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Fundamental Unsexy and Absent:Metalworks Africa

09:47 PM ET (US)
How can we ensure that foreign investors into Africa , especially where goverments are involved, priorities the establishment of genuine industralisation processes by getting them to commit to the African Machine tools industries? It is the machine tools industries that will be breed home grown commercial activity create more employment and eradicate poverty. Surely if people are really interested to help African development they would first look at helping them set up their machine tools industries?

How can people contribute positively with African development with the obvious need for industralisation when the machine tools industry is fundamental but overlooked?

We are looking for people of action who are willing to participate practically to establish a small scale machine tools industry for African development. If you are interested to play a practical part in the setting up of a machine tools factory in one of the Sub-Saharan Countries then please let us discuss and kickstart. All thoughts welcomed

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