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8th Ward

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09:59 PM cst(US)
Think we heard a growling coyote in the alley between Mulford and Harvard tonight around nine thirty. Keep small pets inside:)
Diane R. Johnson
01:01 PM cst(US)
Well those car-jackings explain all the sirens I heard last night.
John R. McClelland
12:02 PM cst(US)
So, Kristin, you now are "in the catbird's seat" of critter watchers hereabouts (;-)
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
11:52 AM cst(US)


Unbelievable! 2 carjackings
Kristin Lems
11:28 AM cst(US)
hi neighbors - just another "wildlife" story - which is part of the charm of our area!
The last three mornings I was awakened at 5:20 am by a weird noise outside my (second floor) bedroom window, in the tree. Horrible two-toned, imperious, whiny noise. No sight of the bird - figured it must be a bird because it was up high in the tree. Posted a description of it on my FB page, and received more than a dozen speculations - from rats playing, to a young hawk, to a flight of geese...this morning, captured it on Iphone, posted it, and my friend who lives in "Amish country" immediately matched it with a CATBIRD. Here's the link he provided, and this is what I'm hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfWx6W7B1V0 It's called the Catbird "mewing call". If there's one already, the neighborhood must have more. Enjoy!
Jennifer Bivens
08:38 AM cst(US)
I both live in the area, so I have the proper parking permit for Austin and Hull, and my kids both go to Oakton. Thanks, Ellen, for sending out that email to parents today (I received it this morning), but I wonder if there can be exceptions made for Oakton events and parent-teacher conferences and such? Ann, when we moved in 9 years ago and had a huge baby shower party, I happened to be at the parking office getting all of our new permits--and the kind woman at the city office building noticed I was 8-months pregnant (ha). She noted that exceptions can be made and that the parking office can simply notify police officers to not ticket during a certain window. If they could do this for my silly baby shower 9 years ago, I would assume we would want the city to make this kind of exception for Oakton parents on special occasions? As a neighbor who can only park on Hull and Austin--and so my own personal parking will be disrupted--and as an Oakton parent, I am all for this exception a few times per year.
08:27 AM cst(US)
Tire thefts on north side of Chicago...
Mike Perlman
08:37 PM cst(US)
Here is a link to the EPD press release on the stolen car incident last night:

08:15 PM cst(US)
Thanks Ellen!
05:06 PM cst(US)
Sam: I will ask the school admin to send out a school wide message about this. I would not have thought of this otherwise. Thanks for your post.
Karen Johnson
05:06 PM cst(US)
Thanks for the head's up, Ellen. Such thoughtful, mature communication can help avoid inconveniencing neighbors. Enjoy!

Here is a quick rundown of Austin Street parking...

Anyone can park on the north side of Austin -- that is the side adjacent to the school grounds. Unless there is street cleaning which there will be tomorrow. According to the signs, street cleaning restrictions end at 1 p.m. so it should not be a problem for a late afternoon to early evening party. Those coming really early to set up should check the time.

But the south side of Austin is permit parking only. So unless you have a zone 2 permit, you will be ticketed for parking on the south side of Austin -- that is the side further from the school. Street cleaning on that side is 4th Thursday.

I hope that helps those coming to the party because no one wants to see tickets issued but parking (especially for those residents with no garage or driveway) is important to respect.
12:01 PM cst(US)
What is Zone 2?
11:55 AM cst(US)
Hi Ellen,

Can you please get the word out to the attendees to obey the parking regulations on Austin? Everytime there is an event at the school people park their cars that are for zone 2 residents only. I don't want to come home and have to park blocks aways due to this. Thanks.
Ellen Almer Durston
10:39 AM cst(US)
Hello Oakton School neighbors!! This is Ellen Durston, of the Oakton School PTA, letting all you good people know that we will be holding our back to school picnic Friday, August 26, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. We will be serving food and playing music, as we did for our end-of-the-year picnic in June. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we expect another exuberant and lively group to be dancing and having fun for this two-hour period. We apologize for any potential disruption this might cause our immediate neighbors, whom we value and respect as friends of our great school. Sorry for the late notice, but the date sort of snuck up on us. Also, if you are so inclined, please join us! The more the merrier. Thanks for your understanding!
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 PM cst(US)
 Sorry for the delay in the response, however, we were at City Hall this evening.

 Here is all that I know at this time which is pretty much what you already know.

Police blocked off the stolen car that they were pursuing near the Howard Hartrey shopping center. Two people were in the car one bailed in the police pursuit with helicopter assist from the Chicago Police Department. The search is now been called off - the person who ran has not been apprehended.
Karen Johnson
11:22 PM cst(US)
Thanks for the information. Wise to lock any doors and windows that might be unlocked now.
Mike Perlman
10:29 PM cst(US)
Looking for suspects from stolen car who bailed in the area on Howard. Also another suspicious car which may or may not have been related was being checked out on Oakton.
CPD chopper just going home now. Many units clearing now.
Brief mention on EPD twitter feed.
Edited 08-24-2016 10:32 PM
Roxie Huszar
10:27 PM cst(US)
To Karen re: police activity near James Park
Karen Johnson
10:17 PM cst(US)
Odd goings on...

Around 6:50 tonight, I saw five police cars on Oakton Street in front of the soccer/lacrosse fields. Blue and red lights were on but several officers were on the side of the street in a group

Fast forward to 8:40...my daughter texts me from James Park (soccer practice until 9:00) that police officers were walking around the big sled hill with lit flashlights. I went over there and saw four EPD cars parked by the James Park back parking lot, saw two more EPD cars driving through the park on the paths and another EPD car driving slowly through the Dawes School front drive.

It seems that the officers were looking for someone or something.
Kathryn Farris
10:14 PM cst(US)
Service suspended on Yellow line due to police activity. Helicopter still present.
Kathryn Farris
09:54 PM cst(US)
Helicopter circling Howard/Dodge/Oakton/McCormick for the past 10 minutes.
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
05:46 PM cst(US)
 Across the street from Barton and Howard on Chicago side of Howard .
Connie Uselman
05:29 PM cst(US)
I hate being in the dark. Just where was this "old Burger King"?
Ann RaineyPerson was signed in when posted
04:53 PM cst(US)
My pleasure. Now the bad news, there was no sale.
Jeri Schmidt
04:51 PM cst(US)
Thank you Ann for nudging Joe about the mess @ (old) Burger King. The site has been cleaned up of weeds & the shopping cart is gone
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