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Postmasters/Managers Discussion Forum

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09:10 PM ET (US)
There needs to be some type of follow up of why newbe's quit? Which offices have the most quitters and why? Years ago this was a fairly simple job, but no more!
09:04 PM ET (US)
New trainees need to be fully trained at the office they are going to be working at by trainers because we no longer have room for them in the vehicle because of the parcel volume. Currently new rca's are sent to a district office for mock training and when we get them they are only allowed 3 days of on the route training. This is ridiculous. The newbe's are like deer in headlights. They say you want me to deliver all this in one day after only 3 days training? Then when they go on the route alone in a car which is to difficult to carry mail in, for the first time, they may finish the route after 15 - 20 hours or just come back early with only delivering a fraction of what was to be delivered. We have had 2 subs to stay any length of time in the last 10 years.
Seen it all
07:55 PM ET (US)
Why can't you postmasters carry a 48 k-L rural route and see the hell that us rural carriers are having to do and put up with. I bet there is not one postmaster that could complete this route in under 12 hours! Safety first? What a joke! You managers have destroyed every decent job with all your number games! Total BS!
Fuel less
09:33 PM ET (US)
Article 26
In the event of an energy crisis, the Employer shall make every
reasonable attempt to secure a high priority from the appropriate
Federal agency to obtain the fuel necessary for the satisfactory
maintenance of postal operations. In such a case, or in
the event of any serious widespread energy shortage, the
Employer and the Union shall meet at the national level to discuss
the problems and proposed solutions.
02:44 PM ET (US)
The USPS always has money to waste,but no money for moving the mail. TOO many golden parachutes being made!!!
02:40 PM ET (US)
With the USPS in such DIRE FINANCIAL STRAITS, why the H-E-L-L are they needing 1200 more money sucking, worthless supervisors???
02:34 PM ET (US)
I've never saw a manager that wasn't a dum-ass or A-hole.
11:50 PM ET (US)
I've never saw rural carrier that wasn't a cry baby. Go find a job that treats you the way you like and pays as well.
11:37 PM ET (US)
Amazon Contract ends February 2018!!! Just in time for mail count! Thanks Management Jerks!! We carriers just love to get repeatedly rear-ended!
11:28 PM ET (US)
Are Rural Carriers going to get an emergency EMA increase for the spike in gas prices due to Colonial Pipeline closure due to Hurricanes?

Or are we S--- out of luck as usual??
05:33 PM ET (US)
To whom it gives a damn,
As an employee we were told by Postmaster to mark the highest satisfactory ratings on these surveys because he got berated by District Manager for getting too low of satisfactory scores on the last survey. As long as it looks good on paper is all that matters. Bad management, from the top just rolls downhill to the employees which are under needless and undeserved stress.
These surveys only cause more stress on an already stressful job and work place. The questions are ridiculous and serve no purpose in making this a good place to work. I work here because it is the highest paying job in my area. If it was not for the pay nobody would do this freaking stressful job!!
I started back in the 1980’s. The Post Office has always claimed to be in financial troubles. The stress on employees has gotten worse and worse. More and more duties, responsibilities and demands. When I started you could get all the mail for the day in a sub-compact car and now some days I cannot get it all in a station wagon. Employees are expected to do more and more. The better worker you are, the more work dumped on you. We are carrying more and more mail, while the Postal Service loses more and more money. Managers get a HIGH and POWER TRIP on bossing employees around with their childish and ignorant rules.
There are too many layers of Management. There is no oversight of Management. Tons of money is wasted on foolish management, their ideas, programs and Unnamed BONUSES!!
No one on the outside will ever understand. I don’t even understand how I’ve stayed for 29 years. You’re kind of like a lobster put in a pot and the heat rises little by little. Looking back it’s sad. Knowing what I know now, I should have worked anywhere but here. But you keep hoping it will get better and it never does, it only gets worse. How is this allowed to go on and on and on?

Thank God, I only have about a year to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deleted by author 09-03-2017 12:42 PM
12:36 PM ET (US)
How can the post office keep forcing an exempt postmaster to cover one of their RMPOs evry Saturday? No relief in site. 3 clerks short.
Edited 08-25-2017 01:43 PM
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01:10 AM ET (US)
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08:28 AM ET (US)
Run for the hills! Save us all from Management! Every mail carrier for their self! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!
08:18 AM ET (US)
How much bigger a van do I need to stuff before MANAGEMENT’S Pockets are stuffed and Lined so the USPS stays in the black???

Is My Right Hand Drive Box Truck On Back Order? I Needed It Last Year!! Got to save on all these 2nd and 3rd and 4th TRIPS!!! How is it the more WE deliver the worse financial shape MANAGEMENT says the Postal Service is in??? Is it me that just doesn't understand??? VODOO POSTAL MANAGEMENT!
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