Found Fotos Found Fotos QuickTopic <![CDATA[Sandra Win... | Thanks for this Alan. I have updated the page:]]> 2016-07-26T14:46Z <![CDATA[Alan Weeks | Definitely Lionel James Trafford of Hills Court. You can...]]> 2016-07-25T17:09Z <![CDATA[Sandra W | Glad you found this. I originally had the intention to...]]> 2013-11-08T10:06Z <![CDATA[D. Traffor... | Yes, he's a relation. The Traffords lived at Hill Ct until...]]> 2013-11-07T17:26Z <![CDATA[Sandra w | Hello Elizabeth As mentioned on the Home Page, I don't know...]]> 2013-06-20T14:40Z <![CDATA[Elizabeth ... | Hi there, I wondered if you still have the photo of John...]]> 2013-06-18T12:25Z <![CDATA[Donna Ledf... | Sandra, I am intrigued by the picture of Aunt Sally West....]]> 2004-08-16T21:09Z <![CDATA[garkins | Have you thought of looking on the 1881 census for this man,...]]> 2004-08-16T08:10Z <![CDATA[Sandra Win... | You can leave a message about the found photos here. Just...]]> 2004-08-13T19:24Z