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11:11 PM ET (US)
Dear Friends:

When I took the training last fall I told my cohorts that I was about to do an interview with the Boston Globe Magazine on the topic of torture. Several people were very helpful with suggestions and encouragagement -- all of which was helpful and appreciated, and added to my confidence and sense of centeredness going into the interview.

I am very pleased to report that the "Two Voices" interview in the Boston Globe Magazine appeared on January 30th. This is a link to the text as it appeared in the Magazine: http://www.comw.org/pda/0501cronin.html

Again, thanks, and comments are welcome.

Meck Groot
03:47 PM ET (US)
Hi everyone!

I am writing to update you about a few things related to our work together. Let me begin by apologizing for the amount of time it has taken to reconvene the group. I will present options for monthly meetings in my next email.

Welcome to baby Zara
Undoubtedly many, if not all of you, have heard that Judy Tso gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Her name is Zara and she is a beauty!!! Congratulations Judy! and big welcome Zara!

Spiritual Leadership Development Project - WTC's current work plan
Donna and I have begun naming the work we are doing together with our partners the "Spiritual Leadership Development Project." This has come out of our attempts to secure funding that can sustain us as we develop the trainings, create more structured partnerships with you, build this community of partners, and begin creating other "products" in spiritual leadership development. As we have conceived the project, we see that this process will take at least three years. I am attaching two documents that I hope will make clear to you how we conceive the project, what activities are involved, and what time line we are working with. Please let me know if you are unable to open these documents.

As you review the work plan document, please consider things that you might be interested in working on -- obviously, there is more than enough work to go around.

Writing curriculum for the Internal dimension
As you can see from the work plan, February is "Internal" month. We've had two meetings so far this month to do work on the curriculum for the Internal dimension of spiritual leadership. The team so far has included Lisa, Gladys, Katsuko, Donna and me. Conversations are rich! As we work on this dimension and see the complexity of it, I am reminded of something Malidoma Some once said, "The cosmos is as big as it is in order to reflect the vastness within us." The enormity of the terrain becomes increasingly clear. We have our work cut out for us, but at this point I feel confident of our capacity to create something powerful and useful. Since we said anyone wishing to join in the planning is welcome to attend meetings, let me tell you that the next two meetings for the Internal are
Feb 18 - 9 to 12 and
Feb 24 - 9 to 12

Writing curriculum for the Interpersonal dimension
March is "Interpersonal" month. The schedule for meetings to develop curriculum for this dimension is
March 1 3 to 6
March 9 - 9 to 6
March 15 - 3 to 6
March 24 - 9 to 12

Meeting with E.D. and Board President of SUNY's CWIG
Donna and I met with two wonderful women from the Center for Women in State University of New York (Albany) Center in Government and Civil Society yesterday. We were introduced to them through Alethia who will begin working at the Center in the Fall. Alethia told them about Leading from Spirit and other spiritual leadership development work and they got very excited about the possibilities of working together. Our two-hour meeting was very rich -- a deep exchange of ideas, vision, dreams, possibilities. The meeting laid the foundation for ongoing connecting. We shall see where the journey takes us. It is unfolding.

Advertising upcoming LFS trainings
I am attaching a brochure that we have developed to market the LFS overview training. It's in a PDF format. Please have a look at it. If you have ideas for strengthening it, please let us know ASAP. I am going to redesign it a bit in order for it to be a self-mailer. We have found another really good printing deal for four-color printing and I want to get this off to the printer soon.

Please note that there are two upcoming dates for trainings:
April 1 (7 to 9) and April 2 (9 to 5) and May 13 (7 to 9) and May 14 (9 to 5). Please spread the word to people you think would be interested. We have LOTS of time to fill these two up, so LET'S DO IT!!!

Marketing, of course, brings up issues of scholarships. Donna and I have decided to try a technique here that another organization we know uses. For every 8 people who pay full price, we can offer 1 scholarship. This might be applied to one person who can't afford anything or spread out over 2, 3 or more people who just afford a part of the cost. We would, therefore, have to keep a running list of who needs scholarship and how much they need, and then as people who pay full price register, we can register people on the scholarship list on a first-come, first-served basis.

Almost done
I have a feeling that there's more to add -- but I need to send this off before I leave today, so I will. If more comes to mind, I will send another note.

Please respond with and questions, comments, of concerns that you might have about anything I've presented. Looking forward to seeing each of you again soon.

Meck Groot
03:50 PM ET (US)

Pre-application to the Sisters of Charity Ministry Foundation – February 17, 2005

(Note: they give you ONE! page in which to describe your project – thus this is very contracted – but I thought it would be a quick way of giving the overview to you.)

1. Describe the opportunity, need, or problem you propose to address
We see the crises of global injustice mounting. The issues of the 20th century – the AIDS epidemic; global warming; corporate corruption; destructive conflicts over ideology and resources; ethnic cleansing; the wealth gap; system collapse – are increasing in this century. Individuals and organizations that work for a just society are increasingly at risk of losing the internal and external resources they need in order to carry on.

2. State briefly what you propose doing to address the opportunity, need, or problem
WTC addresses this need through the development of spiritual leadership – leadership that is "on Purpose, in Spirit, for Justice." Specifically, we have created our Spiritual Leadership Development Project, a multi-year project in which we are making our work replicable, accessible and more widely available. The activities of the project fall into five categories:
1. completion and delivery of curriculum in spiritual leadership
2. development of a community of 25 WTC partners who can develop and deliver programs in spiritual leadership development
3. development and implementation of marketing materials and strategies that ensure WTC is able to offer its programs as widely as possible to both individuals and organizations in diverse communities
4. development of structures to support the creation of ongoing Study/Action communities able to deepen the spiritual leadership of their members and through collective action make an impact within movements for social change
5. development of a monthly drop-in program for WTC members and the general public
Work on these activities is simultaneous and has already begun.

3. Indicate who will benefit from what you intend to achieve and how
WTC works with a population of individuals and organizations that is very diverse in terms of race, culture, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, spirituality, age, and ideology. What those we serve have in common is their work for justice. Those who participate in this project will experience an increased capacity to effect justice within the four dimensions of spiritual leadership – the internal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural. In fact, those who are already participating report ways in which this is happening for them as a result of their participation.

4. State what you intend to achieve during the funding period
Between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006, we intend to achieve the following:
* completion of a five-part training series in spiritual leadership development called Leading from Spirit, together with training materials and trainer manuals
* development and implementation of marketing plan that can support intended delivery of resources to individuals and organizations
* completion of a spiritual leadership anti-racism institute
* completion of training of 25 WTC partners as fully qualified trainers in spiritual leadership development
* completion of partnership agreements with individual partners
* development of WTC partners group as fully functioning Study/Action community
* delivery of services in spiritual leadership development through Leading from Spirit trainings, spiritual leadership anti-racism institute, and spiritual leadership consultations to 400 individuals and 23 organizations
* delivery of monthly drop-in program exploring aspects of spiritual leadership with and for WTC's membership and potential members
Meck Groot
04:01 PM ET (US)

WTC Spiritual Leadership Development Project: timeline and activities


select partners - July and August 04

train partnersin WTC's Spiritual Leadership (SL) model -August 04 to June 06

build partner group as a Study/Action community - ongoing

establish agreements/contracts with individual partners that provide mutually beneficial outcomes for WTC and for each partner - June to September 05


develop curriculum - Spring 04

pilot curriculum with WTC partners - August 04

refine curriculum based on results of pilot - Fall 04

develop and distribute marketing materials for this training - ongoing

deliver to WTC membership, general public and organizations - 2 in Nov 04 and 1 each in Dec 04, Feb 05, April 05, May 05, Sept 05, Nov 05, Feb 06, May 06, Sept 06, Dec 06, Feb 07 and May 07


finish developing curriculum for this module building on what was already created in Spring of 2004 - February and March 04

pilot curriculum with WTC partners and participants who have already taken the overview module - April 05

refine curriculum - April and May 04

deliver to WTC membership, general public and organizations - 1 each in October 05, March 06, October 06 and March 07


finish developing curriculum for this module building on what was already created in Spring of 2004 - March and April 05

pilot curriculum with WTC partners and participants who have already taken the overview module - May 05

refine curriculum - June 05 to September 05

deliver trainings to individuals and organizations - 1 each in Dec 05, April 06, Nov 06 and April 07


develop curriculum for this module - June, July and August 05

pilot curriculum with WTC partners and participants who have already taken the overview module - September 05

refine curriculum - October and November 05

deliver to WTC membership, general public and organizations - 1 each in Feb 06, May 06, Dec 06, and May 07


develop curriculum for this module - July, August, September 05

pilot curriculum with WTC partners and participants who have already taken the overview module - October 05

refine curriculum - November and December 05

deliver to WTC membership, general public and organizations - 1 each in April 06, June 06, Jan 07 and June 07


develop a SL anti-racism training institute - March to Nov 05

deliver SL anti-racism training institute - 1 each in March 06, August 06 and March 07

ongoing SL anti-racism training/consulting with organizations - ongoing


assess needs, desires and options for participants in such a community - March, April, May 05

develop structure to accommodate and support needs, desires and options for participants - June, July and August 05

begin first Study/Action community -- open to anyone who has participated in SL trainings - September 05 and ongoing


plan and develop program series - March to June of 05, 06 and 07

hold monthly drop-in program - 1 event a month from September to June each year


ongoing prospecting and development of contracts as the work unfolds - ongoing


Get help from marketing consultant - asap (as funds permit)

Market LFS - Introduction - Sept 04 and ongoing
Market LFS - Internal - May 05 and ongoing
Market LFS - Interpersonal - August 05 and ongoing
Market LFS - Institutional - November 05 and ongoing
Market LFS - Cultural - December 05 and ongoing
Market LFS - package - December 05 and ongoing
Market LFS for organizations - June 05 and ongoing
Market SL anti-racism for organizations March 05 and ongoing
Market SL anti-racism institute October 05 and ongoing
Market Drop-In Program July 05 and ongoing
09:48 AM ET (US)
Last evening I saw and heard the Kuumba Singers perform. What an inspiration! The Kuumba Singers are of the Harvard community and "celebrate black creativity and spirituality" in a wonderful and moving way.

The Kuumba Singers will be celebrating 35 years of song in a special Sanders Theater appearance on April 30th. Mark your calendars.
05:06 PM ET (US)
Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted you to know that I am going to be participating in a panel at 38 Cameron on this Saturday that will follow a talk on this Wednesday at 7:30 by an educator from Australia (The panel will be on April 2 from 1-5pm. Here is the link, for more backround and information: http://www.38cameron.com/events/2005/03/holt.htm). They said WTC people can come to the to the talk on Wednesday for a reduced fee of $12 and to the panel on Saturday for $25. If you're available it'd be great to have you there if you're interested. To come to for the reduced fee, call or email them and tell them that you're part of WTC and have the reduced fee. Don't register on line if you want the reduced fee.

Also, I went to a wonderful gathering a couple of weeks ago on "anti-racism and community building and met a man who did a great video on line. It's at www.when-will-we-learn.com .
I think it's very good. Let me know what you think.

03:15 PM ET (US)
Dear All,

I notice that many of you have not signed up to receive
mail from the new Yahoo listserv, wtc_partners@yahoo.com

I encourage you to sign up, because otherwise you will
not get all the information and discussion that is going
on for the partners community!

It's a 2-step process:

In order to sign up, you need to creat a Yahoo ID. This is NOT the same thing as an email adddress. It's just a way
for Yahoo to identify you. So you can use your Yahoo ID and link it to your regular email, so you are not having to check more than one email address.

To create your ID, go to http://my.yahoo.com and click on
"sign up" right at the top left of the page. You will then
see a page asking for your name, etc. If you do not want
to create a Yahoo email address and mail, UNCHECK the box
that asks if you want to do that. Otherwise, fill in all of the other info, and click on "I Agree" at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Please include your real name. AND be sure to use your normal email address, so that all of your partners mail will go there. Yahoo does not send anything to you at that
address, only to your Yahoo address if you have one.

2. Become a member of the wtc_partners Yahoo group. The list is closed, so you ask to become a member, I approve you, and then you are in! You need your Yahoo ID and password in order to access the members page - where you can post a message, for example, or reply to one. All messages will be sent to you at the email address you used above - usually your normal email address, unless you decided to use
a Yahoo one.

Please let me know if you have any trouble, or questions.
I'm here to help! I can even set up an account for you
if you like, just send me a few options for your ID, as
many are already in use and they'll append a number to it
that can be hard to remember (at least it is for me!

OK - hope to hear from you soon either as you sign up for
the listserv, or directly.

Please email me at: castan2@fas.harvard.edu


09:11 AM ET (US)
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