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What kind of scealent
10:40 AM ET (US)
Just got my first pullip (nude henri) and I really want to customise her I have got her eye chips wid and outfit I know what sort of producs to use as make up although I need to buy a sealant I don't want to order an airisol of line so is there any products I could buy in the U.K in store and what store???
09:08 AM ET (US)
I am a pullip collector abnd also seller. I am located in Germany and will ship worldwide. 100 % positive feedback on ebay. Take a look: http://hausderpuppen-shop.blogspot.com
Richard Lanier
12:32 PM ET (US)
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12:29 PM ET (US)
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12:26 PM ET (US)
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05:44 AM ET (US)
I've just listed a couple of NRFB girls on eBay. I'm located in Belgium and will ship worldwide. I have lots of feedback on eBay and on Den of Angels (BJD forum), under Annika.

Shinku: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011

Hina Ichigo: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011

Raphia: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011

All three girls have reasonable BIN prices! :)
08:05 PM ET (US)
Hi. Im looking to find a specific doll as a gift for a friend.

She's a Pullip collector specifically so I need it to be a Pullip.

Im looking for a Pullip in traditional Welsh costume. Please follow this link if you are unsure of what that is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

01:12 PM ET (US)
I'm a UK pullip collector looking to downsize my collections. I have a fantastic custom Taeyang of Eric Draven, The Crow to sell and some mini pullips too. You can find me on Pullipstyle.com's forum, House of Pullip Forum, also Pullip Live Journal too.

Custom made Eric Draven from the Crow. This guy is a fabulous piece of work, (not made by me) I'm Looking for $120-130 + $10 for shipping. Paypal is preffered, pictures are below the cut. I can accept credit cards with paypal. I can also take nochex payments and moneybookers.com

I have a few minis too - Happy Little Witch, Mini Fanatica, Mini Jupi, Mini Mercu. $10 each. No stand or accessories, just the doll. Can provide pictures on request. If anyone takes more than one mini the shipping will be free, otherwise $3 world wide.

Full size Pullips will come with a free stand. Will combine shipping on anything. Buy more than one mini and shipping will be free.

For UK sales I can take cheques and concealed cash, along with money orders. But UK only.

<img src="http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m207/jyira2055/eric2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"> <img src="http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m207/jyira2055/eric1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">

Email me at jyira2055@gmail.com with questions/offers.
E Allen
11:37 AM ET (US)
I have just put Street on Ebay in case anyone is interested. I will post worldwide. She is mint never removed from box.
Edited 05-07-2006 11:38 AM
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11:36 AM ET (US)
The deadline for the competition is 23rd April - so get snapping :-)
mandyRPerson was signed in when posted
12:37 PM ET (US)
I have finally updated the site - and apologies to all those who had been on the site only to see the same old stuff....

In celebration I have a competition running, so take a look at that!!!!!

If you have any comments/quesitons/suggestions on the site, or Pullips in general, feel free to email me or leave a message here!
08:41 AM ET (US)
well the mohair..... we have had a disagreement and dont like each other lol, I think Matt will end up doing it for me, he has more patience lol. Squall isnt fully bald... she has like 5 strands hahahaha
Edited 01-29-2005 08:42 AM
mandyRPerson was signed in when posted
02:36 PM ET (US)
ive put a (very un-artistic) photo of my pullip family on the gallery section (under Mandy!) and once people start sending me family pics I will so a separate section for them. ALso I'l like to know what everyone names their girls (or boys!) so send some pics to me :-) pllleeeaaasseee :-)
mandyRPerson was signed in when posted
01:50 PM ET (US)
hey Danni - Ive put a message on the message board :-) will get some photos up there for you... so how goes the mohair???? is suall bald then :-(

The Noir on ebay is still a good price. She looks pretty unmodified. Noir doesnt come with stripey socks but hey they are an added bonus!!! She looks good and will be a bargain if she doesnt go up by much!i wish my noir had that hair her curls are a bit squished.....

Anyway I should be able to do a proper upload soon yay as will have a bit of time this week. I plan to do a photo shoot at the new forest (horses yay) so taking Matilda (Mitzy) and Daisy (Anne) prob...I'll have to wrap them up warm though its cold here lol

Also got blythe/barbie/jenny clothes to photograph and see how they fit. I must also figure out how to scan patterns and get some on the site....
12:15 PM ET (US)
Just for general interest here is a link to a new Pullip Message board I just created, bare in mind it is new and not decorated as yet. Anyway feel free to have a peek
12:43 AM ET (US)
*waves to all* well whats on the pullip front for me, I am starting my first mohair custom, the willing Victim is Squall she is all prepped and ready to go. Poor girl, I can tell it is going to drive me insane but who can resist. I will keep you all up to date and send you somne progress pics Mandy. Oh BTW did you take any pics of your Mitzi body change? I have never seen a new body Pullip being pulled apart it would be interesting. *hugs* to all Danni =^..^=
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