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Some Are Building Monuments, Others Jotting Down Notes

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06:54 PM ET (US)
Lilly, there's two choices for me here... you can crank up (toke up? I don't even know!) and come on down to clean my apartment for me...

Or I can wait till I have a job, and hire the cleaning ladies I saw on TV to come in and do it. I tried cleaning my kitchen floor with the Grab It Spray and Mop? Sure it picked up dirt. But when I hit something with real Lysol some dirt literally disolved and was wiped up from what I THOUGHT was already clean. Thus proving I am no domestic goddess.

While I have been in love and willing to marry and procreate, and possibly would do so should it happen again, I too worry that my child will be one of the ones bystanders want to throw in traffic because they misbehave.

Or they'll Lizzie Borden my ass.

I didn't get the warm fuzzies for babies ever, and in fact to this day the sound of a crying infant sets my nerves on edge and makes me a little angry (probably not a good response), and I didn't babysit, except for my brother and I used to scare him so bad about someone being in the house going to kill us that after a while he used to CRY HYSETERICALLY if he thought I was going to babysit. Hah.

So while I'm fascinated by the /concept/ of pregnancy and child development, particularly their brain and motor skills, I don't really know that I'd be keen on being responsible for not fucking them up. Because I have very little patience, even with myself.

On the other hand, we could be first mother/child combo on Ritalin together! Wheee!

Editing to add I hated cats and kittens for most of my childhood, and never understood why the girls would FAWN over posters of them when there were majestic and useful horse posters to buy. Just recently, within maybe the last year, I have started getting warm fuzzies over cats. So who knows, I could just be a late bloomer. I'll be thirty in another two years, maybe by then babies will be appealing too. Or, not.
Edited 08-03-2004 06:57 PM
Lilly von Heimlickerish
06:37 PM ET (US)
Well, since evidently no-one else is going to evince an opinion--or maybe y'all are just insanely clean-living individuals--I managed to get almost all of my (VERY messy) bedroom cleaned up the last time there was any methadone percolating around in *my* bloodstream...

Of course, I also was up for almost two days straight (more of my winsomely spazzy response to opiates) and hence needed Day #3 to sleep and recover, but hey, at least I was able to find that months-overdue David Sedaris book from the library. After several hours of foraging and sorting, anyway.

Heinekens on top of it, though? Yecch. That's just SO wrong. See if he drops any hundreds, Bill, and maybe you can get it on the security cameras? (You have such things out in the wilds of CT, mais non?)

Male orange tabbies RULE! I just got the Nevada trip pix from my dad and will scan them later this week with a link to follow, and *that* link will also take you to the album with pix of my beloved Tboy (RIP) and Senor Boo (happily relocated farmwards). I always get my kids different food every time too, though Sophie is prone to sniff it suspiciously for some time before she'll actually partake. I love my little skeptic.
05:26 PM ET (US)
If I had a printer, this would be on my wall right now -

I'm still laughing five minutes later! Elope! HAH!

Yeah. Anyway. We fed our dog some kind of food and then whatever else she wanted... she loves fruit and carrots and frankly any damn thing you yourself are eating. She ended up with the stones and went on a canned diet from the doctor, which smells more disgusting than I could have imagined. She still gets carrots, as much as she wants (which is a LOT) and mom will throw her fruit sometimes, but other than that, she sticks to the diet.

She used to like the last bit of ice cubes from a take out cup. I guess because they tasted sweet from soda. You would barely swallow the last sip before she had her paws on your knees whining for the cup. *sigh* I miss her.
Ernst Bitterman
11:05 PM ET (US)
Honey and peanut butter. But the balance is the important thing-- too much honey, and it's too damn sweet. Not enough, and it's just sticky. Now, for a goofy treat, peanut butten, raspberry jelly, and a little medium-crisp bacon. Like poutine, this lives in the place of things that are repellent and clearly bad for you when viewed abstractly, but produce a Homer Simpson reflex if they appear in person.

OOH! Almost forgot! New kittens are in house. The orange tabby-boy will be going away tomorrow to become somewhat less manly, but for the moment, they're settling in nicely. Sleeping in a knot on top of some boxes, in fact. Woe, for lack of a digital camera....
08:44 PM ET (US)
I must just be fussy...I gotta have jelly or jam on my peanut butter samwidges. Mint, grape, strawberry, it doesn't matter. Bakeapple is nice too (it's a large brown tarty blackberry-like fruit)
MiminaPerson was signed in when posted
01:50 PM ET (US)
Oh yes, Sunalure... it's done by some other artist that Gontie has magnanimously allowed to share his bandwidth. The main condition seems to be that Gontie is allowed to interfere with his work. If Gontie started saying he 'had ideas chewing around in his head' about MY story and characters, I'd tell him to phrack off in so many graphically disturbing ways ;p
I agree, the guy's not bad, artistically. Not seeing enough of the story, it's hard to dismiss the writing JUST yet.
NegaduckPerson was signed in when posted
11:16 PM ET (US)
Sometimes a peanut butter sammitch is a wonderful thing.
04:51 PM ET (US)
Davey must be doing the writing. Spelling's a mess. I'm confused after reading through it (though my recent lack of sleep may be influencing that. The art's decent except for one picture with the puffy feet...
Bill the SplutPerson was signed in when posted
01:34 AM ET (US)
What's all THAT about?
(And can you pick out the one pic Davey did? Yes. Yes, you can)
Bill the SplutPerson was signed in when posted
01:12 AM ET (US)
Just to mention:
Today, Drunken Bob-Can't-Be-Wrong made a mistake adding the deposit. Again. For the third time this week. It wasn't off by a lot, though. Only $1200.
kisraelPerson was signed in when posted
11:33 PM ET (US)
damn it. note to self: really resist the urge to say "a fine year".

Though, to my meager credit, at least I didn't go HAW HAW after.
11:28 PM ET (US)
Certain elements are recycled, like the love-hate journalists and the American cold war, but most of it is new. I keep refining my ideas about what makes a good novel. In this story there is much more internal conflict and the action rises more gradually and is more suspenseful. Also there is less emphasis on philosophical musings and flowery descriptions, and more emphasis on plot and drama.
Bill the SplutPerson was signed in when posted
11:09 PM ET (US)
I dunno about reading it...So far you haven't mentioned any flying robot dinosaurs that are ninjas.

Did you completely trash the first novel, or is this a rewrite?
10:24 PM ET (US)
Well, Amy is famous has a lot of political enemies, and as the story goes on she ends up on all the blacklists. Elena is comparatively anonymous and respectable and law abiding, at least at first.
Ernst BittermanPerson was signed in when posted
10:02 PM ET (US)
Meanwhile, American society is degenerating into a cold war between fascists and democrats.
Seems a bit far-fetched... ;-)

How does the distancing help Elena? Not to say it DOESN'T, it's just not obvious in the below how it does. Overall, it doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd seek out (he said, glancing at the old Larry Niven novel he's re-reading and blushing deeply), but it seems to have sufficient potential to attract readers.
09:00 PM ET (US)
Okay. I've outlined The Novel Version 2.0. It's about a much-beleagered journalist and independent thinker named Amy Johnson. She develops a competitive love-hate relationship with Diane Riverhead, a similar-spirited journalist and independent thinker. Also, Amy is trying to distance herself from her sister Elena Johnson, in order to protect Elena, and Elena is trying to figure out what to do about a man who she loves but who is ignorant and morally shady. Meanwhile, American society is degenerating into a cold war between fascists and democrats.

Does that sound like something you'd want to read?
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