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Greg RoelofsPerson was signed in when posted
09:21 PM ET (US)
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Ed Gordon
06:11 PM ET (US)
>The Zip page of the website says: "Zip 3.0 should be released
>sometime in 2006, probably around mid-year, and hopefully
>together with a corresponding UnZip release."
>Obviously that's no longer the case. What is the new timeframe
>for the 3.0 release?

Sorry, but that didn't happen.

Public Beta Zip 3.0f might be posted in a couple weeks, and that should be close to final. After that a release candidate would be posted and then the release.
UnZip 6.0 is looking good and a public beta of that may get posted soon. It's up to the UnZip maintainer what's left to do on that but that also is looking close.
We should know more after some internal testing in the next couple weeks.
Thanks for the interest!
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