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06:22 PM ET (US)
I would like to know what other converts are getting for m47 cleaning hours. Our district says if they add those, then they will repost 6's and mist likely the pm convert will be out that position as the ptfs in installation (apo area)get first bid
04:57 AM ET (US)
I agree that we can ignore most of the emails, but the question is how to decide the criteria for it?Lease
08:46 PM ET (US)
You might want to compare your AL from pp20 and pp21. I earned 7 hrs of AL in pp21, took no AL, and ended with a balance that was 6 hrs less than pp20! HQ is looking into this issue. Haven't been able to have a day of AL in 3 months, so it shouldn't have decreased.
06:07 PM ET (US)
The post office has opened a massive can of worms. They are going to be buried under grievances for a very long time to come.
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03:28 PM ET (US)
/m5523 you can also file a complaint with the labor department.


pay is an important issue that should never be taken lightly.

craft postal employees are to be paid for every minute worked.
10:43 AM ET (US)
I keep the original time card and scan it with my printer and email the scanned card to the apo. I am getting paid for every second that I work. I will check my check stub every pay period to verify that it is correct.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:25 AM ET (US)
/m5521 you are not in management anymore so they do not have to give you anything but a pay check.

this is why the union requests what is needed for a grievance.

in the future if you fill out the time card, make a copy before you send it in.
08:45 AM ET (US)
Well my first week as a NTFT went out with a bang. My APO did not want to pay me for hours actually worked. He changed my time to reflect the hours HR had set for me. I already had to contact the union. He deleted 49 minutes of work from my time card. I asked him for a copy of the timecard tacs report and he refused to give it to me. He sent me a message that he was not going to pay me OOS if I go past my ET time. I told him that it was ok he didn't have to give me any proof I would file a grievance. I was once a PM and worked hours past my cutoff and never got paid. Now they are going to eat every second. I will have a fight and I will win because he pays the ptf that relieves me every time he stays over. Looks like the fun is about to begin.
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04:09 PM ET (US)
/m5519 the apwu contract.

in non-manual office the system should apply 8 hours automatically.
RMPO6Person was signed in when posted
11:10 AM ET (US)
/m5518 Exactly ...
Have heard some PM are bucking the 8 hour holiday pay for NTFT employees...saying we only get what we would normally be scheduled... Where do I find clarification in writing...
07:42 AM ET (US)
On top of that, we can ignore alot of emails. Not our job anymore.
RMPO6Person was signed in when posted
12:03 PM ET (US)
Me too...I am liking this ...got 40 hours the last two weeks when you include cleaning time...8 hours AL ... No LWOP... Close to home...no responsibility to speak of ... I can do this ... Thanks for all of you and your words of advice and guidance... Much appreciated
09:56 AM ET (US)
Just did my first timecard as a NFTY and found out we get 8 hours of holiday pay instead of 6.5. I'm liking this NFTY gig...also Nov 12 schedule goes to 7.45-12; 1-3.15. Like that too. 1 hour lunch instead of 3 hours. I hesitate to say this but maybe it will all work out fine. So unpostal - like! Best wishes to all...adios!
09:21 PM ET (US)
The grapevine I am hearing is 963. Take it with some salt.
09:14 PM ET (US)
Yes, my schedule is M-F, 6.5 hrs, two hour lunch. /5510. Yes, Sat was the start of the PP, however, Monday was my 1st work day. Again, my choice to make. Financially it was a bad move but I was looking at flexibility as my primary motive. My office reports directly to the POOM so if I had gone to craft, I would have fell under a nearby APO. Don't agree that the cut was right or just, After 24 years it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It also irked me that not ONE person called to discuss any of this with me (HR, POOM, Leaugue, etc) My sense is that most people went to craft, would like to know the number.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
08:16 PM ET (US)
/m5512 but you see riksny this is the reason management gets such a bad rap, telling lies. it does not matter that some people only work Monday -Friday the postal work week is Saturday -Friday. lots of people read these forms and it is important to me that the correct info be given. I know it pisses off people and forum owners but I call it like it is.
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