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Session 2

John Bradley
05:41 PM ET (US)
1. You really ought to get over yourself, Lee, and work on your grammar. Your dad was right: you type for a living; Hell, my cat can type and play the piano too, but with dubious results.
2. Your buddy Benge "spent 11 years without a fight" and six years with the Montagnards without seeing how they gather chi from their fallen (but still living) enemies and venerate their most revered (departed) elders by partaking of their flesh? Wow. That has got to be a record of some kind. How blithe.
3. I don't want to know how he managed to avoid seeing things that would require opening fire. There is only one way to rehabilitate some miscreants ..... and that is to recycle them.
4. The oath says "against all enemies, both foreign and domestic". That's what I swore to and that, my friend, is how it is going to be.
5. I never knew anyone involved in that particular cluster**** who was retarded enough to believe that they were there because of anything but the Niagra Falls of bullshit flowing out of D.C.
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Bill Laurie
07:42 AM ET (US)
In Randy Roberts/James Olsen's A TIME FOR WAR, a widely usedly college textbook, "Apocalypse Now" is cited as the "best movie about Viet Nam." This is how college students become ignorant. Happens all the time. If anyone has failed on a grander scale than McNamara, it's Hollywood.
Stephen ShermanPerson was signed in when posted
09:45 AM ET (US)
I welcome your comments to this session where we will discuss the impact of Hollywood on the myths about the Vietnam Veteran and the Vietnam War. To return to the Session Page go to http://www.viet-myths.net/Session02.htm

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