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tracks on June 8  2004 1:29:53 AM to 2:56 – about 1.5 hours composing. Add your comment on this item1


bowled about an hour ago, left one trace in ECCO Journal. Add your comment on this item2


making copies of my notebooks – good scanner Add your comment on this item3


Why do I continue to listen to that confusing and thus boring audio novel that is bombarding my ears and distracting my attention. Add your comment on this item4


I just turned it off – actually, I didn’t PAUSE, I turned it off.  So I will have to begin again.  Actually, if I do keep with that novel, I may have to start over when I can give it the attention it needs. Add your comment on this item5


Different media/messages require an enormous range of …attention and cognitive competencies. Add your comment on this item6


The ideas I enjoy may be to “heavy” for most.  And NOW I feel the rightness of the term “heavy”, to which my prior state didn’t like.  Some semiotic structures are very difficult to keep focused upon because they cause so much stress that the reaction is avoidance. Add your comment on this item7

The last ten words inserted themselves.  I caught them. But who sent them, and, while asking, who in the hell am I?  But the sentence was hijacked. “Stress” pushed herself onto the page by moving my fingers – Larry watched. Add your comment on this item8


So, then, Add your comment on this item9


To try co-composing with Dragon Naturally Speaking, seeing the text as I speak and also being able to speak to different locations in the document.  Develop also with OneNote and my online systems. Add your comment on this item10


            Why aren’t I using OneNote – because of the difficulty of getting it to others. Add your comment on this item11

            AND, I need to start ……… so many my mind flipped. Add your comment on this item12


I sit here waiting for something to express.  I look at the cat just to my left. Tucker is snoozing under the monitor just to the upper left of the keyboard. Add your comment on this item13

            Waiting, why did I wait so long to turn off that CD? Add your comment on this item14


It was because I didn’t want to have to try to find my place when I moved it into the bedroom.  This CD doesn’t seem to have bands, so I cannot skip up bands but must roll it forward at high speed.  I didn’t want that aggravation – but to start over again on the newer player would not have been any difficulty – yet, without thinking I imagined it so. Add your comment on this item15


I was lazy – and suffer rather than make a little effort. Add your comment on this item16






6/8/2004 1:52:32 AM Add your comment on this item17


I am not creating, I am only doodling my ideas. Add your comment on this item18


A new pattern may emerge from the chaos of visionary doodles. Add your comment on this item19

The slimemolds emerge. Add your comment on this item20


I need to construct some very specific semiotic structures. Add your comment on this item21

What I create can be called a “structure” instead of “system” because it can be reduced to a static code – a specific arrangements of atoms – for example, stored in a CD or a directory of files (and sub directories) on your hard drive or a server you access online. For security, it might be packetted and distributed duplicated in many, many places. Add your comment on this item22


What I do is shit out a bunch of text turds. Add your comment on this item23

            Whow, did that sentence emerge interestedly, as it went more and more scatological.  It is crude, but it is a useful metaphor.  I do produce pieces that are not linked to other pieces, there is only a time of creation difference.  They are labeled and stored in various hierarchies. Add your comment on this item24


I NEED TO CREATE – in the sense of – now what was his name, Add your comment on this item25

do I need to go to the bookcase,  The Path of Least Resistance and Creating are two of his books.  It may pay me to take his course on creating – and/or invite him to collaborate. Add your comment on this item26

His name is still not coming.   ROBERT FRITZ (looked up later) Add your comment on this item27




Do I need to solve the problem of storing versions – take periodic SNAPSHOTS of the whole system (a task that is frequently done for security).  One could go back and start .. lost it …..add alternative futures of creation. Add your comment on this item29


Thre woud be a very large co presence !!!!!!! Add your comment on this item30

            Now what does that mean? Add your comment on this item31

            Variant of “specious present”. Add your comment on this item32


            PRESENCE is emerging new meanings as I write. Add your comment on this item33

            It has Temporal Texture – it is created by living – YET – it can be recorded as Semiotic Structure.  Videos and music records are STRUCTURES, that when processed through another STRUCTURE yields a TEMPORAL UNFOLDING that is experienced as sustaining. Add your comment on this item34


What is keeping me from TIMEWEAVING. Add your comment on this item35

            I would put a daily task category, “timeweaving”, on my ECCO calendar, that required me to intentionally delete it daily – and I NEVER ONCE did I timeweave!  SAD Add your comment on this item36


My biggest regret is that I have limited time.  And to look to self needs, …. Add your comment on this item37

            Tinkered too long with that sentence – too much correction during creating. Add your comment on this item38


Am I creating now?   Is what is typed on the page above a product of my creativity. Add your comment on this item39


It may be an OUTCOME of my CREATIVITY, BUT NO A CREATION AS … THAT STILL NOT REMEMBERED AUTHOR ..  Add your comment on this item40


ENGINEERING is about CREATING Add your comment on this item41


Distinguishing creating and creativity, with outcomes (some blind emergence from chaos) contrasted to products of creating (the process of making manifest). Add your comment on this item42



            SO, LET US DO IT

                        SO, LET US DO IT



SO, LET US DO IT Add your comment on this item43




I sit here struggling with the heavy task of remembering that author’s name.  Association theory can’t account for this blocking.  The memory system, and “what” is stored is an area very ripe for new R&D (LORDD) Projects. Add your comment on this item44


I forgot the noodles in the microwave, they are already cool – I was trapped into this process of making marks on the screen. Add your comment on this item45


Laying Track --  has long been my metaphor. Add your comment on this item46


Trail Reader and Scout.  George Por is offering Collaborative Learning Expeditions.  Add your comment on this item47


Why not USE George’s system -  DESIGN some Learning Expeditions and offer them through George’s system. Add your comment on this item48


I should ALSO take the NUET path,  presenting myself not as ET but as NUET. Add your comment on this item49

A Virtual Being – birthed from my mind brain, but  Add your comment on this item50


OFFERING MYSELF FOR STUDY Add your comment on this item51



Would you have liked to have studied and collaborated with famous creative persons? Add your comment on this item52


Einstein, Darwin, Shakespeare, Mozart, Picasso, Dostoevsky, …  contribute your suggestions. Add your comment on this item53


One wonders how much each was unable to share of what they created, or had time to devote to creating.  How many unwritten books remain.  How many transfer insights to other domains have they considered, but never written about – and some never ever discussed with anyone.  Some written in scattered journals.  But much never made manifest other than as insightful experiential thinking  -- Add your comment on this item54


Would you be interested in helping an eldering creative being creating more and better? Add your comment on this item55


I don’t know how many others are feeling the same stresses as I – with much more to do than there is my lifetime to do.  But, an augmenting team (TSE) could make the creative person more productive. Add your comment on this item56


Producing vs Creating  Add your comment on this item57

I connate producing as more rote and mechanical – in the making of a product. Add your comment on this item58

But, creating is making, is producing a product of creating. Add your comment on this item59

Creativity is quite a different matter, and is not a behavioral process. Add your comment on this item60

Creativity is an emergent phenomenon. Add your comment on this item61

Creativity serves as the context for Creating. Add your comment on this item62

Creating is a learned behavioral process. Add your comment on this item63

Creativity develops and can be nurtured, augmented, facilitated – it is an “inner/outer force” that works with content (medium, substrate, topic, , , ) – that can often leave doodle tracks. not dog turds. Add your comment on this item64


Will I come back to this.  This WAS to have been a format for timeweaving. Add your comment on this item65

I had created 2 files like this and put them on QuickDoc – but never got back to them. Add your comment on this item66


I can use QuickDocs as a composition tool.  I can create my own threaded commentary, with quick links to parallel QuickDocs.  I can then set passwords and limit who has access. Add your comment on this item67


QuickDocs takes html files.  I think I can embed graphics and pics. Links to voice and video probably could be included. Add your comment on this item68


I might influence the emergence of QuickDoc through its different versions. Add your comment on this item69


6/8/2004 2:56:01 AM Add your comment on this item70