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Irrroooooonnnn Cheeffff!

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02:23 PM ET (US)
Too bad that it sounds like the second attempt failed, too. With actual chefs/food experts doing the reporting and it being produced by the Food Network, it's still probably better than the first attempt with UPN and Shatner. Also, Alton Brown is one of us (i.e. nerds) and he did a parody on his own show (Iron Chef meets Junkyard Wars :)

Nobody seems to like Bobby Flay. Before they aired the rematch between him and Morimoto, someone asked Ron Siegel (the San Francisco chef who beat Sakai) who he thought would win, and he sided with Morimoto while barely hiding his contempt for Flay.
Warren FreyPerson was signed in when posted
08:38 AM ET (US)
That's what the article says, and I agree. The whole reason to watch the show is because it's so different from anything you'd see on American TV. The fun is in seeing crazy crap like the "rosanjin scholar" and the over-the-top dramatics of introducing the main ingredient. I'm more conversant in Japanese culture than the average guy in the street, but I still find it funny in a WTFBBQ sort of way.

And yeah, I saw the one where Bobby Flay stood on his cutting board (he did that twice, actually, once in the States and once in Japan). Morimoto wanted to filet the guy, and I don't blame him.
Edited 04-26-2004 01:42 PM
03:20 AM ET (US)
I almost never watched the original when I was in Japan, but I re-discovered it when I got back to Canada... (The show was on in the same time slot as another show where a super-funny, super-cynical comedian talked with 20 hot-ass girls about their wacky dating habits... you figure it out; it's also the reason they stopped making the Japanese one.. bad ratings); when I heard they were going to do an American version, I knew it was the beginning of the end, though.

The reason it kicks ass is because the food culture of Japan is so different... I remember when Morimoto went up against a top chef from the US... he was ready to kill the other guy at the end, because he stood on his cutting board with shoes on at the end of the segment, something a Japanese chef considers akin to taking a shit in the soup... the way of thinking is too different to translate successfully to an all-American show.
Warren FreyPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 PM ET (US)
So far, Iron Chef America is only showing south of the border. But it will inevitably surface on our shores, and I'll promptly ignore it.