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Bolles Family Genealogy

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Cynthia Gale Jolly Zuck
04:08 PM ET (US)
My Grandfather was William Perigo Bolles, and he was married to my grandmother Doris Sharrard Rugan Bolles, my mother was Dorisjeanne Bolles I would love to get the books for the Bolles family. Thank you
Bob Bolles
01:18 PM ET (US)
 Hi Kim, Sorry my reply was scramble..

If I can be of any help, feel free to reach out to me. I'm the genealogist for the Bolles Family Association. Are you a member? If not, email me at genealogy@bollesfamily.org and I can send you, or anyone interested PDF of our mailer and application.

I can also help you find a local copy of Vol 1, of George William's book.
02:52 PM ET (US)
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02:02 AM ET (US)
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12:26 PM ET (US)
Hello, I am a descendant of Joseph Bolles of Wells, ME. I am looking for the 1st Bolles genealogy book that was printed. Can I still get a copy? I am also interested in the Bolles family line before Joseph from England. I just found this site and will be reading through it. Thanks so much.
05:32 PM ET (US)
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09:34 AM ET (US)
I have been looking for archived Bolles newsletters from the association. Are these available online? I remember one article spoke about a cousin that was given the title Dame. There was also paperwork provided in this newsletter. I had a copy but lost it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've traced the Bolles line back to the Byzantine Empire, Many Saints of Interest, all the Kings of Scotland, and so much more. If I may help if these are not known facts, please let me know. This line is through Eudo de Welles.
04:24 AM ET (US)
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06:35 AM ET (US)
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09:27 PM ET (US)
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David W. Rafferty
10:00 AM ET (US)
I am glad to see this forum pop up. My late mother, Helen E Rafferty did extensive genealogy on our family lines, one of which was Bolles Here is a thumbnail sketch 1. Joseph 1608 2. Joseph 1654-1683 3. Joseph 1680? 4. Joseph 1712 -? 5.Lemuel 1755-1805 6. Erastus 1788-1859 7.David 1823-1850 8.Ellen Georgiana 1848-1935 9. Ernest Valentine McNally 1877-1945 10. Helen Elizabeth McNally Rafferty 1908-98. Ernest was my Maternal grandfather married to Anna Barbara Byer. They were involved with the silk mills in Pennsylvania and Belding, Mi where, after the closure of the Mills in 1932, became mayor of Belding, School Board and manager of the Belding Hotel. Ellen Georgiana came to live with them and died in a tragic kitchen fire. My mother was made a member of the D.A.R thru Lemuel's service.
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09:01 AM ET (US)
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Judye Osborne
08:40 AM ET (US)
Hi All,
My 8th gr granddfather was Joseph Bolles (gateway ancestor), my line descends from Joseph to son Thomas to son John to daughter Christian or Christiana Bolles who married William Crouch. All the above is documented. I can't find hard documentation of the birth of Christiana and husband William Crouch's daughter Mary Crouch (1772-1851)
though several family histories mentionsher, none that will stand up to standards of lineage societies. Marcy Crouch went on to marry Ichabod Pierce.
Does anyone have any documentation proving the relationship between Christiana Bolles and daughter Mary Crouch? I would be so grateful!
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Maureen Chelak
03:52 PM ET (US)
Hello, all! My name is Maureen and I am researching my family ancestry. Does anyone have any information on John Robinson Bolles (born 1762/1763 in New London, CT)? He married his cousin, Rebecca Bolles in 1788. I am looking for documentation to support these events. I am also in need of information/documentation on Rebecca Bolles. I believe she later remarried a George Lapham, and at some point moved to Michigan possibly to live with her son Frederick. Any help is greatly appreciated. I need the documentation for membership in DAR. My email is reanniec@gmail.com. Thank you.
Edited 08-01-2016 03:57 PM
10:43 AM ET (US)
Thanks so much for the updated Bolles /Frost info. Greatly appreciated!
Larry & Virginia Bolles
04:59 PM ET (US)
Hi,  Finally got the info we have. 
1.  Joseph Bolles  from Scampton England) had Daughter.

     1.  Mary Bolles, Born 8/7/1641 Wells, Maine.  Died  11/11/1704.  Married Col Charles Frost.      2.  Thomas Bolles shown below
     3.  Joseph Bolles.
     4. Joseph Bolles born  3/15/1654,  Wells, Maine.  Died 9/25/1863.  Married Mary Frost. 2.  Born Wells, Maine. 12/1/1644, died New London, Conn., 5/25/1727, married Zipporah Wheeler.  Had three children--Mary, Joseph and John. Major (later Colonel) Charles Frost, immigrant, of Kittery.  Born  7/30/1631 England.  Died 7/4/1697 Kittery, York, ME.  Killed by Indians. DROS393 m: - 1664 York, York, ME.  Mother Bertha Cadwallay, Father NIcholas Frost
Sorry nothing on the other names.  The info above was copied  direct as shown on my records. Hope this helps you,  Regards,  Larry Bolles
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