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01:16 PM ET (US)
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Apart from this, the system is tested and designed in such a manner that it will not work if it is altered. So do not try to change anything other than what is instructed, because if you do, it will not work for you. Remember don't loose a million for the sake of just 10 Rupees. 6) What about taxes and other things? It's all left upto you and you have to deal it. 7) I from so and so... Can I join this Program? This program is meant for people within India. You can be from any part of India. For more details: mail to: narayan_success@yahoo.com
04:00 PM ET (US)
Ray Kurzweil is out of his mind. He is a classic techno-pollyana of the worst kind. When he starts talking about "downloading" human minds into machines, he is not being scientific - he's being religious. We simply do not have clue one about what it is about us that we would be able to put in a bottle and have that be us.

He looks at some trends, and, *voila*, HEAVEN! Well, as a wise man once said, "trend is not destiny". This is not science - it is a pathetic and forlorn faith.

Sorry people, we're still made of meat, and we still need air, water, and food. We have limits, but limits within which we *could* have a wonderful world. But so long as nut-jobs like RK hold out visions of pie-in-the-sky, we'll never realize it.


- roebuck
10:32 PM ET (US)
Matthew – 6 : 19 to 22 (Luke - 12 : 33 to 34)
“Do not Lay up for yourselves, treasures on earth. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also”.

Matthew -7: 21
“Not everyone who say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but He who does the will of My Father in Heaven”.

Hindus, particularly, are sacrificing words through prayers and feelings through expression of love for the sake of God. When the question of wealth or money comes they sacrifice it for the sake of their families only. This is the reason why India suffers with poverty. Swami Vivekananda wept loudly facing the sky asking; “Why India with such high spiritual knowledge is suffering with poverty?” The foreigners are not so well in prayers and expression of love or meditation compared to Indians but they sacrifice their money for the sake of God with full vigor. Therefore God blesses the foreign countries with wealth and prosperity.

Indians sacrifice words and mind only to God. Therefore Indians are blessed with very good pronunciation of language and excellent knowledge, which are connected to the words and mind. Gita says ‘Ye Yatha Mam Prapadyante’ which means that God gives you result in the same way in which you worship Him. If you worship Him with words (prayers) only He will also appreciate you with sweet words. If you love Him with your mind and concentrate with meditation, He will also love you in turn with high concentration of mind. If you sacrifice practically, He will also do everything to you practically. Indians must learn this practical sacrifice from foreigners as they have learnt the science and technology from the West. Even in the olden days, Indians were always doing exercises in theoretical knowledge of God and in composing lot of poems on God. Therefore the same attitude entered even their education of science. They have become theorists even in science.

Today, in the world everybody agrees that the real power is the money only. Money is the fruit of work and Bhagavatgita calls sacrifice of money “Karma Phala Tyaga”. In Bhagavatgita it is said “Dhyanat Karma Phala Tyagah” which means that devotion is greater than Knowledge and sacrifice of the fruit of the work (money) is greater than the devotion. Knowledge consists of intelligence and words. Devotion consists of mind and words. Sacrifice consists of heart and love. The proof of the love is the practical service, which is the practical sacrifice of work or money. For the propagation of the divine knowledge and devotion the money is needed to publish the gospel in the form of books. When you sacrifice your money for the divine work your treasure in the heaven is built up. This means that God will help you after your death and you will enter the kingdom of God.

You are giving your earnings to your family only and so your real love is on your family only. There is no need of any further argument on this point because it is very clear proof. This is the real fire test for your love. You are sacrificing valueless words and valueless mind in leisure, which is valueless time. This cannot prove the real value of God. You must give real value to God. You are finishing your prayers and meditation on God as soon as the time to go to job is nearing. Similarly when some work for the family is approaching, you are immediately leaving the presence of God. Therefore you are not giving any value to God for all practical purpose. But you are telling lies in your prayers that God is everything for you. The money is the final test and it can be the only test also since all the family is associated with you for money only and the family serves you in your old age for your money only. If the money is sacrificed to God your real color of love can be seen.

Holy Jesus says that when you donate the money to God by one hand the other hand should not know about that donation. Since it is stolen money it should be returned secretly. A father purchased some sweets and gave to his child. The father is asking for one sweet from the child just to test the attitude and the love of the child on him. Even if you are not returning back the God’s money to God, you are leaving that money here only and you are quitting this world with vacant hands. That extra money is left in this world only, which is the bank of the God. The devotee who donates the extra money to God for His divine work is also quitting this world alone with vacant hands. The former is going to Hell as a thief but the latter is going to the Kingdom of God because he returned the stolen money of God. When you are returning this extra money, you must be very careful to see that this money reaches God only and not others. God dwells in two places 1) In the body of human incarnation (Son of God) 2) In the heart of a real devotee. When the money is donated to such God man or the real devotee, that money is properly used to uplift the humanity. In such social service the God-man or the real devotee will use lot of discrimination due to their divine knowledge and the money donated by you will be properly spent.

Without the practical sacrifice of money or at least the work, mere prayers, love and meditation are only the side pickles in the plate without the central bread or rice. When God eats the pickles only which you serve, His stomach is burnt with high acidity and God becomes furious. Due to His anger the extra money stored by you goes waste through diseases etc., Your children may loose that money also and they are also not blessed in any way in their lives. This gospel of Holy Jesus should open the eye of knowledge of all the Hindus to learn the practical sacrifice from foreigners. Holy Jesus referred to such people who do not give up their extra money for God’s work saying that they can never reach God even if a camel passes through the eye of a needle. His Gospel refers to such selfish rich people only who are caught up in the net of their limited families.

at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
Screwy Hoolie
07:17 PM ET (US)
The first-ever Asheville Blogaround is up at BlogAsheville!
10:00 PM ET (US)
The poem is wonderful. I'm sure that alone is going to help the healing process. It's quite difficult to read what you've been through, I can only imagine having experienced it, and very glad I didn't have to.
jaybird jostlingPerson was signed in when posted
01:12 AM ET (US)
Thanks for your messages and I'm very grateful for your thoughts and words of support! I'm feeling better continually.
11:04 AM ET (US)
Wow, glad to hear you're still alive after that close call! I'm grateful to you for all the wonderful stuff you've posted so its good to know you can keep inspiring your readers. Thanks for your good work, and thanks for fighting so hard to stay with us.
uptown ruler
10:50 AM ET (US)
glad to know you've survived, miracles do occur! we are delighted to have found you, and have linked to you at www.blogasheville.blogspot.com

uptown ruler

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