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Info about Rainham

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05:30 PM ET (US)
How goes it, great my website you possess at this time there.
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David J SmithPerson was signed in when posted
06:27 PM ET (US)
/ m904
05:20 AM ET (US)
Thanks for the info. We found this quite interesting for our loft conversions company .
David Smith
02:16 AM ET (US)
For Richard Stevens:
I have just been reading the notes from you Richard. I was born in London in 1938 (just 80 now of course) and my family moved to Rainham in July 1951. I joined Orchard St school in form 2a with I think Mr Williams the teacher. He sat me in the classroom next to Reg Thompson because he was also a new boy also from London. I knew you very well Richard and it was you who gave me my nickname "Smiler" which stuck with me until I joined the Royal Navy in 1954. I used to make my own model aircraft and fly them in the field at the end of your road and I do recall going to your house after school.
You now live in Australia and I never quite got there, the Phillipines were the closest my ship HMS Victorious got whilst I was on it and I have never had a holiday there. There is plenty I can remember about Rainham but I left the area and took up work in SW London after leaving the RN in 1968.
All the best "Smiler"
Richard Stevens
04:22 PM ET (US)
Good stuff Peter,
When you first said you were a 'butcher boy' I thought you meant riding one of those bikes with a smaller wheel and carrier on the front. So they continued calling them 'butcher boys' into the 60's eh? even though they were chauffeur driven in a van?

Your Gran and Grandad Smith must have known the Belsen family in Orchard St then?. Apart from the parents, there was a Syd Belsen that had Kent Reboring, Aubrey, and John and Mary. Mary was a WREN during the war and married Albert Thornton who was a CPO in the Royal Navy. They in turn had 3 children Margaret, Derek and Sandra who lived next door to us in Arthur road.

Take care and Good luck mate!

Peter Adams
07:51 AM ET (US)
Following on from my last post. I was a Butcher delivery boy for Kemsleys at the bottom of the High Street, Jack Naylor was the boss. I took over from my Brother Ken on the Van (Bedford Dormobile) Billy Arnold was the driver and then Steve Waters took over from Billy. I left there when I started work in 1964.
Peter Adams
03:26 AM ET (US)
Hello Richard. I am in Adelaide although I do travel with the caravan a fair bit. Just up the High street from the Tills house at number 60 was my Granny & Grandad Smith. At one point Grandad (Stehen Thomas Smith) worked in the forge in Orchard street.
Richard Stevens
02:58 AM ET (US)
Hi Peter,
Thank you for responding. I’m in Brisbane, where are you?
Unfortunately, I don’t remember your brother Ken or the others you mention because I was a pre-war baby as they say 😊

Yes Peter, the Tills brothers did live where you say and they had a (it seemed high) brick wall to their back garden facing Orchard St.
I mention this because another Mr Kemsley (a farrier) had his forge just a little way up Orchard St on the same side.
The forge had one of those doors whereby the top half opened allowing customers to observe Mr Kemsley reshoeing a horse and we could also hear his Smithie’s hammer pounding the anvil hour after hour from Orchard St school.

Brian Vale also remembers Chris Kemsley who was in our age group, but I’m fascinated that they still had ‘Butcher Boys’ in the 1960’s?

Thanks again Peter!

Peter Adams
05:52 PM ET (US)
Richard, I was born in Rainham in 1949 and left in 1970 to live in Oz (I'm still in Oz). Some of the names you mention ring bells for me. The Tills you mention, were they the ones living on the corner of High Street and Orchard Street? Mr Tills worked for the B.O.G and used to cut the grass out the back of Brown street.
Kemsley? I did a Butcher Boy round for Kemsleys High Street Rainham. Matthews? I went to school With Richard from Quinell Street. Mattocks, I was at school with Diane whose Dad was the Manager of Rainham Co-op. I went to Orchard Street school from 1960-1964. You might remember my older Brother? The Late Ken Adams who attended Orchard Street from 1957-1961 I think.
Richard Stevens
02:46 PM ET (US)
Oooops! no response to m897 so far :-( Let's mention a few names of our old Rainham schoolmates that Brian and I remember. (might be your Dad or Grandad? or even an old friend or neighbour?)

How about Jimmy Crick, Jack Nash, David & Brian Tills, John Norris, David Godden, Ernie Nicholls, Keith Brockman, Keith and Michael Mattocks, Brian Sullivan, Chris Kemsley, Peter Mathews, Michael Banfield , Ronnie Norton, Ronnie Freeman, Peter Carlton and Eddie Smith for starters. Oh happy Days!

Also, does anyone know where Mike Mobley is now? he used to live in Hawthorne Avenue and married Ann Jacobs of Ivy St. Surely some are still around!!
Richard Stevens
03:03 PM ET (US)
Is there anyone still kicking that remembers Brian Vale and/or Richard Stevens of Rainham?
We were both in Alf Springate's choir at Rainham Secondary Modern in the early 50's.

About 4 years ago Brian wrote a brilliant piece in the column about growing up in Rainham in the 1950's from which I made contact with him after 70 years. Brian lives in Greenwich and I've lived in Oz since 1963.

Brian and I have stayed in regular contact by email and phone since then, and I returned home in Sept so we could stroll down (make that crawl down) memory lane together and have lunch at the CRICKETERS.

We'd both enjoy contact from anyone that knew us in those post war years.

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Maggie Francis
11:02 AM ET (US)
Does anyone remember being part of the Rainham and Wigmore Community Association football team in the 1970s? They played on pitch 2 at the Rec in their maroon and blue kit.
chengersPerson was signed in when posted
03:04 PM ET (US)
Thanks for the info. We found this quite interesting for our loft conversions company. Be good to see what all the new things are that crop up over time.
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David Auger
04:14 AM ET (US)
Partially at my prompting (I understand there had been at least one other "sponsor") the Rainham War Memorial was yesterday awarded Grade II Listed Building Status (List entry Number 1448409). To quote from Historic England's website it has historic interest "As an eloquent witness to the tragic impact of world events on the local community, and the sacrifice it made in the conflicts of the C20" and architectural interest as "A dignified and well-crafted granite cross, embellished with carved ornament".
10:15 PM ET (US)
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Julie Price
09:33 AM ET (US)
I know this site refers to Rainham, but I'm looking for information re the Hempstead May Festival back in the 60's! I was May Queen, my name then being Julie Morgan, and I thought the date was 6th June 1969, when I was 12, but several people think I was younger!!! I wonder if there is a list anywhere with May Festival details?!!
I was elected by the village hall committee, Mr Gorf being one of the members!
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