Viper Racing Viper Racing QuickTopic <![CDATA[Zero | Hello Val, Thank you for your answer. It appears that it is...]]> 2018-06-14T10:46Z <![CDATA[val5662 | Zero... If you know how to do it with a hex editor ( I don't...]]> 2018-06-13T14:34Z <![CDATA[Zero | Yo Val, Is there any chance to write a little program to...]]> 2018-06-13T06:55Z <![CDATA[val5662 | Gel38.... Here's an idea - install TS3,go to my channel on...]]> 2018-06-13T06:18Z <![CDATA[Gel38 | Sadly, I just deleted team speak. Discord is a good...]]> 2018-06-13T03:56Z <![CDATA[val5662 | Gel38..... You asked about an import/export filter for...]]> 2018-06-13T03:30Z <![CDATA[Gel38 | Also, is there a discord channel for vr? And can I get an]]> 2018-06-12T12:50Z <![CDATA[Gel38 | Hey Val, is there an import/export filter for blender?...]]> 2018-06-12T03:52Z <![CDATA[Zero | Duke, when you use keyboard to play, does the game run ok? If...]]> 2018-06-07T09:09Z <![CDATA[Duke | Val had a look at this problem I wonder if anyone else has a...]]> 2018-06-06T05:24Z <![CDATA[val5662 | Austin... YW - anytime :)]]> 2018-05-22T03:54Z <![CDATA[Austin | Thanks for the help val! It worked! Many thanks.]]> 2018-05-22T02:27Z <![CDATA[val5662 | Austin.... Sorry - the 2 files you need are not in there. You...]]> 2018-05-21T03:08Z <![CDATA[Austin | To open the trk file, are you talking about the...]]> 2018-05-20T21:40Z