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Deleted by topic administrator 04-16-2006 05:11 AM
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
07:43 AM ET (US)
Too late -- the final changes went in on Friday!

(When I said I needed them soon, I wasn't kidding -- often I have no more than a week to proofread a galley before it's needed back in production.)
Cole Kitchen
07:29 PM ET (US)
Tourist: "Anyway, the first SETI signal came from a couple of degrees off and more than hundred light-years out...." (should be "a hundred")

Tourist: "I think he did this in Amsterdam eight years ago when Bob first met him."
           "[t]here's only one logical thing to beam backward and forward out there, and you may remember I asked you to beam it out about, oh, nine years ago?" "The lobsters."
(eight vs. nine years since the events in the Lobsters chapter)

Halo: "There are twenty-nine Jovian moons and an estimated two hundred thousand minor bodies, lumps of rock, and bits of debris crowded around them...."
According to NASA, there are now 63 known Jovian moons (see http://sse.jpl.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cf...piter&Display=Facts ).

Curator: "...a complete archive of human experiences, from the dawn of the fifth singularity on up."
To reduce reader confusion, I suggest replacing "fifth singularity" with "fifth Kurzweil evolutionary epoch" (if that is what you meant). See pp. 20-21 of Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity Is Near. His "Epoch Five" is the coming "merger of human technology with human intelligence."

Halo: "High in orbit around Amalthea, complex financial instruments breed and conjugate. Developed for the express purpose of facilitating trade with the alien intelligences believed to have been detected eight years earlier by SETI."
But the Halo chapter takes place in the "fourth decade" (2030s), and the world situation report near the beginning of the Tourist chapter (which takes place at "the eve of the third decade," or just before 2020) indicates that the alien signals were detected two years earlier. Thus "eight years" seems too short.

Router: The first of the world situation reports in this chapter describes "the fifth decade" (2040s), and refers to "the well-known extraterrestrial transmission received fifteen years earlier." As in my comment just above, this seems too short a time.

Router: "We are the Wunch," announces the first lobster, speaking clearly. "This is a body-compliant translation layer. Based on map received from yourspace, units forty thousand trillion light-kilometers ago?" "He means twenty years" ... "You accept our translation?" asks the leader. "Are you referring to the transmission you sent us, uh, thirty thousand trillion light-kilometers behind?" asks Amber.
i. At 300,000 km/sec, it would take light about 4228 and 3171 years respectively, not 20 and 15 years, to travel these distances.
ii. Presumably this refers to the lobsters' transmission into interstellar space and the alien signals that were picked up by humans in the late 2010s. See my comments above re time intervals.

Curator: "the starwhisp passes the one-light-year mark, almost twelve trillion kilometers out beyond Pluto."
Suggest changing to "more than nine trillion kilometers."

Survivor: Unclear whether New Japan is in the vicinity of the Hyundai +4904/-56 brown dwarf or elsewhere in the 100-light-year span of refugee quasi-human civilization. The second paragraph places it "a hundred trillion kilometers from the wreckage of Earth" (i.e., about 10.6 light years), whereas the first world situation report (in boldface) could be interpreted as placing it at Hyundai (but Hyundai is about 3 light years from Earth).

Router: Most of the novel's references to Hyundai place the brown dwarf at just under 3 light-years from Earth, but at one point Su Ang refers to being "in orbit around a brown dwarf just over three light-years from home."

Router: The first world situation report (in boldface) refers to "the solar system that lies roughly twenty-eight trillion kilometers — just short of three light-years — behind the speeding starwhisp," but at this point the ship is still accelerating and will continue doing so for another 2 megaseconds (ship time). Thus, the distance needs to be cut in half (at least).

Survivor: The first world situation report indicates that 10 gigaseconds (about 320 years) have passed since the lobster starships arrived at Hyundai. But Sirhan later says that it has been "a hundred and eighty years since we emigrated. Although correcting for general relativity adds another decade or so."
How did Sirhan and his associates survive in the Vile Offspring-infested solar system during the 100+ years between the events of Elector and his emigration?
Cole Kitchen
08:00 PM ET (US)
Router: "Huh." Amber stares at the cat. "So. You've been carrying this lump of source code since when ...?"
"At the signal, for precisely two hundred and sixteen million, four hundred and twenty-nine thousand, and fifty-two seconds," Aineko supplies, then beeps smugly. "Call it just under six years."

i. 216,429,052 seconds = 6.86 years (just under seven years).
ii. Assuming that Aineko began to "carry the source code" when he picked up Annette's alien download package at the end of Tourist, that occurred on "the eve of the third decade." The beginning of Router takes place in "the fifth decade." This seems inconsistent with six or seven years.
Cole Kitchen
07:10 PM ET (US)
The entire final sentence of the Tourist chapter should probably be italicized (at present, the middle portion is not).

In Lobsters, there should be a hyphen between "pre" and "Great War" in the paragraph beginning with "The permanent floating meatspace party...."
Cole Kitchen
04:49 AM ET (US)
Gutter years of which century?

Halo: "Amber, like most of the postindustrialists aboard the orphanage ship Ernst Sanger, is in her early teens.... Their parents, born in the gutter years of the twenty-first century, grew up with white elephant shuttles and a space station that just went round and round, and computers that went beep when you pushed their buttons."

The Halo chapter takes place in "the fourth decade" or 2030s, probably early in that decade given that (in Tourist) Amber was "about 160 million seconds old" on "the eve of the third decade" (i.e., just before 2020). Isn't it at least as likely that the parents would have been born in the 1990s - the gutter years of the twentieth century?
Cole Kitchen
04:18 AM ET (US)
Fuzz "apparatchiks" date?

Lobsters: "Russia has been back under the thumb of the apparatchiks for fifteen years now, its brief flirtation with anarchocapitalism replaced by Brezhnevite dirigisme and Putinesque puritanism.... Russia has re–elected the communist government with an increased majority in the Duma...."

Because a formal return to communist rule in Russia hasn't happened thus far, adding fifteen years to (at least) mid-2005 puts the events of the Lobsters chapter in 2020 or later, rather than the teens (as would be consistent with most of the rest of Accelerando). Thus, you may want to fuzz the "fifteen years."
Cole Kitchen
03:47 AM ET (US)
Lobster lib date?

Lobsters: "Well, if you hadn't shafted them during the late noughties ... " (implying that the chapter is happening no earlier than the teens)

Router: "Back in the teens," says Ang. "When Amber's father liberated the uploaded lobsters."


Elector: Decades ago, back in the dim wastelands of the depression-ridden naughty oughties, the uploaded lobsters had escaped. Manfred brokered a deal for them to get their very own cometary factory colony
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
07:36 PM ET (US)
Good stuff! I'm going to have to close this out soon ...
Cole Kitchen
03:09 AM ET (US)
A minor inconsistency:

Router: "By converting all the nonstellar mass of the solar system into processors, they can accommodate as many human-equivalent minds as a civilization with a planet hosting ten billion humans in orbit around every star in the galaxy."

Elector: "The intelligence bloom...won't stop until it runs out of dumb matter to convert into computronium. By the time it does, it will have as much brainpower as you'd get if you placed a planet with a population of six billion future-shocked primates in orbit around every star in the Milky Way galaxy."

(ten billion vs. six billion)
Cole Kitchen
02:57 AM ET (US)
According to Wikipedia, the Atomium was built for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair (not 1950).
Kim Rudeen
07:51 PM ET (US)
In Elector:
"It's a ten-meter-diameter metal globe, spiral staircases and escalators connecting it to the seven spheres at the corners of an octahedron that make up the former centerpiece of the 1950 World's Fair."

An octahedron has eight faces but only six vertices.

Also, is "octahedron" a correct description of the Atomium? According to what I've found on-line (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomium) the Atomium is a cube with a central sphere connected diagonally to 8 spheres at each corner. It's supposed to represent a "body-centered cubic" iron crystal.
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
11:19 AM ET (US)
Ding! Thanks, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.
Michael Robinson
08:13 PM ET (US)
In Curator:
"Of course, the growth rate will slow toward the end, as it takes longer to fractionate the metal isotopes out of the gas giant's turbid depths, but before that happens, the first fruits of the robot factories on Ganymede will
be pouring hydrocarbons down into the mix."

Given that you're discussing Saturn, shouldn't that be Titan, not Ganymede?
Deleted by topic administrator 02-06-2006 07:32 AM
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
09:19 AM ET (US)
Thanks, Phil. NB: I know about Amber suddenly being called "Wednesday" (oh, the embarrassment!) at one point in "Elector". Anyonne got any other bloopers?
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