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05:20 AM CT
Excellent summary. I would like to suggest one small change where you emphasize that Mary was not sinless because of the sin offering she made. By the same logic, you could also say Jesus was not sinless because he was baptized by John. If you want to make your point from a Protestant perspective, that's fine, but out of respect for half the Christians in this world who are Catholic or Orthodox and still follow what the early Church Fathers taught about Mary's sinlessness (like Ephraim, Ambrose and Augustine for examples), it would be nice if you could accommodate them as well in your otherwise excellent analysis. Maybe a line that says something like "while many believe Mary was sinless, others use this OT Reference to argue she was not." No need to take a good work like this and cast doubt on it by alienating those Christians who disagree on this one small matter. Your other explanations are good and something most Christians of all denominations don't know, but should. Thanks!
08:54 PM CT
Is "ChristmaSpirit" spelled correctly and needs a little more oraganic font look to it...sort.of lock stock barrel right now. And also add drop.shadow to it...50% translucency/opacity to start with.

Otherwiss great segment context and continuity...keep up the good worm and we look forward to full expansiln of more bible stories. Maybe also consider a jump-to link for references cited for your scripture and facts...especially the more you build.up the site
08:49 PM CT
Viewing the page on smartphone. Left side jump-to links are too small...cannot read them very well in native resolution without having to manually scale the page first. Perhaps shrink all.of the supporting text a size or too...but I realize. It is a trade-off here, but likely worth it.

Eliminate the box outlines and use drop shadow behind images and section tirles to create softwr separatjon with spacial.influence.

Is "ChesitmaSpirit
12:32 PM CT
Where can I buy bible phases on door decoration for Christmas.
Lisa/ 11-21-2016
07:14 AM CT
In looking for answers, I have discovered that there is no evidence that this star lead the Magi directly to Jerusalem. Is it possible that what the Magi thought was a star (when they first saw this star)was the light of Angels from Heaven proclaiming to the Shepherds the birth of the Messiah? The light shining from the Heavenly Host would have been extremely bright, beyond belief. According to Matt 2:9 a star appeared after they left Herod, then lead them directly to where Jesus was.
08:33 AM CT
Thanks for all the work you put into this topic. My point concerns your assertion that the wise men did not go to Bethlehem but rather went to see the child Jesus in Nazareth.
The flaw in this is as follows:
1. The family was told to flee to Egypt because Herod would be seeking to kill the child.
2. Herod only killed children within the regions of Bethlehem.
3. It would have been senseless for them to flee from Nazareth when the persecution of the children was taking place only in Bethlehem. Lk. 2:13-14
4. The reason they fled was because they were in the region where the persecution was going to take place - Bethlehem.
5. They fled to Egypt immediately after the departure of the wise man therefore the wise men were in Bethlehem to see the child and not Nazareth.
6. The traveling to Egypt from Bethlehem and then back to Jerusalem to the temple for His dedication within 6 or 7 weeks of His birth is reasonable.
7. According to Matthew chapter 2 they returned to Nazareth only after the visit of the wise men, but according to your theory they would already have been in Nazareth prior to the wise men coming.
8. Had a large prestigious group of Magi arrived in Nazareth when Jesus was 2 years old, to worship Him and offer gifts, certainly that would have made a lasting impression on everyone living in Nazareth since it was a very small community. Yet, as an adult the people of Nazareth simply considered Jesus as the son of the carpenter - a normal person (Mk. 6:1-4). Their attitude towards him as an adult is not consistent had He been so honored and worshipped by Magi as a child in that community.
Edited 12-28-2015 09:14 AM
Captain KirkPerson was signed in when posted
11:22 PM CT
Excellent comment by Jim Laupp 12-10-2014. However, the light led the Magi to Jesus, so it seemed to have some precision as to the location that it pointed to.
Edited 10-01-2015 12:12 AM
Linda Stiffler
07:11 AM CT
Wow , great . I love seeing between the lines . That is what makes The Word new every morning , great is His faithfulness
Jim Laupp
11:32 AM CT
Regarding where the star (whatever it was) "stood" as Matthew says, 2:9 does not say "the place." The literal translation of Matthew 2:9 is this: "And after they had heard the king, they departed and behold, the star, which they saw in the rising, led them, until having arrived, it stood over where the child was." Matthew does not say that the "star" stood over the very house where Jesus was at that time. Using "where" to describe the location of the child, while possible to describe the specific structure, can also probably refer to the city in which he was located. As a matter of illustration, when a person is traveling and happens to talk with a person back home, a common question to be asked is, "Where are you?" The answer commonly would be a city. "Where are you?" "I'm in New York City." To say that Matthew's use of the adverb translated as "where" must mean a specific structure in a city, and not the city itself, is conjecture and speculation.
Rick Hynek
10:20 PM CT
Thanks for posting this. I agree with your questioning so-called facts that we have been told from childhood. According to Google, Magi were Zoroastrians who believed that human events were predicted in the stars as well as delving into other practices that were forbidden by God's law. They were highly respected and often advisors to the king.
The problems I have with this story as it is told are 1) Scripture never says that God sent a star. 2) How could any heavenly body, star or planet, be directly over the place where Jesus lay? If a heavenly body were directly over you would it also be directly over someone 20 or 30 miles away? 3) God sent angels to tell the shepherds exactly where to find the Christ child and how he would be dressed. On the other hand, if God led these so-called Wise Men to find Jesus then why did it end up as a horrible, botched up disaster? We never hear a Sunday School teacher ask the kids, "Who wants to play the murdered children this year?". It just doesn't fit into the story. My humble suggestion is that The Magi were not sent by God but by the same spirit that plotted to have Daniel thrown into the lions' den (Dan 6). Their following a star may be best understood as charting their horoscopes. That would also explain why no one else saw this magnificent heavenly body. Astrology is under the rule of the evil one ... not God. however, whatever we find, we ain't gonna change Christian tradition and probably it's better to leave alone as is. Best we stay in the business of sharing the Good News and building His Kingdom. God Bless!
Edited 04-11-2014 10:21 PM
Follower of Jesus
02:35 AM CT
I have been re-reading the NT and writing down my thoughts have just again completed Luke 2. This article confirms what i have believed for a while- thank you. It does not detract from the Divinity of Christ it reinforces it. So often we read without really looking and understanding before my excercise I asked God to lead my thoughts and so I again say thank you for confirming for me what I believed. God bless.
HopeFaithPrayer Blog
10:43 PM CT
Thank you; very well done. I have studied this extensively and yours is one of the better accounts. I agree totally with what you have written and I learned many new items.

I have my own personal thought. I think Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus stayed with Zacharias and Elizabeth for those first few days, maybe the full 40 days or so. They were family and great friends, it was a safe place for Mary, and Zacharias could have done the 8th day circumcision. Priests usually lived close to Jerusalem, which is also close to Bethlehem.

This leads to my only concerns with the narrative. One, if Jesus was safely up in Nazareth why did God warn them to leave immediately and go to Egypt? My guess is that Herod would ultimately find out that the Magi had been in Nazareth and would soon look there. Second, on a lesser point, Zacharias could not live too close to Bethlehem because John would have been in danger of Herod's killing spree. He was only six months older than Jesus was. Thanks again.
Edited 12-27-2013 10:44 PM
11:31 AM CT
very nice and thorough depiction of the events surrounding the birth of our LORD & Savior JESUS CHRIST. blessings upon you for your time and efforts
R. F.W
06:26 AM CT
I bless God for this page.
Please reconsider
01:43 PM CT
What asscociation does darkness have with light? As for your Easter's pagan too (spring equinox, fertility, Ishtar, etc.) Jesus warned us about following the traditions of man and that there would be many that say they come in His name but are really ravinous wolves in sheeps clothing. Jerimiah all but says the words christmas tree in chapter 10 while warning us against it (he covers Easter too), there are no scriptural references that validate the celebration of that day, but there are several that condemn it.
Edited 12-13-2013 01:45 PM
Bradley White
05:08 PM CT
This is from a recent study. "For primiparas, the median duration of gestation from assumed ovulation to delivery was 274 days"
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