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Leece's Ramblings.

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Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
19:04 WST

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Well, Rob and his technology has done it again, so for any news more recent than this posting, come on over to the all new, bright and shiny Leece's Rambling.
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Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
15:18 WST
Rode over to look after the cocky again this morning. It was a lovely morning for a ride. Let me go and check how many kilometres that is...that's 19.24 kms for the all round trip, there and back. Took me about 80 minutes. Average speed of 13.9 kph, compared to Monday's average of 15 kph, but I was really pushing it then.

I feel worse today though, than I did on Monday. All in all, not too bad though. I just don't want to move around much, now.

Worked on the pencil drawing that I started yesterday, it's nearly done. It sure was fun to do, I should probably relax like that a bit more often.

Rode back home, had lunch and read Field of Dishonour.

For some unknown reason though, I was actually finally able to access Clara's cat_amused blog, and I've been reading about her Pinnacle adventures, which was very interesting.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend, I'd like to do some gardening. And go somewhere for a nice picnic/geocache/birdsurvey/boulder.

Now I'm off to get the rubbish off my drawing desk and finish off this sweet little drawing.
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18:41 WST
Not just Mooncake Festival today, but is it not Richard's birthday? Happy Birthday to him. :-) Not older, just better.

So are you going to do something Mooncake Festivally? Or something Richard's birthday-y? Or are you going to combine the two. Oh, Jocelyn mentioned she couldn't see your blog either, presumably because of the underscore illegal character thingy...

Anyway, I caught the bus and met Nicky, Deej and Mark at Trinity Residential College to scope it out for Genghis Con. Wow! It's very cool, it's a gamer's paradise, amongst other things. I'm looking forward to February...

Then I caught the bus to do some parrot-sitting. No. That just sounds wrong...anyway, Rosie kept me company whilst I worked on a mug design, in colour pencil, not my usual sort of work but it turned out okay. It's nearly finished. Very pretty, I'd expect it to go up this week or so.

We were contemplating going rock climbing this evening but I feel a bit too fragged, so Rob came and picked me up from his sister's and brought me home after I gave him the run down on Trinity's facilities.

So here I am. 100th entry - Yaaaaaaay!
13:34 WST
It's Mooncake Festival today!
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12:11 WST
Monday morning

I just rode over to my sister in law's place to look after her galah. Took me about 45 minutes to get there, taking it easy in the sun, but then I realised that Mum wasn't home to tape the show I wanted, so I tore home full pelt all the way whoof puff puff pant pant.

Only to find that the show's a repeat and I have taped it already, anyway.

I'm so fit. (collapse, thud.)

I think I'll go have a shower, make myself some lunch and settle down to try and finish this drawing. Not that there's much rush for that, CafePress are broken at the moment and we can't upload stuff.


Some hours later:

Well, I've finished my drawing. I'm fooling around with it a bit, but I think it will go fine. You should see it soon.

Tomorrow I'm joining the reconnaissance team from Genghis Con to check out what Trinity Residential College is like. Got to work out how to get there. The 99 bus is going to figure heavily into this, I would think.

Have a good evening folks.
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15:23 WST

Rob and I went over to my sister in law's place and amused her galah.

We then went to Chicken Treat, grabbed some wraps and decided to have a car picnic at the local lake. There were blue billed ducks, wagtails, magpies, dusky moorhens, galahs, silver gulls, corellas, pelicans, black swans and various honeyeaters. It was very pleasant. Blue sky, warm sun, cool wind.
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
20:48 WST
Good news from Steveg, he's been kicked out of hospital.

Rob and I did a bit of shopping today, at Good Guys, Dick Smith and Action. Rob then battled the Hydra, I mean Tidied Up The Cable Monster and Did Stuff to the system. I re-read On Basilisk Station, Honor of the Queen and then Short Victorious War. While I'm not the world's biggest fan of space opera, I always enjoy the Honor books, because of the characters & their interactions with each other. I'm more fond of the books that are based around Grayson for this reason, I can appreciate the cool, ultra scientifically explained space battles but I read 'em for the people.

Not much to report really, except I've given myself a crick in the neck n' shoulder from sitting and reading in one position too long.
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13:18 WST
Visited Dad this morning, it is a really nice day! Pretty warm, it feels like the hot season is going to have some sharp teeth this year. Hayfever's got me though.

Had a nice dinner at Anne's last night, and visited Steveg beforehand and showed him his namesake. The hospital reckons he'll come out on Saturday.

Lucky us got three Posscards from the British Isles today, dated the 17th, 18th and 19th of September (respectively), they haven't taken all that long to come here to Australia! Not long at all. The covers are "London by Night" "The Tower of London and Tower Bridge" (Outrage, anyone?) and "The Study in Scarlet" from Beeton's Christmas Annual. Very nice they are too, thanks Posskin!

Boardgames I suspect tonight. I wonder what we'll play?

I suppose I'd better go and plan this new drawing.

*** Some hours later ***

Well, the new drawing is going very well, NOW. I've had to scratch out bits of it several times. It is a rare example of something that works better when I try to do the same thing on the computer with the graphics tablet than when I do it with pencil and paper. Worked very well for me, probably my very first serious design that has been totally worked on digitally. Oh well, we'll see how successful it is when I put it up for sale...although it is designed with a very select, and specific bunch of people in mind, so sales may not actually be an indicator. We shall see. I'm gonna get one 'cause its cooooool!

Tonight, Gary came over and Rob and he and I played History of the World. In this game, if you are in the lead, your competitors cheerfully hand you the rottenest cultures they can manage to try and hamstring you. Silly me kept in the lead for most of the game, and Gary and Rob kept handing me lousy cultures for my purposes. However because some scoring advantages came with this it definitley was not all a bad thing. These are two competent, cutthroat players with strong mathmatical skills, which is darned handy in History of the World (whereas I tend to play a more wholistic, instinctive and intuitive game. I hope.) So I am very proud to have ended up with the scores below

Leece: 209
Rob: 206
Gary: 194

Thank you for the game guys! You fought a good fight.

Richard & Clara popped in and watched the last epoch and
then went off to the movies.

My mother has just watched a documentary on ABBA. She is now converted and the first ABBA albumns this house will have ever seen are now being seriously considered.

ABBA must've been good, I guess. I didn't go for them much when they were big and I was at the susceptible "music is everything" stage when they were, but I still can sing along confidently to just about any ABBA song. Earworms, that's what they produced. Annoyingly catchy. :-) They were just so, so...*nice*.

Mind you, Chess and Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot, I really enjoy. So it just goes to show. Very talented people. Good on 'em.

Leece all tuckered out now.
Edited 25-09-2004 09:29
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
16:10 WST
It's been a scrungy old day for leece today, she's been fooling around in the webshop and adding a few more items to the Steveg's Dragon section, and rearranging stuff, oh yeah and doing the Product of the Week thing, it being Thursday in WST and all. So if you like long sleeved shirts, go for it!

Rob and I are going over to visit the amazing Steveg himself tonight, we will then be going on to have dinner with my sister in law and her parrot, Rosie. I'll be looking after Rosie for a week, 'cause Anne is going to a conference over East.

So yes, that's about it really for today during the daylight hours.

Did anyone else think it was bloody freezing last night? In this geographical region, I mean...I can just see someone from Mawson or somewhere in the AAT posting "Why, yes...a bit nippy."
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
20:13 WST
Ha. I'm finished. I will ask Rob to put it up on my home page as well, so look out for it.
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
15:35 WST
Hello World!

We didn't go out last night as we both had sore heads. Both of us feel much better today though.

In fact, I feel Really Good. You know why? I think I might have finished a certain dragon named after a certain someone in hospital at the moment. I'm not certain yet, I'm going back and picking at it, fixing imaginary faults (a sure sign that I should probably leave it be before I wreck it) but it is very, very close. I wouldn't be suprised if it was triumphantly displayed on my homepage and at the webshop very very soon now. Possibly tonight.

Other and much more good news is that we have a posting from Steveg over on his journal. Hurrah! Good to see him there.

Playing at the moment - Dr Jane's Remains
Watching - Grim & Evil
Feeling - Annoyingly bouncy bounce! bounce! bounce! (Annoyed yet?)
Off I go to pick at Steveg's Dragon some more. It's signed now, that's a pretty good (but not infallible) indicator of done-ness. Yes, I know, I know, don't pick at it, it will make it worse...

Don't worry ma'am. I'm a professional.

It has tended to "drag on". Diddy-boom.
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
12:59 WST
Mmmmm-mmm. Waking up with a headache, just what I really need to start off my day. Got me up early, I suppose, and that's the only good in it. Character building I suppose.

Still working on Steveg's dragon. Stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll working. It could even be finished today, if things go exceptionally well, and if this stupid headache eases up. I thought I'd lost it, but it's come back. Couldn't be all this close, detailed work I'm doing, oh noooo. Must take breaks more frequently.


Last night we went and got our tax done, that was good to get out of the way, and we watched some Grim & Evil too, one of which was a Harry Potter parody. Very funny.

Now Rob and I have to decide whether to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaraunt in Northbridge tonight with some of Rob's cow-orkers. There's a certain attraction in going out and eating hot, spicy food, and there's a certain attraction in staying home in the warm and nursing this headache. Hot spicy food is winning with me, at the moment.

I liked the BuMet's description last night of what it thought today was going to be like. "Rather cold" it said. And, by Eris, it is. Rather. Brrr. I'm turning the heater on.
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10:48 WST
Saturday was great fun!

Sunday we slept in to about midday, we watched some Grim and Evil, and then Mum and I went to give Dad his birthday present. We came home, had a snack and I entered up the previous entries.

We then went off to see Steveg and take him some cheer. We had a game of Chrononaughts, which went on a reasonable time and which I finally won, despite having patched some things that I shouldn't have. Oops. Own goal there. Or in this case, not. :-)

So today, I'm going to ring a couple of map shops, and see if they can't help with our navigation of the Peel Mandurah inlet. No, I'm not slipping back into Piratese, I'm getting ready for our houseboat trip in Novembarrrrrrr.

And then I'm going to work on that crummy dragon. Sufferusssin.

***hours later***

Stupid dragon...stttttrrrrrrrrrreeeeeetchaleece.......
Edited 20-09-2004 15:07
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
17:47 WST
Avast yeself, Red Rob!
Now that you be reminding me, arrrr yes, I remember now!
Rob MastersPerson was signed in when posted
15:25 WST
Avast there Leece!
Ye not be rememberin' the mass of plunder I garnered from the galleries of the French? I guess ye were a bit battered by that raid...
Though I failed to amass a trove the size of Black Richard's on the pervious raid, I made a good haul, and it were my holds that were bulging the most on the voyage home! Some 820,000 of the froggies coins fell my way, despite the liens the bankers placed on my ship!
Alicia SmithPerson was signed in when posted
14:51 WST
Time: 13:34 Date: 19/09/2004 Location: S31.53 E 115.47 Heading: - Speed: Becalmed

Arrrrrr!!! If I didn't just receive word from me old ship mate, the Dread Pirate Poss, given' us a report from her sailing of the Northen Seas! Here's wishin' her fair winds and fine sailin' in her pillagin' of those cold seas.

There be much pillagin' yesterday, which is why there be'int no log entry for that date, so I'm goin' to have ter try to remember what happened on that dreadful bloody day.

First up, the ship were attacked by scurvy boarders, arrrrr, I know these scurvy privateers of old, The Winter's Ton: three from a noted warrior family who soon beat me shipmate Robert The Red, blowin' his ship up several times as he tried to bury his treasure at Pirate's Cove.

Then Black Mark, they call him, and Bronny the Bold, fiercesome fighters they be and arrrrrr me Citadel was looking wunnerful, arr, but mark ye well, they soon had it crashing down in a great old heap of rocks. They'll sing sad tales of Leece The Blade's last stand, they will, when we are all in the bellies of the great whale fish.

Then arrived that notorious pair, Black Richard the Norseman and the Terror of Temasek, soon followed by Pirate Pete. The Winter's Ton left the waters, but those that were left assaulted The Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay and many fine paintings were plundered, arrr, and fighting broke out amongst the plunderers, and me memory, weak with my wounds as I am, I can't be exactly recallin' what the outcome of the battle was...

Then Pirate Pete, Bronny the Bold, me humble self and Robert the Red all sailed together on a trip to the shores of Araby, aye, and we all had strange and wonderful adventures, many were the Tales that were told on those Arabian Nights, my companions were swallowed by dendan fish, and lived to tell the tale! And I, myself became Sultan! A wonderful trip that I must sail again soon!

The Terror of Temasik, Black Mark and, Black Richard the Norsman, and I think Joss the Fire at this point, it were hard to see for all the gunsmoke, and me wounds are affectin me rememberer, you understand, I think they were mounting full broadsides on Alexandros, but I can't be remembrin' properly. I do know they all assaulted the public transport system in the New World, great trains full of plunder they were raiding, they had a Ticket To Ride and great were the sounds of plunderin' and merrymakin' we heard from the other ship.

Meanwhile, meself, Robert the Red and Pete the Pirate embarked on the plunderin' of a castle we'd heard of, a Castle of Magic, one we've all visited before, but this is many years on, and Things Have Changed. We did not quite witness The Fall of Castle Bondi, but it were a whisker off happening, and I personally would've liked to seen it happen! But Pirate Pete got most of the plunder from that trip! Arrr, but I'm content with my lot, I tell ye. Robert the Red we double crossed and he yells curses at us still, but we're not afraid, not us!

We three also had a strange journey through time, but I'll not expect ye to believe that we were Chrononaughts, I hardly believe it meself!

Then Robert the Red and Leece the Blade were left to match wits and steel against steel, in a dreadful bloody fight: and the prize, the entirety of Greece itself, or Attica, as it be called! Arrrr I had me capital in Thebes, and he had Corinth, but he outfoxed me, arrrr I'm a sea captain, not a landsman, and I were pounded into the gravel Arrrrrr well, it's not an easy life we're meant to lead, the waves go up, and they go down too.

Arrr, I can't be rememberin' too much of what happened next, me wounds, ye understand...but it were well past 2 bells in the Middle Watch when we all finished our primitve existence, having all been shipwrecked on the shores of Carcassone, with no tools and strange woolly elephants every where. I aquitted myself well there, but it were all pretty much due to luck and me companions turn'n on each other. The stress of the voyage I think.

Arrr, the last of the boarders repelled and the decks swabbed, we went off, deservin' a kip.

Our thoughts to all those in peril on the sea, land and air, may ye have an easy journey and good winds. We miss'n our good mate Steveg Stevegsson, we hopes his bones knit soon, (from an argument with an automobile) we could've done with his strong right arm in the fracas. He be on Deck Six, Wardroom 62, cabin 3 so, if any of his crew mates want to give him some cheer, that be the semaphore I just be gettin' from his bo'sun.

Heave Ho me hearties!
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