating what I said in the Introduction, I am willing to participate in NES as presently modeled, even with my reservations; as it is - by far - the best opportunity I have had.  But, I will not be able to devote full time to NES, as I would need to attempt to create the needed SEAFing - but would prefer that this be done in collaboration within a modified NES.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item15


            I am fully open, when in dialog about options for a modified NES, to accept that my modifications are not practical and that your model is the best we can do at this time. Add your comment on this item16


NES - THE PRESENT MODEL as perceived (a bit harshly) by Larry. Add your comment on this item17


            This is how I interpret our information exchange re NES.  The primary motivation for the customer/subscriber/user (as this is primarily a business proposal) is "diversion", and financial gain for the content providers and evaluators. Content providers will be paid according to a formula applied to users' evaluation of the scripts produced by the content providers. Variation in quality of user evaluation that determines producer income will wash out in the statistics.  Content providers are expected to solicit their customers, although NES will provide some assistance.  Users are also expected to spread-the-word and recruit new users, but are to gain nothing from this effort. "Come share new diversions with me so we have something new to talk about at cocktail parties."  Users pay by subscription (details to be determined). Evaluators are "entitled to compensation based on their value to the users" - by a formula yet to be determined. Add your comment on this item18


            The initial customer base will be those living in retirement communities and the initial scripts will assist them in learning to use their computers in seeking entertainment and diversion in cyberspace.  That they might benefit by working in teams with f2f meetings would be suggested in orientation materials but would not be explicitly SEAFed.  Some selection and orientation of content providers will be provided, but "educating/training" the content providers will not be a significant issue. The "success" of NES depends on the simple Darwinian model of variation and natural selection in the economic ecology.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item19


            There would be no intentional emphasis in motivating users to become learners, or to be interested in producing themselves, or in anything beyond satisfying their personal self interests.  If this happens, it would be incidental to the business plan of NES.  But, what additional cost would it be for a modified NES to include these features in the business plan? Add your comment on this item20


LIMITATIONS OF BUSINESS Add your comment on this item21


            MONEY-FIRST MOTIVATION LEADS TO BARGAIN SEEKING - MOST GAIN FOR LEAST EFFORT - LOW QUALITY PRODUCTIONView comments on this item Add your comment on this item22


            Although I have reservations about some details in the data on "Cultural Creatives" - who have strong values beyond the economic, they do represent a large and growing percent of the population. Some may be recruited as active participants in a modified NES (that  makes explicit our Goals as well as our Objectives).  It may be that a greater number of paying customers may initially be attracted by the opportunity of new life diversions from cyberspace - but they may not remain paying customers for long. Even if the absolute number of paying participants is smaller, the population pool of "Cultural Creatives" is large enough to make a modified NES a success - AND, will give it intrinsic potential for further exponential growth.  The more limited model of NES can only grow linearly, if it can sustain membership.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item23


            I am far out of the business box; which leaves me short on competencies for creating a successful business. But, it has given me insight into the limitations of the business perspective - the self proclaimed REAL WORLD OF BUSINESS.  I know of business failure and how much business success is because of government subsidy, corporate welfare and theft. Most successful businesses do not pay the full cost of their operations.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item24


            My concerns about the limitations of the business perspective even applies to small businesses whose owners may honestly be attempting to add value to their community and receive fair compensation -- only to be manipulated by the financial sector.  I have a theory that the financial sector has net gain when businesses start and then fail. Tucson has twice as many restaurants as it needs.  Many sites see a turnover of restaurant every year - each a failure. In addition to the lives directly effected, there is an environmental cost to destroy and rebuild over and over and over. Add your comment on this item25


            The dotcom boom was engineered by greed.  Firms were started often before they had a solid idea, initial stock was sold and resold, quick profits were made by the initial investors and hopes dashed for everyone else. Collectively, it did major damage to our economy and I believe was part of the Enron phenomenon: Legal Organized Crime (LOC). Add your comment on this item26


ALTERNATIVE BUSINESS STRATEGIES Add your comment on this item27


            MULTIPLE TRACKS IN NES Add your comment on this item28


            We could possibly organize NES with multiple tracks.  One track as you propose, with attention given to providing new experiences (a positive turn on "diversions"), for which I have already suggested many. But, we can also have an experimental track where we attempt to attract users (maybe as prospective members of NU) for learning AND for project participation (a suggestion I made at considerable length to which I have received no comments in reply).  We may add an experimental SEAFing network to test its effectiveness -- and to explore the potentials of setting up a SEAFWEB as another business venture. We may experiment with more orientation/training for content providers, for evaluators, and for users in making their evaluations.  These additional features require people time, labor -- which may be the reason you initially downplay them.  If we are initially involved in providing these extras, we could not do so for the whole population of users, providers, and evaluators.  The success of NES depends on it being prosumer with an element of "managed self-organization".View comments on this item Add your comment on this item29


            PROJECTS BEYOND NES Add your comment on this item30


            On a few occasions I suggested that we step back from NES for a few weeks and explore some alternatives and variations. Add your comment on this item31

            I see potential business viability in pursuing SEAFWEB or ColabStudios, instead of NES.  Or, possibly in parallel. Add your comment on this item32


            I suggested (probably not explicitly enough) that we explore our own collaboration needs, in view of SEAFing our own improved REEEE performance. But, in addition, to explore the model where we will be a NanoCorp creating a network of outsourcing orgs. It is possible that this meta-model may make working on different aspects of NES, SEAFWEB, and ColabStudio synergistic.  I really don't know - but I would like to explore these options before we dive into NES as it is currently envisioned.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item33


            It is coming to my attention that an integrated (even if cobbled) platform for the NanoCorp-OutsourcingNetwork strategy of creating virtual projects and businesses has not yet materialized. Most of the components are there. O.net appears to be lacking some essential features and has other structural difficulties. Wiki has its limitations. The proclaimed collaboration suites for businesses have many features but the format remains top down control (although open collaboration is OK at the bottom, as it can be more productive).  It also appears that workspace technology is in its infancy; with as much of the difficulty due to low imagination as what to do in workspaces as due to the technology itself. Add your comment on this item34


            I had this vision a while back, which in my crude attempt to share triggered our first misunderstanding. That was that if we attended to our personal and collaborative needs, in terms of equipment and SEAFing, with the intent of creating a platform for implementing the NanoCorp-OutsourcingNetwork strategy we might discover "THE KEY".  At the time I was motivated by YOUR focus on the importance of relationships and my realization that the patterns of relationships are not so much determined by the individuals in the network, but by the many dyads, and dyad-dyad relationships.  That, a SEAFing technology we might invent for making more REEEE the GALDEE of our own collaborative relationship might be applied to other dyads. Add your comment on this item35


            Although I still believe the retired population is ripe for harvesting, I am not convinced it should be our only or even primary population for NES, or a variation of NES, SEAFWEB, and ColabStudio that we may devise.  We might be able to strategically identify and PRSOS persons from other sites in cyberspace - such as O.net, Wiki, Wilber's upcoming Integral Multiplex, etc.  These are people seeking more than diversion, and many remain frustrated.  Many live and contribute on raw hope, calling (often in desperation) for a viable vision.  I personally believe that NU and EaseMen can provide that vision.  Do we really know that if presented appropriately, this could not be a strong attractor?  It may require that we first create a platform to SEAF REEEE collaboration before we make invitations to others to become nuets.   It may be that creating NES in the limited version you have been working on IS the best first step. Add your comment on this item36


            You reply to my occasional forward of information about environmental degradation that since we can't do anything about that -- other than working to change human systems, that somehow there is no time factor involved.  I repeat that the panic mode is destructive and that most of our attention should be on creating anu, not fixing and definitely not worrying. But, if there are options that might accelerate significant changes in human systems, I believe we should consider those options. The future of planet Earth may be very sensitive as to WHEN a new Humanity emerges. Add your comment on this item37


OUR COLLABORATION Add your comment on this item38


            David, you say you are not in a hurry, but you sure seem to me to be very much in a hurry.  View comments on this item Add your comment on this item39

            You mentioned your split between your WWWWork mode and your generalist mode.   Add your comment on this item40

            It appears to me you are locked-into your WWWWork mode, and as applied to a very specific strategy.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item41


            I intended to set up some other tracks for our dialog, to pursue alternatives and our collaboration modes. But, so far I have been responding to your work with NES. Even my four RR1-4 QuickDocs are more in the context of NES (and proposed modifications). Add your comment on this item42


            Why have we not had any realtime voice conversations?View comments on this item Add your comment on this item43


            As much as I intellectually desire radical change - my own personal metamorphosis - I am emotionally very resistant.  I am afraid to disturb what we have, in fear of losing it than risk what may be gained should we SEAF the REEEE  GALDEE of our collaborative relationship.  I believe the risk is in my imagination.View comments on this item Add your comment on this item44


            I look forward to your responses.   LarryView comments on this item Add your comment on this item45