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Viper Racing

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val5662Person was signed in when posted
06:23 PM ET (US)
Good plan...we usually start between 4:30 and 5 pm cst meeting in Team Speak 3.
Info is on my site http://vnovak.com
Most of us still use the keyboard for a controller.
Cya soon... :)
Rob-AKA Nova
10:43 AM ET (US)
You guys still at it making new cars and tracks...whew! I wish that I could join you sometime, been a long time, lost one of the connectors for my G27 wheel & pedals. The game is still installed in my PC, should fire it up and see if it still works. I would like to join you guys sometime and see if I can maintain my standing of coming in last with all you keyboarders...HA! Stay well Val and all.

val5662Person was signed in when posted
10:26 AM ET (US)
Read your email last night ( 4 July 2018 ).
Got 'er done this morning.
Here ya go:
Good job ... :)
Keep 'em coming.New tracks would be nice too....
Deleted by topic administrator 08-05-2018 09:12 AM
07:19 PM ET (US)
Hello everybody!
Val, could you please check your e-mail?
Two cars for Viper Racing, Viper.car and ViperGT.car, with 3D body from your VipGT22.car.
They are paintable cars, fully compatible with Quick Race, Multiplayer.
Viper.car is compatible with Career mode.
Both cars require Race.bin v1.2.3 BETA or higher.
Thank you very much for your help!
Cheers ;)
Deleted by topic administrator 08-04-2018 06:46 PM
07:34 PM ET (US)

One of my first theories at the times I achieved higher frame rates was precisely this, the car+track combination. But further testing proved that these didn't make any difference at all.

One of the things I've tried was disabling all effects, pulling all detail sliders to minimum and lowering resolution to 800x600... no effect.

Of course, this is a 20-year old game... so any computer made in the last 7 years or so, even a cheap laptop without a dedicated graphics card, should be able to run it with all effects and details maxed out on 1080p resolution. But I figured maybe this game uses some deprecated DirectX calls that modern graphics cards have trouble rendering (it happens with a few old games), and in these cases turning off effects can help, so I gave this a try anyway. But didn't make any difference.

I might try the forum, thanks for the suggestions.
04:09 PM ET (US)
Yo Val,
Thank you!
val5662Person was signed in when posted
02:23 PM ET (US)
Adding parts to a car will not affect the handling as long as the parts do not extend 1 small square in Zmodeler in width past the width of the car b4 you add the parts.For example if you made a rectangular box using the correct width and used the carname.cf file from any car,the box would handle the same as the car you used the carname.cf file from.BUT for example if you added a rear bumper to that same box that was 1 small Zmodeler box wider than the car body ( rectangular box in this case ) on each side, the car would handle a tad differently.Also in Zmodeler NEVER have any part or parts of the body lower than the dark horizontal line,or it will drag on the ground intermittently or steady.The shape of the "body" has nothing to do with aerodynamics in the game.The width of the "car" is where it affects a crash or roll over and handling.An example would be by making a narrow car or short car half the width and length and wheelbase of the stock viper ( modifying the cf file for wheelbase and width of front and rear wheel location )the car would handle real funky.
07:21 AM ET (US)
Acording to Viper Racing game manual, things that affect FPS are:
Game effects, sky textures , number of cars during game play, detail level and draw distance.
You said, that those settings were not modified.
Maybe you were using a car with low definition and/or track, resulting in more FPS.
But still, once it happened to me something similar. Maybe it is a "bug" in the game?!
As Val said, try the VRGT forum.

Have you managed to make the wheel work with Viper Racing?
Post your gearbox options and your Options - Controls settings, to see if we can help.

Can you help me, please?
Will there be problems, if the viper.car and vipergt.car 3D car body, be modified from MGI to the 3D from Electronic Arts, as seen in your VipGT22.car?
As long the .cf files do not be modified, the game "behavior" will be exactly as the original release, right?
About the spoiler. The real Viper GTS-R spoiler has front "lip", side "sills", small "wings" on front bumper and of course, the rear "wing", as seen in the Viper Racing game cd cover.
Will there be problems if the spoiler, in the game, be with these 4 parts?
Thank you!

P.S.: link for Viper Racing manual
12:58 PM ET (US)

Hi Val,

Thanks for all your attention.

I have to say that I'm now sure it is possible to run the game at higher frame rates, and I actually managed to do it... the problem is that it happened only once, and I don't know what I did to make it happen!

Let me explain. Yesterday, I was testing lots of different addon cars. So every once in a while, I'd have to close Viper Racing, use CarMan to switch car sets, and load it up again.

In one of these times... just once... when I started playing the game, it was running with an uncapped frame rate, at 60+ fps! I did no changes on my computer, or the game settings from previous times. Did several races. Then when it was time to switch car sets again, I exited the game, used CarMan, loaded it up again... and once again, it was running capped at 40 fps.

I haven't managed to make it run with uncapped frame rate again ever since.

Like I said, I made no changes to my computer or the game settings between those sessions. Didn't even reboot. It's really very strange.

I tried lots of different things trying to fix this without results:

- Messing with the in-game resolutions and detail settings to see if there was any combination of resolution and effects that was causing this;
- Messing with dgVoodoo's settings;
- Running in Windows XP and Windows 98 compatibility modes;
- Setting processor affinity to only use 1 CPU core;
- Reinstalling the DX9 complete package;
- Deleting the race.exe file (saw this as a suggested solution for another user here)
- Creating a profile for Viper Racing on my graphics card control panel and making sure Vsync is disabled;
- Disabling all non-essential Windows services;
- Reinstalling the fully patched Viper Racing package.

By the way, the reason I've been using dgVoodoo is because of a very common and widely known issue with old DirectX games running on Windows 8 and later, since Microsoft partially removed support for DirectX 8.1 and earlier versions starting with Windows 8. Without any sort of fix, ALL DX7 and earlier games will usually run with very low and choppy framerates (like 10 - 15 fps), no matter how powerful your computer CPU and graphics card are.

Using dgVoodoo has become the most popular way to fix this issue, and it is also the suggested fix on PCGamingWiki's Viper Racing page. There are other methods, though. However for other games, once this problem is solved either with dgVoodoo or other available solution, typically the framerate is completely unlocked and doesn't remain capped at 40 fps or any other amount.

Since you suggested not using dgVoodoo, I removed it from Viper Racing and tried the two other alternative solutions for this that I know of - one involves using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to create a .sdb patch for the affected game, and the other is using a modified ddraw.dll file. I've tried both of these. Unfortunately I got the same results - framerate cap at 40 fps.

It's very strange that this is an issue specific to my machine and not expected behavior, when Viper Racing is the only game affected... especially with such a seemingly arbitrary cap such as 40 fps instead of a value such as 15, 30 or 60 fps (which are often caused by Vsync-related issues).

Maybe this game really just doesn't like my graphics card much, like you suggested. If there's no other ideas, then I'm stumped :(
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