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Pan-African Private Equity Firm

01:43 AM ET (US)
Wow! Its imposible... I'm realy shocked :/
Richard Ogbeche
08:41 AM ET (US)
I have followed this initiative for a while and the group has continued to show great , great promise for Africa as a whole. However since the level of corruption has slowed down considerably the development and growth of key sectors like POWER GENERATION and the MANUFACTURING SECTOR, I expect ACA as part of their SOCIAL responsibity,to go into these sectors and jump start it for government to probably follow in theirs steps.

Taking the bull by the horn could be really difficult in Nigeria but that where the real eating of the pudding lie for ACA in Nigeria and Africa in general.
11:56 AM ET (US)
What do you think about the Chinese PE funding that has been going on over the past couple of years in Africa?
mike costa
05:08 PM ET (US)
Whew! Their website certainly does not inspire confidence! I'm not so sure I would trust millions of dollars to a group that fails to correct the typos on their own webpage.
Deleted by topic administrator 07-21-2006 08:59 AM
Uche Onuora
04:03 PM ET (US)
Quite a wonderful idea, a fitting feather to cap the hat of intellectually sound economic principles, applied in the interests of veritable societal development. A fantastic move that illustrates the leverage that Nigerians abroad and at home, in conjunction with other international partners, can apply in transforming the economic realities of a section of our entrepreneurial pursuits, and that symbolizes our quest for a radical transformation in our economic affairs.

The pressure that can be brought to bear on the fortunes of SMEs within Nigeria, through carefully managed financial resources and prudently invested capital will spark the dynamo of Nigeria's economic boom and the consolidation of sustainable growth in her economy. Africa's economies south of the Sahara (just like anywhere else), being primarily powered by these SMEs, have for long been titillated by the promise of access to global capital and direct investments. The truth however, is that as most tried to embrace one form of quasi-democracy or the other, the rhetoric has long overtaken and overshadowed the reality.

The barriers to investment provided by instability, a paucity of world-class entrepreneurship, and the creaking vestiges of a decrepit infrastructure, have further eroded whatever chances that these SMEs had to survive and flourish. The fact that the economies have not been stimulated by the long overdue process of market reforms and economic liberalization is perhaps an indication of the depth to which African economic wellbeing had sunken to.

Having been suffused by the pervasive culture of strongman governments, constantly reinforcing an admixture of corruption and mediocrity, which has bred and nurtured a natural state of weak institutions, African economies, and the societies within which they operate, have failed to provide a breeding ground for world-class entrepreneurial fanaticism. This aberration of the political arena has bled the African economy dry, as leaders too preoccupied with hanging on to power by any means necessary, have failed to carry out the far-reaching initiatives, needed to turn the economic fortunes of their societies around.

This particular initiative by African Capital Alliance, along with others like it, seems at once to be a confluence of the ideas of visionaries, the determination of patriots, and the rational discernment of entrepreneurs, to bring about a sensible and pragmatic approach to the issue of economic growth and development, but balance it with the instinctively capitalistic impulse of lucrative profits. All in all, it is a fantastic idea whose time has come; it was formed in 1997, but its time to shine in the sun is now.

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